China Clean Energy Industry Report, 2009-2010
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Clean energy refers to the energy that doesn’t discharge pollutants, mainly including nuclear energy, hydropower, wind power, solar power, bio-energy (biogas), and tidal energy. At present, China's energy consumption structure is still dominated by thermal power, and the structure won’t change in the near future. But in the long run, clean energy will account for an increasingly larger proportion in electricity generating capacity. The figure below shows that the proportion of nuclear power, hydropower and other power sources increased from 19.7% in 2007 to 23.0% in March 2010, up 3.3 percentage points. As China launches more preferential policies for nuclear power, wind power and solar energy industry, the proportion of clean energy power generation will increase substantially.

China's Power Generation Capacity by Industry, 2006-2010
Source: China Electricity Council

In 2010, hydropower and nuclear power are major contributors to China’s clean energy power generation, while wind power and solar energy account for a smaller proportion. Promoted by the gradual integration of wind power into the electric power grid as well as the preferential policies for solar energy industry, the installed capacity and power generation capacity of China’s wind power and solar energy industry will be further enhanced.  

Nuclear energy: in 2009, there were 11 nuclear power generating units operated in China, 10 nuclear power projects and 28 generating units were approved, of which 20 units or 21.92 GW are under construction now. According to China's nuclear power projects under construction and planned to be built, it’s expected that China will add the installed nuclear power capacity of about 30 GW by 2015 and own total installed nuclear power capacity of about 87.93 GW by 2020.

Wind energy: in 2009, China added 10,129 wind power generating sets, with capacity of 13803.2MW, up 124% yr-on-yr; 21,544 wind power generating sets in total, with capacity of 25805.3MW, up 114% yr-on-yr. In 2009, China’s wind power equipment industry had built up a production system for key parts such as blade, gearbox, generator and pylon, which had progressively eased the tension between the supply and demand of such key parts as blade, generator, gearbox and wheel hub, but still failed to bridge the supply-demand gap for bearing and control system.

Solar energy: in 2009, China add installed photovoltaic solar energy capacity was 140MW, accounting for about 2% of global installed capacity. Promoted by the Solar Roofs program and the Golden Sun program, China’s solar energy installation market will grow substantially in 2010. It’s expected that China’s solar energy market will add installed capacity of 450MW in 2010, which will further change the status quo of insufficient domestic demand.

Part I Clean Energy

1. Global Clean Energy Development 
1.1 Overview 
1.2 Solar Energy
1.3 Wind Power 
1.4 Nuclear Power
1.5 Development Trends

2. China Clean Energy Development Environment 
2.1 Electric Power Industry
2.1.1 Overview
2.1.2 Impact of Macro-economy on Electric Power Industry
2.2 Clean Energy Policies 

3. Overall Operation of China Clean Energy Power Generation
3.1 Energy Consumption Structure
3.2 Operation of Electric Power Industry
3.2.1 Industry Chain
3.2.2 Development Cycle
3.2.3 Electricity Pricing
3.2.4 Electricity Demand Trends in 2010
3.3 Clean Energy Power Generation
3.3.1 Installed Capacity
3.3.2 Power Generation Capacity
3.3.3 Power Consumption Capacity
3.3.4 Cost of Power Generation from Different Energy Sources

Part II Solar Energy

4. Global Solar Energy Development
4.1 Current Status and Outlook
4.2 Development Trends
4.3 Development in Major Countries
4.3.1 USA
4.3.2 Japan
4.3.3 Germany
4.3.4 France
4.3.5 Spain
4.3.6 Italy

5. Solar Energy Development in China
5.1 Current Status and Outlook
5.1.1 Development of PV Solar Energy
5.1.2 Cost of Solar Power Generation
5.1.3 Preferential Policies for Solar Energy
5.1.4 Solar Energy Development Plan of China
5.2 Key Enterprises
5.2.1 First Solar
5.2.2 Q-Cells
5.2.3 Sanyo
5.2.4 Kyocera
5.2.5 Sharp
5.2.6 Mitsubishi Electric
5.2.7 JA Solar
5.2.8 Yingli Solar
5.2.9 Suntech Power

Part III Wind Power

6. Global Wind Energy Development
6.1 Status Quo
6.2 Development in Major Countries
6.2.1 USA
6.2.2 Germany 
6.2.3 Spain 
6.2.4 Denmark

7. Wind Power Development in China
7.1 Status Quo
7.1.1 Installed Capacity
7.1.2 Wind Power Installation by Region
7.1.3 Offshore Wind Power Development
7.1.4 Integration of Wind Power into Electric Power Grid
7.2 Wind Farms 
7.2.1 Planning 
7.2.2 Earlier Stage of Operation
7.2.3 Later Stage of Operation 
7.2.4 Profitability 
7.3 Wind Power Policies
7.3.1 Policies
7.3.2 Wind Power Concession Bidding System
7.3.3 Access Standards of Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing
7.3.4 Pricing Policy
7.4 Regional Wind Power Development
7.4.1 Heilongjiang
7.4.2 Jilin
7.4.3 Liaoning
7.4.4 Inner Mongolia
7.4.5 Ningxia
7.4.6 Gansu
7.4.7 Xinjiang
7.4.8 Shandong
7.4.9 Hebei
7.5 Key Enterprises
7.5.1 China Guodian Corporation
7.5.2 China Huaneng Group
7.5.3 China Datang Corporation 
7.5.4 China Huadian Corporation 
7.5.5 Beijing Energy Investment Holding Company Limited
7.5.6 China Power Investment Corporation 
7.5.7 China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group
7.5.8 Ningxia Electric Power Group Company Limited
7.5.9 Shandong Luneng Development Group Company Limited

8. Wind Power Equipment Development in China
8.1 Overview of China Wind Power Equipment Industry
8.1.1 Status Quo
8.1.2 Wind Power Installation Market Pattern
8.1.3 Main Types of Wind Turbine
8.1.4 Mainstream Wind Turbines in China
8.1.5 Wind Turbine Development Trends
8.2 Regional Wind Power Equipment Markets
8.2.1 Liaoning
8.2.2 Tianjin
8.2.3 Xinjiang
8.2.4 Hebei
8.2.5 Hunan
8.2.6 Jiangsu
8.3 Major Wind Turbine Companies
8.3.1 GE Wind Energy
8.3.2 Vestas
8.3.3 Gamesa
8.3.4 Goldwind Science & Technology
8.3.5 Dongfang Electric
8.3.6 Sinovel 

9. China Wind Power Equipment Parts Industry
9.1 Overall Development
9.1.1 Main Parts of Wind Turbine
9.1.2 Development Trends of Wind Turbine Parts
9.2 Variable-frequency Drive (VFD)
9.2.1 Market
9.2.2 Demand
9.2.3 Key Manufacturers
9.3 Blade
9.3.1 Market
9.3.2 Development Trends
9.3.3 Key Manufacturers
9.4 Generator
9.4.1 Market
9.4.2 Key Manufacturers
9.5 Gearbox
9.5.1 Market
9.5.2 Key Manufacturers
9.6 Bearing
9.6.1 Market
9.6.2 Key Manufacturers

Part IV Hydropower

10. China Hydropower Industry
10.1 Development 
10.1.1 Overall Development 
10.1.2 Regional Development
10.2 Profitability 
10.3 Policies
10.4 Development Trends
10.5 Key Enterprises
10.5.1 China Yangtze Power Company Limited
10.5.2 Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Company Limited
10.5.3 Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power Company Limited

Part V Nuclear Power

11. Global Nuclear Power Development 
11.1 Status Quo
11.2 Major Nuclear Power Countries
11.2.1 USA
11.2.2 Canada 
11.2.3 Russia
11.2.4 Japan
11.2.5 South Korea
11.2.6 India
11.2.7 Germany
11.2.8 France
11.2.9 UK
11.2.10 Finland

12. Nuclear Power Development in China
12.1 Nuclear Power Plant Construction 
12.1.1 Existing Nuclear Power Units
12.1.2 Nuclear Power Units under Construction or Already Planned
12.1.3 Planned Nuclear Power Units
12.2 Nuclear Power Equipment Development 
12.2.1 Constitution of Nuclear Power Equipment 
12.2.2 Domestic Production of Nuclear Power Equipment 
12.2.3 Suppliers of Nuclear Power Equipment
12.3 Nuclear Power Operation 
12.3.1 Quantity of Nuclear Power Units
12.3.2 Installed Capacity
12.3.3 Power Generation 
12.3.4 Profitability
12.3.5 Operation Events 
12.3.6 Policies
12.4 Key Enterprises
12.4.1 Key Enterprises of Nuclear Island and Conventional Island
12.4.2 Key Enterprises of Auxiliary Nuclear Power System Equipment
Global Clean Energy Market Scale, 2007-2019E
Global PV Installation Market Capacity by Region, 2000-2009
Global Distribution of New Installed Solar Energy Capacity by Region, 2009
Employment in Global Wind Power Industry, 2005-2012
Major Countries and Developers of Third-Generation Nuclear Power Plants
China’s Electricity Consumption in the Industrialization Process
Quarterly Electricity Consumption Growth in the Industrial Sector, 2009
GDP Growth and Electricity Consumption Growth in the Industrial Sector
China’s Energy Consumption and Growth, 2000-2008
China’s Energy Consumption Structure, 2000-2008
Power Industry Chain
Core Links of the Power Industry
Development Cycle of the Power Industry
China’s Electricity Demand by Region, 2010
Total Installed Capacity of China’s Power Plants, 2003-2010
Installed Capacity of China’s Power Industry by Sub-sector, March 2010
Power Generation Capacity of China, 2006-2010
Power Generation Capacity of China’s Power Industry by Sub-sector, 2006-2010
Electricity Consumption, 2007-2010
Electricity Consumption by Industry in China, 2006-2010
YoY Growth in Monthly Electricity Consumption by Region
Comparison of Main Indicators of Power Generation Energy Sources in China, 2009
Global New Installed Solar Energy Capacity, 2007-2014
Classification of Solar Cells
Global Ranking of Solar Energy Companies, 2009
Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Industry Chain and Representative Enterprises
Structure of CdTe Cell
Structure of -Si Cell
Global a-Si Cell Manufacturers
CIGS Thin Film Battery Manufacturers in China
Comparison of Energy Conversion Efficiency
Cost Structure of Polysilicon
New Installed Solar Energy Capacity in USA, 2007-2014
Development of Key PV Incentive Policies in USA
Development of Key PV Incentive Policies in Japan
New Installed Solar Energy Capacity in Japan, 2007-2014E
New Installed Solar Energy Capacity in Germany, 2007-2014E
Development of PV Incentive Policies in Germany
New Installed Solar Energy Capacity in France, 2007-2014E
New Installed Solar Energy Capacity in Spain, 2007-2014E
New Installed Solar Energy Capacity in Italy, 2007-2014E
New Installed PV Solar Energy Capacity in China, 2007-2014E
Solar Energy Power Generation Projects in China, 2009
Solar Roofs Program in Some Chinese Cities
Cost Structure of Solar Energy Installation 
Solar Energy Subsidy Programs in China
Revenue of First Solar, 2008-2010
Sales of Q-Cells, 2008-2009
Sales of Q-Cells by Division, 2008-2009
Financial Situation of Sanyo, 2005-2009 
Revenue of Kyocera, 2009-2010
Revenue of Kyocera by Region, 2009-2010
Revenue of Kyocera by Division, 2010-2011E
Production Increasing Plan of Kyocera, 2009-2012
Revenue of Sharp, FY2005-FY2009
Solar Cell Production Capacity of Mitsubishi Electric, 2003-2011
Revenue of Mitsubishi Electric by Division, FY2009-FY2010
Revenue and Profit of JA Solar, 2006-2009
Revenue and Profit of Yingli Solar, 2005-2009
Operating Revenue and Profit of Suntech Power, 2005-2009
Global Total Installed Wind Power Capacity, 1996-2009
Global New Installed Wind Power Capacity, 1996-2009
Global Top 10 Installed Wind Power Capacity, 2009
Global Top 10 New Installed Wind Power Capacity, 2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity in USA, 2000-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity in Germany, 2000-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity in Spain, 2000-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity in Denmark, 2000-2009
Completion of Renewable Energy Power Generation Objectives in Denmark
10-million-kilowatt Base Planning in China, 2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of China, 2006-2009
New Averaged Installed Power of China, 2005-2009
Proportions of Installed Wind Power Units in China, 2009
High-power Turbine R & D of Wind Power Companies, 2009
Wind Power Unit Export of China, 2009
Provinces with Total Installed Capacity over 1000MW, 2009
Distribution of Installed Capacity by Province, 2009
Offshore Wind Farm Planning by Region
Offshore Wind Power by Province
Price of Electricity from Wind Power by Province
Four Categories of Electricity Price Stipulated in the Circular
Equivalent Full Load Hours of Typical Wind Farm, 2008
Power Grid Planning for Outbound Power Transmission by Region
Wind Power-related AC UHV Line Construction Plan
Wind Power-related DC UHV Construction Plan
Cost Structure of China’s Onshore Wind Power Generation in Earlier Stage
Cost Structure of China’s Offshore Wind Power Generation in Earlier Stage
Operating Cost Structure of China’s Onshore Wind Power Generation
Operating Cost Structure of China’s Offshore Wind Power Generation
Preferential Policies for Wind Power Industry in Recent Years
Seven Rounds of Wind Power Concession Bidding in China
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Heilongjiang, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Jilin, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Liaoning, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Inner Mongolia, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Ningxia, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Gansu, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Xinjiang, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Shandong, 2006-2009
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity of Hebei, 2006-2009
Wind Power Investment of China Huaneng Group
Wind Power Investment of China Huadian Corporation
Wind Power Investment of Beijing Energy Investment Energy Company
Wind Power Investment of China Power Investment Corporation 
Market Shares of Domestic (Joint Venture) and Foreign Enterprises by New Installed Wind Power Capacity, 2006-2009
Comparison of the Output of Top 20 Equipment Manufacturers by New Installed Wind Power Capacity, 2009
Ranking of Domestic Enterprises by Installed Capacity, H1 2009
Ranking of Foreign Enterprises by Installed Capacity, H1 2009
Wind Turbine Types and Applications in China
Internal Structure of Doubly-fed Power Generating Set
Internal Structure of Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Power Generating Set
Internal Structure of Hybrid (semi-direct drive) Power Generating Set
Wind Turbine Price Trends, 2008-2010
Offshore Wind Power Generating Set R & D of Domestic Enterprises
Operating Revenue of Vestas, 2005-2009
Operating Revenue of Vestas by Region
Wind Turbine Delivery of Vestas, 2008-2009
Main Business Revenue and Operating Profit Proportion of Goldwind Science & Technology by Division, 2009
Domestic Onshore Wind Turbine Sales of Goldwind Science & Technology, 2009-2011
750kv Power Grid Construction Plan of Xinjiang
Structure of Orders in Hand of Dongfang Electric, 2009
Wind Power Generating Set Output of Dongfang Electric, 2007-2009
New Installed Wind Power Capacity of Dongfang Turbine, 2006-2009
New Installed Wind Power Capacity of Sinovel, 2006-2009
Basic Structure of Wind Turbine
Wind Power Parts Manufacturers in China
Equipment Manufacturers Penetrating into the Industry Chain
Production Capacity and Plan of Wind Power VFD Manufacturers in China
Wind Power Convertor Demand in China, 2006-2010 
Operation of ABB, 2008-2009
ABB Sales in China, 2008-2009
Distribution of Main Models of Newly Installed Machines in China, 2006-2009
1.5 MW Wind Turbine Blade Demand in China, 2006-2010
Production Capacity and Plan of Wind Power Gear Manufacturers in China
Production Capacity Plan of Bearing Manufacturers
Classification of Hydropower
Results of National Water Resources Review, 2003 
Installed Hydropower Capacity of China, 2006-2009
Hydropower Development in Major Regions of China
Average Use Hours of Hydropower in China, 2006-2010
Installed Hydropower Capacity of Yunnan, 2008-2009
Hydropower Generation Capacity of Yunnan, 2002-2008
Installed Hydropower Capacity of Sichuan, 2007-2010
Hydropower Generation Capacity of Sichuan, 2002-2008 
Hydropower Profit Model
Investment and Cost of Main Hydropower Stations
Electricity Price Adjustment of Some Hydropower Stations
Policies Promoting the Development of Hydropower Industry
Development Plan for the Largest 13 Hydropower Bases in China
Revenue and Profit of China Yangtze Power, 2005-2010
Main Power Production Targets of China Yangtze Power, 2007-2009
Electricity Output of Three Gorges Hydropower Plant and Gezhouba Hydropower Plant of China Yangtze Power, 2003-2010
Operating Revenue and Profit of Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power, 2005-2010
Revenue of Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power by Region, 2009
Installed Power Capacity under Construction of Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power, May 2010
Revenue and Profit of Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power, 2005-2010
Electricity Sales Structure of Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power, 2008-2009
Electricity Purchase Structure of Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power, 2008-2009
Number of Nuclear Reactors of Major Countries, April 2010
Installed Nuclear Reactor Capacity of Major Countries, April 2010
SWOT Analysis of Nuclear Power Development in USA
Uranium Output, 2003-2009
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in Russia
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in Japan
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in South Korea
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in India
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in Germany
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in France
Major Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in UK
Nuclear Power Plants under Planning in UK
Major Nuclear Power Plants Operated in Finland
Nuclear Power Units Operated in China, April 2010
Nuclear Power Units under Construction in China, April 2010
Nuclear Power Units under Planning in China, April 2010
Working Principle of Pressurized-water Reactor (PWR) Nuclear Power Plant
Domestic Production of Key Equipment of Ling’ao Phase II
Subcontract of Key Equipment of Hongheyan Project
Domestic Production Subject and Rate of Key Equipment of AP1000
Market Share of Nuclear Power Equipment
Comparison of Nuclear Island Equipment Suppliers
Number of Nuclear Power Units in China, 2002-2009
Trend of Installed Nuclear Power Capacity in China, 2005-2009
Trend of Nuclear Power Generating Capacity in China, 2005-2009
Cost of Nuclear Power
Comparison of Nuclear Power Electricity Price and Local Benchmark Coal-fired Electricity Price in China, March 2010
Unit Investment of Domestic Nuclear Power Plants
Evolvement of Nuclear Power Planning and Technology Policy
Policies Supporting the Development of Nuclear Power in China
Main Business Revenue of Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry, 2004-2009
Proportion of Nuclear Power Equipment Business of Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry, 2009
Nuclear Power Equipment Production Capacity of Dongfang Electric
Proportion of Dongfang Electric in the Projects of Different Nuclear Power Operators
Forecast of the Progress of Nuclear Power Projects Won by Dongfang Electric
Main Business Revenue of Shanghai Electric, 2004-2009
List of Main Nuclear Power Conventional Island Equipment Products of Shanghai Electric
Proportion of Shanghai Electric in the Projects of Different Operators
Main Business Revenue of Harbin Power Equipment Company, 2004-2009
List of Main Nuclear Power Equipment Products of Harbin Power Equipment Company
Main Business Revenue of Nanfeng Ventilator, 2006-2009
Proportion of Nuclear Power Equipment Business of Nanfeng Ventilator, 2009
Demand for Nuclear Power HVAC of Nanfeng Ventilator in the Next Three Years
Main Business Revenue of CNNC SUFA Technology Industry Company, 2005-2009
Nuclear Power HVAC Equipment Orders of CNNC SUFA Technology Industry Company, 2008-2010
Main Business Revenue of Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Corporation, 2005-2009

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CITIC GUOAN Mengguli Research Report, 2014

CITIC GUOAN Mengguli (MGL for short) mainly involves R & D, production and sales of lithium-ion secondary battery key materials and high-energy-density lithium secondary battery. At present, it is...

China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. Research Report, 2014

China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. (CALB) is a high-tech and new energy company with registered capital of RMB867 million and over 1600 employees. It is jointly invested and established by Aviat...

China Energy Storage for Grid System Industry Report, 2014-2017

Energy storage has a wide range of applications in electric power system, involving all aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution and end user. The energy storage technologies for grid s...

China Wind Farm Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Industry Report, 2014-2016

Global wind farm operations and maintenance (O&M) market size had increased progressively year after year during 2008-2013, attaining to USD 7.35 billion in 2013, and is predicted to reach USD 9.84 bi...

China Biodiesel Industry Report, 2014-2017

Biodiesel refers to a renewable diesel fuel made from oil crops, animal fats, food waste oil that can substitute petroleum diesel and has environmental protection, safety, renewability and other advan...

China Wind Power Converter Industry Report, 2014-2016

China now has become the world’s largest and the fastest-growing wind power generation market. In 2013, China had a cumulative 91.4GW of wind power capacity, of which 16.1GW was newly-added capacity, ...

China Filling Station And Refueling Station Industry Report,2013-2016

By the end of 2012, China has had a total of 96,313 filling stations, an increase of 875 or up 0.92% compared to 2011, including 51,854 SOE filling stations (53.8% of the total), 42,425 private fillin...

China Natural Gas and Shale Gas Industry Report, 2012-2015

Natural gas consists of conventional natural gas and unconventional natural gas. Shale gas is included in unconventional natural gas. Compared with conventional natural gas, shale gas is featured with...

China Wind Power Equipment and Parts Industry Report, 2011-2012

The flying capacity expansion of wind power equipment manufacturers in recent years has caused increasingly intense competition; in 2011, Chinese wind power equipment manufacturers witnessed decline i...

China Smart Grid Equipment Segmented Market Report, 2010-2011

According to the plan of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), 2011-2015 will be dedicated to all-round promotion of smart grid construction. But in fact, 2011 only saw expansion of pilot implementa...

China Natural Gas and Coalbed Methane Industry Report, 2011

In 2010, the output of natural gas grew steadily in China, and the volume of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported from Central Asia continued to increase, as a result, the resource sup...

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