China Resin Industry Report, 2007-2010
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China is one of the five key synthetic resin consumption countries in the world. Since 2007, because the downstream demand increases rapidly, the production of synthetic resin has been on a steady ascending trend. The output of polypropylene has a sharp increase, which had an obvious effect on promoting the total output of synthetic resin. From Jan. to Oct. of 2007, the national accumulative output of synthetic resin reached 22.5 million tons, up 18.48% year on year and its growth rate was 0.55 percentage points higher than the same period of last year, of which, the accumulative output of PVC resin reached 7.2 million tons, up 20.37% year on year and its growth rate was 2.91 percentage points lower than the same period of last year; the accumulative output of polythene resin and polypropylene resin respectively reached 5.1 million tons and 5.2 million tons, up 17.29% and 22.82% year on year respectively and their growth rate respectively increased 2.68 percentage points and 7.17 percentage points than the same period of last year.


As the key branch of petrochemical industrial chain, synthetic resin keeps a rapid increase and its output and production value both increased over 15%. Meanwhile, China synthetic resin has high dependency on the import, especially those special materials and high-grade materials. Because of this reason, though China is the biggest synthetic resin import country in the world, it cannot decide the price, especially the resin varieties that it cannot produce by herself, whose prices adopt the international price. At present, the crude oil price still keeps high and the prices of the resin products are also on an ascending trend all the time. Chinese clients have to accept all of these passively. The production units for the synthetic resin products such as polyolefin mostly depend on the foreign technology. Some manufacturers apply the domestic technology, yet only for small units. The self-development ability of the engineering plastics production technology is weaker and has not reached the industrial production standard. Chinese polystyrene equipment also adopts the technologies from abroad or Taiwan of China. So, achieving the independent innovation and strengthening R&D have become the common point of view for the global resin industry.


In the long term, with the continuous development of China technology and economy, the demand for the high-performance products will increase continuously. Maybe the supply cannot meet the demand in the high-performance synthetic resin market while the production capacity would be surplus in the general synthetic resin market. It is expected that China consumption of synthetic resin would achieve above 45 million tons by 2010 and the average increase rate would be 6.5% in the next five years, of which, the growth rate of PE will be 6.6%, the growth rate of the high density material would be higher than that of the low density material; the growth rate of PP would be 8.9%, PVC 5.6%, PS 3.4% and ABS 4.8%. The prospective output would maintain a steady increase on the premise that the demand increases steadily.

1 Overview of Resin Industry
1.1 Definition and classifications of resin
1.2 Characteristics and functions of resin

2 Development of China Resin Industry
2.1 Status quo
2.1.1 Analysis of China synthetic resin market
2.1.2 Chinese demand for five synthetic resins
2.1.3 Status quo and development direction of China polythene resin industry
2.2 Analysis of development of resin industry in 2007
2.2.1 Market demand for synthetic resin
2.2.2 Production of synthetic resin in China, 2007
2.2.3 Import and export of synthetic resin, 2007
2.2.4 Prices of China major synthetic resin products, Oct. 2007
2.2.5 Production value of China plastic and synthetic resin manufacturing industry, Jan.-Oct. 2007
2.3 Progress of China resin projects planned to be built or being built 
2.3.1 PVC project with the annual production capacity of one million more tons, 2007
2.3.2 Five resin production bases forming in Tianjin, 2007
2.3.3 Many ABS resin units were put into production in China in 2007
2.3.4 PP project, 2006-2009
2.3.5 PS project, 2006-2009
2.3.6 ABS project, 2006-2009

3 Developments of Connected Industries
3.1 Analysis and forecast of China macro economy
3.2 Plastic industry
3.2.1 Status quo of plastic machinery manufacturing industry
3.2.2 Status quo of plastic product industry
3.2.3 Analysis of production and sales of plastic product industry, 2007
3.2.4 Analysis of export of plastic product industry, 2007
3.3 Petrochemical industry
3.3.1 Analysis of development of global petrochemical industry, 2007
3.3.2 Analysis of operation of China petrochemical industry, 2007
3.3.3 Forecast of development of China petrochemical industry, 2008
3.3.4 Analysis of trend of China petrochemical industry in the future

4 PVC Resin
4.1 Development of China PVC resin
4.2 Analysis of China PVC market, 2007
4.2.1 China PVC market, 2007
4.2.2 Output of PVC resin, 2006-2007
4.2.3 Effect of reduction of export rebate on PVC and forecast, 2007
4.3 Competitive pattern analysis and development of China PVC industry 
4.4 Problems and development strategies of China PVC industry
4.4.1 Problems of China PVC industry under the new economic policy, 2007
4.4.2 Development strategies of China PVC industry under the new economic policy, 2007
4.4.3 Investment strategy of China PVC
4.5 Discussion on problems of the construction of China PVC units
4.5.1 Characteristics of China PVC industry and market supply and demand
4.5.2 Development trend of PVC under different raw material routes
4.5.3 Economic comparison and analysis of different raw material routes

5 ABS Resin
5.1 Status quo of Asian ABS resin industry and the industrial consumption
5.2 Status quo and market prospect of production of China ABS resin
5.2.1 Status quo of production
5.2.2 Forecast on the increase of production capacity
5.2.3 Import and export
5.2.4 Supply and demand and forecast
5.3 Existing problems of China ABS resin

6 Polypropylene Resin
6.1 Status quo of production and consumption of polypropylene in China
6.1.1 Status quo of production
6.1.2 Newly-built and expansion projects
6.1.3 Import
6.1.4 Status quo of consumption and development prospect
6.2 Analysis of output of polypropylene resin, 2006-2007
6.2.1 Output of polypropylene resin, 2006
6.2.2 Output of polypropylene resin, 2007
6.3 Industrial demand for polypropylene in China
6.3.1 Industrial demand for polypropylene in China
6.3.2 Demand of BOPP film for packaging in China market
6.3.3 Market trend of polypropylene

7 Polythene Resin
7.1 Development of China polythene resin industry
7.1.1 Status quo
7.1.2 Output
7.1.3 Operating rate of polythene units
7.2 Industrial prospect

8 Epoxy Resin
8.1 Development of China epoxy resin
8.1.1 China becoming the key production country and key consumption country of epoxy resin
8.1.2 Cost pressure of epoxy resin raw materials
8.1.3 New characteristics of development of epoxy dope
8.2 Prospect of China epoxy resin 

9 Analysis of other segment markets
9.1 Polyurethane resin
9.2 Unsaturated polyester resin
9.3 K-resin
9.4 Analysis of market and production of Piperylene-based petroleum resin
9.5 Analysis of other resin sub-industries
9.5.1 Status quo of EVA resin
9.5.2 Plastic resin and multipolymer
9.5.3 Development of propylene market at home and abroad
9.5.4 Status quo and prospect of China polycarbonate industry
9.5.5 Industry application and market prospect of vinyl ester resin

10 Analysis of raw materials of key resin products
10.1 Calcium carbide market
10.1.1 Development of calcium carbide industry, 2007
10.1.2 Basic situation and adjustment goals 
10.2 Other resin raw material markets
10.2.1 Key synthetic materials of unsaturated polyester resin
10.2.2 Price changes of epoxy chloropropane affect downstream industry
10.2.3 Prospect of propylene and related raw materials in Asia
10.2.4 Development of ethylene industry

11 Analysis of Application Market of Resin
11.1 Application of resin
11.2 Industrial development of application fields of resin
11.2.1 Market prospect and development direction of China adhesive market
11.2.2 Status quo of China plastic film market
11.2.3 Demand for plastic products in China
11.2.4 Status quo of China dope market
11.2.5 The application of macro porous adsorptive resins in Chinese traditional medicine industry and its development direction
11.2.6 Development of BOPS plastic sheet in China
11.3 Competition of beverage bottle resin market
11.3.1 Market of PP beverage bottle 
11.3.2 Market of PET beverage bottle

12 Analysis of Competitive Pattern in the Industry
12.1 Competition of resin industry at home and abroad
12.1.1 Market competition in foreign countries
12.1.2 Market competition in China
12.2 Analysis of key enterprises at home and abroad
12.2.1 Dow Chemical Company
12.2.2 BASF Group
12.2.3 ExxonMobil 
12.2.4 Bayer
12.2.5 Sinopec Qilu Company Ltd.
12.2.6 SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
12.2.7 Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
12.2.8 Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd.
12.2.9 China National Bluestar (Group) Corporation
12.2.10 CNPC Lanzhou Chemical Company
Supply and demand of five synthetic resins in China, 2001-2005
Supply and demand of polythene in China, 2001-2005
Supply and demand of PVC in China, 2001-2005
Supply and demand of polypropylene in China, 2001-2005
Supply and demand of synthetic resins in China, Jan.-Dec. 2006 
Ratios of supply and demand of main synthetic resins in China, Jan.-Dec. 2006
Supply and demand of five synthetic resins in China, 2001-2006
Demand of PVC resins in the world, 2001- 2006
Production of PVC resin in China, 2002-2007
Production capacity of key PVC enterprises in China, 2006
Output of PVC resin in China, 2001-2005
Production capacity of key ABS resin manufacturing enterprises in the world, 2006
Production capacity of key ABS resin manufacturing enterprises in China, 2006
Newly-built and expanded projects of key ABS enterprises in China, 2006-2008
Composition of prime operations of Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd., 2006-2007
Prime operating revenue by region of Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd., 2006-2007
Top ten countries or regions exporting synthetic resin to China, Dec. 2006
Output of PVC resin products by province in China, Jan.-Dec. 2006
Output of PVC resin products by province in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007
Output of polypropylene resin products by province in China, Jan.-Dec. 2006
Output of polypropylene resin products by province in China, Jan.-Nov. 2007

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