China Ceramic Industry Report, 2006-2007
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China ceramic industry has a long history, and the producing areas are widely distributed all over the country. Up to now, many major producing areas have taken shape, including Foshan of Guangdong, Jingdezhen of Jiangxi, Zibo of Shandong, Jiajiang of Sichuan, and Fujian, etc. In recent years, China ceramic industry developed rapidly and now has taken 2/3 plus of world total output of ceramic products. The output of daily ceramics, building ceramics, and sanitary ceramics has ranked to the first place in the world, and the export of ceramic products is rising year by year as well. In 2005, China's ceramic output reached 95 million tons, and the ceramic export achieved USD 4 billion, both of which ranked world first. Besides, the national output of ceramics also amounted to 16.3 billion pieces, sharing 2/3 of the world's total, and the ceramic export volume achieved 11.7 billion pieces as well, but the average value of each piece only remained as low as between USD 0.21 to USD 0.25. In the first half of 2006, the output of building ceramics grew rapidly and the output of the major producing areas also achieved a dynamic increase. During this period, the national output of ceramic tiles achieved 1.67 billion sq. meters, up by 28.8% over the same period of 2005 and the accumulated sales/output ratio was 94.6%, up by 0.7% year-on-year. Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian and Sichuan still maintained rapid growth. The accumulated output of the four provinces achieved 1.47 billion sq. meters, up by 30.8% year-on-year. The growth rate of Fujian and Sichuan were 50% plus and 40% more respectively in the first half of 2006.

Export Value of Ceramic Products in China, Jan-Aug 2006


Presently, the domestic development trend of China ceramic industry is that the requirements for the variety, grade and quality are increasingly higher on the basis of sufficient quantity. In the future, the trend will evolve to be the variety requirement from nowadays single piece to a set of pieces with sizes and colors matched, and the grades becoming diversified so as to meet the demands of consumers from all walks of life. Along with the continuous improvement of living standards, the contradiction between supply and demand in the market will focus on variety, specification, quality and grade instead of quantity over quite a long time. Along with the development of the construction industry, the demands of wall and floor tile, glazed tile, and sanitary ceramics will become strong and, inevitably form a new industrial growth point.

The advanced ceramic material industry has become capable of infinite potentials, no matter in military use or civil use. Moreover, the trend will remain upgrading, especially in electronic ceramics and military structure ceramic materials.

In the forthcoming 10 to 15 years, the sales of daily ceramics of China will maintain a steady growth and building ceramic and sanitary ceramic will see a considerable market as well. As the research and application for hi-tech ceramics in China are still at the beginning phase, the related market prospect is promising and bright.

1 Overview of China ceramic industry
1.1 Concept and classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Overview of China ceramic industry
1.2.1 China ceramic industry in special
1.2.2 China ceramic industry in general
1.2.3 Overview of ceramic production
1.3 Introduction to major ceramic products
1.3.1 Building ceramics
1.3.2 Special ceramics
1.3.3 New-type ceramics
1.4 Development history of ceramic industry
1.4.1 Development of ceramic culture
1.4.2 Development course of China ceramic industry

2 China ceramic manufacturing industry
2.1 Overview
2.1.1 Status quo
2.1.2 Industrial development overview from 2005 to 2006
2.1.3 Obvious polarization trend of the ceramic industry in 2006
2.1.4 Status quo of China building & sanitary ceramic industry
2.1.5 Industry policies
2.2 Economic data analysis of China ceramic industry in 2006
2.2.1 Production and sales
2.2.2 Scale
2.2.3 Assets and liabilities
2.2.4 Profitability
2.2.5 Data analysis of top ten enterprises by revenue
2.3 Existing problems
2.3.1 Strategic problems
2.3.2 Four factors affecting the development of China ceramic industry
2.3.3 Gaps compared to the international level
2.4 Logistic management analysis of China ceramic enterprises
2.4.1 Status quo
2.4.2 Existing problems
2.4.3 Suggested solutions

3 Analysis of China ceramic market
3.1 Status quo
3.1.1 Overview
3.1.2 Analysis of ceramic product market
3.2 Analysis of China rural ceramic market
3.2.1 County or town level ceramic market has huge potentials
3.2.2 Key points of exploiting rural ceramic market

4 Import and export of China ceramic products
4.1 Import and export situation of China ceramic products
4.1.1 Export is rising rapidly
4.1.2 Overview of import and export from 2005 to 2006
4.1.3 Export profits are squeezed
4.1.4 Export analysis of building ceramics and sanitary ceramics
4.1.5 Export analysis of daily ceramics
4.2 Import and export data of China ceramic manufacturing industry in 2006
4.2.1 Ceramic import by region in 2006
4.2.2 Import source of ceramic in 2006
4.2.3 Ceramic export by region in 2006
4.2.4 Export distribution of ceramic in 2006
4.3 Opportunities and challenges for import and export of ceramics
4.3.1 Opportunities and challenges coexist
4.3.2 Influence of decreasing export drawback on China ceramic products
4.3.3 Current problems in ceramic products export
4.3.4 China ceramic import & export standards deviating from international standards
4.4 Solution analysis of China ceramics export
4.4.1 Group strategy
4.4.2 Diversified market strategy
4.4.3 Product upgrading strategy
4.4.4 Enhancing export profits
4.4.5 Protection strategy

5 Segment market of China ceramic industry
5.1 Building ceramics
5.1.1 Development overview of China building ceramic manufacturing industry
5.1.2 Market analysis in 2006
5.1.3 Demand
5.1.4 Market trend of ceramic tile market
5.1.5 Existing problems
5.1.6 Status quo of technical equipments
5.1.7 Development trend
5.2 Sanitary ceramics
5.2.1 Status quo and growth opportunities
5.2.2 Production
5.2.3 Brand competition
5.2.4 Foshan based sanitary ceramics dominating the market
5.3 Daily ceramics
5.3.1 Production
5.3.2 Market analysis
5.3.3 Export price tends to rise
5.4 Special ceramics
5.4.1 Development overview
5.4.2 Latest application research
5.4.3 China hi-tech ceramic industry entering a new critical development period
5.4.4 Nano-ceramics and the application prospect
5.5 Artistic ceramics
5.5.1 Ancient ceramic market warming up continuously
5.5.2 Artistic ceramic consumption becoming the mainstream of the market
5.5.3 Export of artistic ceramics in 2006
5.6 New-type ceramic products
5.6.1 Global development of smart ceramics
5.6.2 Status quo and trends of ceramic fiber
5.6.3 Development direction and trends of new-type electronic ceramic materials
5.6.4 Status quo and prospect of new-type ceramic cutting tools
5.6.5 Ceramic electric cooker will be the consumption mainstream

6 Analysis of major ceramic producing areas
6.1 Foshan of Guangdong
6.1.1 Development
6.1.2 Status quo
6.1.3 Characteristics of Foshan ceramic industrial cluster
6.1.4 Export in 2006
6.1.5 Existing problems
6.1.6 Future
6.2 Zibo of Shandong
6.2.1 Overview of Shandong ceramic industry
6.2.2 Overview of Zibo ceramic industry
6.2.3 The Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Zibo ceramic industry
6.3 Jingdezhen of Jiangxi
6.3.1 Status quo
6.3.2 Major problems
6.3.3 Overview
6.3.4 Industry pattern and key projects during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period
6.4 Fujian
6.4.1 Overview
6.4.2 Export
6.4.3 New development
6.5 Jiajiang of Sichuan
6.5.1 Industrial development
6.5.2 Bottlenecks

7 Raw material and equipment of China ceramic manufacturing industry
7.1 Raw materials of ceramic products
7.1.1 Introduction
7.1.2 Classification
7.1.3 Exploitation, utilization and storage
7.1.4 Resource distribution of ceramic raw materials of Guangdong
7.2 Ceramic pigment
7.2.1 Influence of ceramic paint price on ceramic manufacturers
7.2.2 Demand analysis of China pigment industry
7.3 Ceramic glaze
7.3.1 Status quo of China glaze industry
7.3.2 Development overview of new technologies of European ceramic glaze
7.4 Ceramic equipments
7.4.1 Development overview of China ceramic equipments
7.4.2 China's ceramic machine and color glaze industry
7.4.3 Production of ceramic machines in Italy

8 Associate industries of China ceramic industry
8.1 Real estate industry
8.1.1 Market status in 2005
8.1.2 Market status in 2006
8.1.3 Supply and demand
8.1.4 "Green House"-direction of China real estate construction
8.2 Energy industry
8.2.1 Energy problems related to China ceramic industry
8.2.2 Economic operation in 2005
8.2.3 Operation of China energy industry in 2006
8.2.4 China energy situation of the Eleventh Five-year Plan period
8.2.5 Global energy situation and development orientation of ceramic industry

9. Competition of China ceramic industry
9.1 Overview
9.1.1 Competition tends to be rampant
9.1.2 Brand competition
9.1.3 Low-end market competition
9.2 Competition trend of modern ceramic enterprises
9.2.1 Management competition
9.2.2 Service competition
9.2.3 Hi-tech process competition
9.2.4 Competition of modern operating concept
9.2.5 Competition of new technology and product innovation
9.2.6 Brand competition
9.3 Competition of building and sanitary ceramics
9.3.1 Competition of building ceramics
9.3.2 Competition of sanitary ceramics
9.3.3 Competition trends of sanitary ceramics
9.4 Competition and marketing strategy
9.4.1 Global competition is inevitable
9.4.2 Strategy on enhancing the competitiveness
9.4.3 Marketing strategies

10 Analysis of major enterprises
10.1 Shandong Zibo Huaguang Ceramics Co., Ltd
10.1.1 Company profile
10.1.2 Financial results from 2005 to 2006
10.1.3 Competitive advantages
10.2 Chongqing Swell Ceramics Industry Co., (Group) Ltd
10.2.1 Company profile
10.2.2 Financial results from 2005 to 2006
10.2.3 Advantages
10.2.4 Developing strategy
10.3 Tangshan Ceramic Stock Co., Ltd
10.3.1 Company profile
10.3.2 Financial results from 2005 to 2006
10.4 Yuyuan Holding Co., Ltd
10.4.1 Company profile
10.4.2 Financial results from 2005 to 2006
10.4.3 Operation analysis in 2006
10.5 Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd
10.5.1 Company profile
10.5.2 Financial results from 2005 to 2006
10.5.3 Prospect
10.6 Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramic Co., Ltd
10.6.1 Company profile
10.6.2 Market strategy in 2006
10.6.3 Development research
10.7 Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd
10.7.1 Company profile
10.7.2 Successful factors of ARROW brand
10.8 New Zhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd
10.8.1 Company profile
10.8.2 Global strategies
10.9 TOTO
10.10 Kohler

11 Investment analysis of China ceramic industry
11.1 Opportunities
11.1.1 Investment potentials in high-end ceramic market
11.1.2 Exploitation potentials in China ceramic furniture market
11.1.3 Overseas investment opportunity for China building ceramic becomes mature
11.1.4 New opportunities brought by the operation of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line
11.1.5 Shenzhen will become a new technology development area
11.1.6 Sichuan Guangyuan became the new investment region of ceramic manufacturers
11.1.7 Antibacterial ceramic becomes development direction
11.2 Investment suggestions
11.2.1 Advantages and disadvantages of building ceramic investment by region
11.2.2 Focusing on the development of special ceramics
11.2.3 Enabling ceramic raw materials to be professional, standard and commercialized
11.2.4 Regulating domestic market
11.2.5 Adjusting product structure and extending industry chain
11.2.6 Accelerating the development of ceramic supporting industry
11.2.7 Strengthening research and development

12 Development forecast of China ceramic industry
12.1 Developing trends of China ceramic industry
12.1.1 Outline of the 11th Five-year Plan
12.1.2 Development trend
12.1.3 Development during the transformation period
12.1.4 Development trend: Green Ceramics
12.1.5 Market forecast
12.2 Development trend of ceramic technology
12.2.1 Development trend of building and sanitary ceramics
12.2.2 Development trend of ceramic ornaments
12.2.3 Application prospect of luminescent ceramic technology
12.3 Strategy on upgrading China ceramic industry cluster
12.4 Development strategies of China medium & small ceramic enterprises
Main economic indicators of ceramic manufacturing in China, Jan-Dec 2005
Main economic indicators of ceramic manufacturing in China, Jan-Aug 2006
Accumulated finished ceramic products by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Accumulated sales revenues of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Accumulated ceramic manufacturer number by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Total accumulated assets of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Total accumulated liabilities of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Assets-liability rate of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Current asset turnover of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Accumulated gross profits of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Ratio of profit to capital of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Cost/income ratio of ceramic manufacturing by region, Jan-Aug 2006
Top ten ceramic manufacturers in revenue in China, Aug 2006
Top 30 building ceramics manufacturers in export in China, 2005
 Import of ceramic products by region, Aug 2006
Import source of ceramic products in China, Aug 2006
Export of ceramic products in China, Jan-Aug 2006
Export of ceramic products in China, Aug 2006
Export distribution of ceramic products in China, Aug 2006
Consumption of sanitary ceramics in China, 1994-2004
Market demand structure of sanitary ceramics
Sanitary ceramics of China, Feb-Dec 2005
Sanitary ceramics of China, Feb-Aug 2006
Daily ceramics of China, Feb-Dec 2005
Daily ceramics of China, Feb-Aug 2006
Supply of commercial residential houses in China, 2004-2005
House investment structure, Jan-Dec 2005
Variation of real estate investment structure by region, 2005
Year-on-year price increase of newly constructed houses, 2004-2005
National real estate development, 2006H1
Growth rate of industrial added value and power generation, 2005
Monthly output of raw coal, 2005
Top ten building ceramic manufacturers by output in China, 2005
Top ten sanitary ceramic manufacturers by output in China, 2005
Main shareholders of Huaguang Ceramics
Profitability of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Operating capability of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Debt-paying capability of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Development capability of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Cash flow of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Profit allocation of Huaguang Ceramics, 2005-2006
Main shareholders of Swell Ceramics
Profitability of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Operating capability of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Debt-paying capability of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Development capability of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Cash flow of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Profit allocation of Swell Ceramics, 2005-2006
Major shareholders of Tangshan Ceramic
Profitability of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Operating capability of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Debt-paying capability of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Development capability of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Cash flow of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Profit allocation of Tangshan Ceramic, 2005-2006
Main shareholders of Yuyuan Holding
Profitability of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Operating capability of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Debt-paying capability of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Development capability of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Cash flow of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Profit allocation of Yuyuan Holding, 2005-2006
Prime operations of Yuyuan Holding by region
Major shareholders of Gaochun Ceramics
Profitability of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006
Operating capability of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006
Debt-paying capability of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006
Capital structure of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006
Development capability of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006
Cash flow of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006
Profit allocation of Gaochun Ceramics, 2005-2006

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