China MPEG (Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol) Industry Report, 2008
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Methoxy polyethylene glycol, abbreviated as MPEG, is a water-soluble liner polymer obtained from addition reaction of epoxy ethane. It is widely used in such industries as construction, coating, printing ink, textile, electronics, rubber, food processing and package, pharmacy, household goods, agriculture and metal processing. Its specific performance is as follows; effective solvent carrier in processing of textile dyes, active solvent of solvent-based coating,  household, industrial cleaning agent, painting and floor polishing agent, hard surface cleanser, adhesives and solvents of disinfectors, resin and water-based printing pigment ink binder and component of high boiling point hydraulic brake fluid.    

In 2007, China's chemical industry continued to maintain a relatively rapid growth in investment and output value. Epoxy ethane and its deep processing industry in China are in a stage of fast development. China's specialty chemicals like MPEG and epoxy ethane derivatives have an extremely vast development space. Compared to the developed countries, China's fine chemical industry of epoxy ethane derivatives has a long way to go. Therefore, China's epoxy ethane industry should accelerate the development of extended downstream fine chemical products to promote the technical level and core competitiveness. Making full use of domestic resources and intensifying the development and application of downstream fine chemical products will not only satisfy the development need of related industries at home, but also speed up the adjustments to the consumption structure of epoxy ethane and the creation of fine chemical product clusters in epoxy ethane downstream processing sector, aiming at seeking higher economic returns, which will ensure the healthy and stable development of China's epoxy ethane industry.

Epoxy Ethane Capacity Expansion in China, 2007-2009
(Unit: 10,000 t/a)



In 2007, China's MPEG downstream industry had a good development momentum. Water-reducing admixture is one of key products in the pillar industry of new building materials. Naphthalene series high range water-reducing admixture is the most frequently used in China, but it is the tendency that it is being replaced by polycarboxylate high performance water-reducing admixture, which is becoming more and more popular in the market at home. Due to their optimistic outlook for China's market, many foreign companies have entered Chinese market. Meanwhile, more and more Chinese local companies and research institutions are capable of developing polycarboxylate high performance water-reducing admixture. China's cosmetics and beauty industry has maintained a rapid growth in recent years. It is forecasted that China's cosmetic market will reach CNY80 billion in 2008.

China pharmacy industry entered a new development period in 2007. Although China was in a period of making adjustments to its pharmaceutical industry policies in the past two to three years, its overall market demand still continued rising, up 17% averagely year on year, much higher than the global average of 7% to 8%, showing a broad space for development.

Nowadays, China is making great efforts to save energy and cut emissions. Chemical industry, as a high consumption and high pollution industry, is regarded as the key industry, so chemical industry shoulders heavy responsibility for environment protection. Energy saving and emission reduction will have a big impact on high consumption and high pollution industry, meaning that companies with obsolete production facilities and small production scale will be eliminated. Cosmetics Healthy Standard (2007), which is to be put in force from July 1, 2008, will also raise the standards to usage of chemical substance. Such changes in chemical downstream will have great impact on upstream fine chemical industry pattern, including MPEG.

The report is based on the authoritative statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Development Research Center of The State Council, the General Administration of Customs, the State Information Center, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, the China Daily-Used Chemical Industry Association and the China Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

The report makes an in-depth study on the general situation of China MPEG industry and makes a profound analysis on the development of MPEG upstream products and downstream application, the development trend of China MPEG industry and the development trend and strategy of key companies in the industry.

1. Overview of MPEG Industry
1.1 Overview of MPEG
1.1.1 Concepts Related to MPEG
1.1.2 Quality Index of MPEG
1.1.3 Technical Index of MPEG
1.2 MPEG Production Techniques and Applications
1.2.1MPEG Synthesis Methods
1.2.2 Main Use of MPEG

2. Analysis of Chemical Industry
2.1 Operation of China Chemical Industry in 2007
2.1.1 Key Economic Indices of Chemical Raw Materials & Chemical Product Industry in 2007
2.1.2 Top 10 Companies in Terms of Revenue in the Industry, 2007
2.2 China Chemical Industry Development in 2007
2.2.1 Current Situation of China Chemical Industry Development in 2007
2.2.2 Economic Benefits of China Chemical Industry in 2007
2.2.3 Import & Export of China Chemical Industry, 2007
2.2.4 Problems in China Chemical Industry Development, 2007
2.2.5 Structural Adjustment of China Chemical Industry
2.2.6 Development Forecast & Investment Analysis of Chemical Industry, 2008
2.3 China Fine Chemical Industry Development, 2007
2.3.1Development Trend of China Fine Chemical Industry
2.3.2 Challenges to China Fine Chemical Industry in 2007
2.4 Relevant Policy: Policy on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

3. Analysis of MPEG Industry
3.1 Analysis of PEG Industry
3.1.1 PEG Overview
3.1.2 MPEG Application in Pharmaceutical Industry
3.1.3 MPEG Application in Industries
3.1.4 Application and Development Prospect of PEG Decoration Technology
3.2 Analysis of MPEG Industry
3.2.1 Analysis of MPEG Technology
3.2.2 MPEG Market in 2007
3.2.3 MPEG Price Trend in 2007-2008
3.3 DMPE Industry
3.3.1 DMPE Overview
3.3.2 DMPE Applications

4. Analysis of Upstream and Downstream Industries
4.1 MPEG Upstream Industries
4.1.1 Analysis of Ethylene Industry Ethylene Production in China, 2007 Status Quo and Development Trend of China Ethylene Industry Impact of Global Ethylene Production on Domestic Industry Formation of China Ethylene Development Plan
4.1.2 Analysis of Epoxy Ethane Industry Current Development of China Epoxy Ethane Industry Status Quo of Epoxy Ethane Consumption in China China Epoxy Ethane Industry Chain China R&D of Epoxy Ethane
4.1.3 Analysis of Ethylene Glycol Industry Current Development of China Ethylene Glycol Industry Production and Demand of Overseas Ethylene Glycol Enterprises Production and Demand of Chinese Ethylene Glycol Enterprises Ethylene Glycol Supply and Demand at Home and Abroad and Development Prospect China Ethylene Glycol Market Situation in 2007
4.2 Analysis of MPEG Downstream Application Markets
4.2.1 Analysis of Concrete Admixture Industry Overview of Polycarboxylic Water-reducing Agent Status Quo of Polycarboxylic High-Performance Water-reducing Agent Performance and Mechanism of Polycarboxylic High-performance Water-reducing Agent Preparation of Polycarboxylic High-efficiency Water Reducing Agent Influence of High-efficiency Water Reducing Agent on Concrete Industry R&D of High-efficiency Water Reducing Agent in China, 2007 Cooperative R&D of Polycarboxylic Series Water Reducing Agent in 2007 China New Standards for Polycarboxylic Series High-performance Water Reducing Agent in 2007
4.2.2 Development of Cleaning Agents Industry Overview of Cleaning Agents Organic Cleaning Solvents Development Characteristics of Industrial Detergent Development Trend of Water-based Metal Cleaning Agent Development Trend of Cleaning Agents
4.2.3 Development of Cosmetics Industry China Cosmetics Industry Development Impact of New Cosmetics Regulations on the Industry in 2007 Impact of the New Regulations on Medium-Small Enterprises, 2007 Status and Development Prospect of China Cosmetics Industry Forecast of China Cosmetics Industry Development in 2008
4.2.4 Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry Development China Pharmaceutical Industry Development China Pharmaceutical Industry Development in 2007 Profit of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry in 2007 Investment & Development of China Biopharmaceutical Industry Horizontal Comparison of Income of China Pharmaceutical Industry

5. Key Companies
5.1 Dow Chemical Company
5.1.1 Company Profile 
5.1.2 Development in Greater China
5.1.3 Operation Status in 2007
5.1.4 Financial Analysis in 2007
5.2 Clariant
5.2.1Company Profile
5.2.2 Development in China
5.2.3 Operation Status in 2007
5.2.4 Financial Analysis in 2007
5.3 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
5.3.1Company Profile
5.3.2 Production of Chemicals
5.3.3 Operation Status in 2007
5.3.4 Financial Analysis in 2007
5.4 DYNAMIC Chemical, Inc
5.4.1 Company Profile
5.4.2 Investments by Industry in 2007
5.4.3 Operation Status in 2007
5.4.4 Financial Analysis in 2007
5.5 Oxiran Chemical Co., Ltd.
5.5.1 Company Profile
5.5.2 Production of Chemicals
5.5.3 Operation Status in 2007
5.6 Shanghai Taijie Chemical Co., Ltd
5.6.1 Company Profile
5.6.2 Corporate Culture
5.6.3 Corporate Products

6. Strategies for Industry Development
6.1 Strategies for Industry Development
6.2 Strategies for New Product Development of Small Refined Chemical Enterprises
6.3 R&D Patterns and Strategy Options of SMEs in China
Quality Indices of MPEG Series Products
Technical Indices of MPEG
Key Economic Indices on China Chemical Raw Materials & Chemical Product Industry (National Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Beijing Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Tianjin Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Hebei Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Inner Mongolia Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Liaoning Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Jilin Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Heilongjiang Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Anhui Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Fujian Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Jiangxi Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Shandong Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Henan Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Hubei Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Hunan Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Guangdong Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Guangxi Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Hainan Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Chongqing Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Sichuan Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Guizhou Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Yunnan Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Tibet Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Shaanxi Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Gansu Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Qinghai Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Ningxia Total), 2007
Key Economic Indices on the Industry (Xinjiang Total), 2007
Top 10 Companies in Terms of Revenue in the Industry, 2007 
Main Economic Indices of Chemical Raw Materials Industry & Chemical Drug Preparation Industry, 2007
Climate Index of China Petroleum and Chemical Companies, 2006-2007Q3
Quality Index of PEG Series Products
PGME Fatty Acid Ester Synthesis Formula 
13C NMR Spectroscopy of PGME
Infrared Spectrum of Fatty Acid Ester
Comparison between Acid Catalysis and Alkali Catalysis
Surface Properties of PGME and PEG Fatty Acid Ester
China Total Yield of Ethylene, 2007 (by Region)
Global Top 10 Ethylene Producers in 2006
Ethylene Demand and Supply in China, 2000-2006
EO (Ethylene Oxide) Producers and Their Production Capacities in China, 2006
Newly Built and Expanded EO (Ethylene Oxide) Units in China, 2007-2009 
Statistics on China's Import of EQ Derivatives, 2000-2006
Production Capacity of Global Ethylene Glycol Producers, 2006
Ethylene Glycol Demand and Supply in Main Regions Worldwide, 2006
Production Capacity of China Ethylene Glycol Producers, 2007
Ethylene Glycol Units under Construction and Proposed Units, 2007-2009
Ethylene Glycol Demand and Supply in China, 2000-2006
Global Layout of Ethylene Glycol Production Capacity, 2006
Main Ethylene Glycol Manufacturers in China, 2007
Ethylene Glycol Production Capacity and Import & Export, 2007
Reference Price of Concrete Admixtures in the Market, 2007
Infrared Spectrum of Co-poly Carboxylic Acids
Principle Sketch of 3-Dimensional Stabilizer
Benefit Comparison between Top 10 Companies at Home & Abroad, 2006
Chemical Product Flow of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)
Sinopec Main Business, 2007-1Q2008
Main Products of Oxiran Chemical Co., Ltd
PEG Quality Index of Oxiran Chemical Co., Ltd
MPEG Products of Shanghai Taijie Chemical Co., Ltd
MPEG Methacrylate Products of Shanghai Taijie Chemical Co., Ltd

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