China MPEG (Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol) Industry Chain Report, 2009-2010
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Stimulated by the downstream demand and the revitalization & upgrading of China fine chemical industry, China MPEG industry has experienced continuous development. At present, domestic-funded enterprises such as Liaoyang Oxiranchem Group Co., Ltd., Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huangma Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Taijie Chemical Co., Ltd., etc. are of industrialized production scale and take a lion’s share of domestic polycarboxylates high performance water-reducing admixture industry. However, limited by factors like technology, the demand of MPEG in fields like medicine, cosmetics, laboratory, etc. still depends mostly on products imported from Korea Yukong Limited Co., Ltd., USA Huntsman, USA Clariant, USA Dow Chemical, Nippon Shokubai, Germany Cognis, Germany BASF, etc. From the perspective of both development trend and policy trend of Chinese MPEG upstream & downstream industries, there remains a broad development prospect for China MPEG industry.

First of all, the output capacity of Chinese epoxy ethane has been increasing rapidly in recent years. China currently possesses more than 10 sets of epoxy ethane production equipment, and most of which are for co-production of epoxy ethane and ethylene glycol; nevertheless, affected by the huge import of low-priced ethylene glycol from the Middle East and the restructuring of domestic petrochemical industry, the output capacity of merchandised epoxy ethane in China keeps growing. Up to April, 2010, the output capacity of realizable merchandised epoxy ethane in China has reached one million tons or so; and it has become increasingly evident that all the large manufacturers in China raise the product proportion of epoxy ethane/ ethylene glycol co-production equipment. What’s more, those new epoxy ethane projects will finish construction and put into production successively, the future supply of merchandised epoxy ethane output turns out to be relatively sufficient, but its market price is with limited growth margin and is likely to fall.

Output Capacity of Main Epoxy Ethane Manufacturers in China, 2009-Apr. 2010 (Unit: 10Kt)
Source: ResearchInChina

Secondly, the active growth of industries such as polycarboxylates based high performance water-reducing admixture, medicine manufacturing, and daily cosmetics will largely promote the rapid development of MPEG industry. Take polycarboxylates based high performance water-reducing admixture as an example. The application volume of polycarboxylates based high performance water-reducing admixture before 2005 was relatively small, less than 50 kilotons per annum. But ever since 2006, the industry has boomed under the drive of national relevant policies. The annual average growth rate of its consumption reached 60.7% during 2006-2009, and hit as high as 1 million tons or so in 2009, increasing by twentyfold compared with 2005. Along with the advancement of infrastructure projects like high-speed railway construction, civil aviation airport, subway construction in large & medium cities, southwest hydroelectric project, etc., promisingly, the market demand for polycarboxylates based high performance water-reducing admixture in 2010 can reach 1.50 million tons, as the main stream polyether monomer in the polycarboxylates based high performance water-reducing admixture industry, MPEG possesses the huge development space. 

 Consumption of Polycarboxylates Based High Performance Water-reducing Admixture in China, 2000-2010E (Unit: 10Kt)
 Source: ResearchInChina

Lastly, MPEG belongs to fine chemical industry. According to Guide for Industrial Structure Readjustment (2007 revision) released by National Development and Reform Commission,   the production of exclusive-use fine chemicals falls into encouraged industries. Development Guidelines of Chemical Industry during the 11th Five-Year Plan Period also takes fine chemical as one of the 6 fields enjoying preferential development during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, and lists fine chemical products like surfactant, etc. as the priorities of technology development & industrialization of fine chemical during the 11th Five-Year Plan. In accordance with the Petrochemical Industry Revitalization Program issued in the first half of 2009, China will strengthen the efforts to fuel the output capacity construction of high-end chemical products and will offer special support both in policy and capital. 

In addition, from the perspective of the national energy saving & emission reduction policy, high technology, high added value, and low energy consumption shape the main stream of the future development of chemical industry, yet the development of MPEG industry exactly conforms to the practice of energy saving & emission reduction policy. 

Based on the status quo of China MPEG industry, this report highlights the development environment, upstream industry, downstream industry, key enterprises, development trend & strategy, etc. of MPEG industry, fully revealing current situation of MPEG industry and the potential demand & opportunity of MPEG market.

1 Concept Related to MPEG
1.1 Definition & Classification 
1.2 Application
1.3 Industry Chain

2 Operating Environment of China MPEG Industry
2.1 Macro Environment 
2.2 Operation of Chemical Industry
2.2.1 Supply & Demand 
2.2.2 Price Trend
2.2.3 Investment & Economic Benefit
2.3 Eco-environment & Policy Environment 
2.3.1 Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Policy
2.3.2 Other Policy

3 Overview of China MPEG Industry
3.1 Status Quo 
3.2 Supply & Demand
3.3 Competition Pattern 
3.4 Price Trend
3.5 Development Outlook & Suggestion

4 Analysis of MPEG Upstream Industries 
4.1 Ethylene
4.1.1 Industrial Layout 
4.1.2 Supply & Demand
4.1.3 Price Trend 
4.1.4 Impact of Global Ethylene Production on Domestic Industry
4.2 Epoxy Ethane
4.2.1 Industrial Layout
4.2.2 Supply & Demand
4.2.3 Price Trend
4.3 Methanol
4.3.1 Industrial Layout
4.3.2 Supply & Demand
4.3.2 Price Trend 

5 Analysis of MPEG Downstream Industries
5.1 Polycarboxylates Based High Performance Water-reducing Admixture Industry
5.1.1 Status Quo
5.1.2 Supply & Demand
5.2 Cosmetics & Skincare Industry
5.2.1 Statue Quo
5.2.2 Supply & Demand
5.3 Pharmaceutical Industry 
5.4 Cleaning Products Industry

6 Key Companies
6.1 Dow Chemical Company
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Development in China
6.1.3 Current Operation 
6.2 Clariant
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Development in China
6.2.3 Current Operation 
6.3 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation 
6.3.1 Company Profile
6.3.2 Main Chemical Products 
6.3.3 Current Operation 
6.4 HPC
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Development in China
6.4.3 MPEG Series
6.4.4 Current Operation 
6.5 Liaoning Oxiranchem, Inc.
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Main Products 
6.5.3 Current Operation 
6.6 DYMATIC Chemicals Inc.
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Main Products 
6.6.3 Current Operation 
6.7 Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Polyoxyethylene Ether Series
6.7.3 Current Operation 
6.8 Shanghai Taijie Chemical Co., Ltd.
6.8.1 Company Profile
6.8.2 Main Products  
6.8.3 Current Operation 
6.9 Zhejiang Huangma Chemical Industry Group
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Polyoxyethylene Ether Series
6.9.3 Current Operation 
Upstream & downstream Industry Chain of MPEG
GDP Growth Rate of China, 2007-2010Q1
Output and Growth Rate of China Bulk Chemicals, 2007-2009 
Average Price and Price Changes of China Bulk Chemicals, 2009  
Operating Income, Total Profit and Gross Profit Margin of Chemical Raw Materials and Chemical Products Manufacturing Industry, 2006-2009  
Operating Income, Total Profit and Gross Profit Margin of Basic Chemical Raw Materials Manufacturing  Industry, 2006-2009  
Operating Income, Total Profit and Gross Profit Margin of Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Industry, 2006-2009  
Forecast of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in China, 2020  
Main Manufacturers of MPEG in China
Shares of Manufacturers of Polyglycol Ether Monomer in Polycarboxylates Based High Performance Water-reducing Admixture Market, 2009
Factory Price and Gross Profit of Polyether Monomer, 2007-Mar. 2010 
New Output Capacity Distribution of Global Ethylene by Country, 2009
Output Distribution of China Ethylene by Region, 2008
China Ethylene Output and Growth rate, 2001-2009
China Ethylene Apparent Consumption and Growth Rate, 2001-2009  
Capacity of China Main Ethylene Manufacturers, 2009-Apr.2010  
List of China Petroleum-to-Ethylene Projects (under Construction / Planned), 2010-2015 
Price Trend of Asian Ethylene, Oct.2009-Apr.2010 
Capacity Distribution of China Epoxy Ethane by Region, 2009
Capacity of Main Epoxy Ethane Manufacturers in China, 2009-Apr. 2010   
Total Output Capacity, Output of Epoxy Ethane and Output Capacity of Commercialization Epoxy Ethane, 2007-2010 
China Commercialization Epoxy Ethane, 2000-2010E  
Epoxy Ethane Consumption Structure in China, 2009
Import of Epoxy Ethane Main Derivatives in China, 2000-2009  
Market Price Trend of China Epoxy Ethane, 2007-2010 
Capacity Distribution of China Methanol, 2008
China Methanol Output Capacity and Output, 2004-2010 
Methanol Consumption Structure in China, 2009
Market Price Trend of China Methanol, 2008-2009  
Market Structure of China Concrete Water-Reducing Agent, 2007
Output of Efficient and High Performance Water-Reducing Agent in China, 2007 
Application Volume of Polycarboxylates Based High Performance Water-reducing Admixture in China, 2000-2007 
Shares of China MPEG,APEG and TPEG in Polycarboxylates Based High Performance Water-reducing Admixture Market, 2009
Development Stage of China Cosmetics Industry
Import and Export Volume of China Cosmetics and Skincare Products, 2008-May 2010 
Import and Export Value of China Cosmetics and Skincare Products, 2008-May 2010 
Operating Income, Total Profit and Sales Profit Margin of China Pharmaceutical Industry, 2006-Apr.2010  
Output of China Cleaning Products, 2006-May 2010
Annual Operating Rate of Dow Chemical, 2005-2009
Revenue and Net Income of Dow Chemical, 2007-2009
Main Business Revenue Structure by Product of Dow Chemical, 2008-2009 
Operating Income Structure by Region of DOW Chemical, 2009
Revenue and Gross Margin of Clariant, 2008-2009 
Revenue Structure by Product of Clariant, 2007-2009 
Revenue Structure by Region of Clariant, 2008-2009 
Output List of Chemical Products of Sinopec Corp., 2009  
Operating Income and Net Income of Sinopec Corp.,2007-2009  
Operating Income and Operating Profit by Sector of Sinopec Corp., 2009  
Sales Volume and Price of Chemical Products of Sinopec Corp., 2008-2009
Performance Index of HPC MPEG-1000
Revenue and Net Income of HPC, 2005-2009 
Quality Index of Oxiran TPEG
Quality Index of Oxiran APEG
Quality Index of Oxiran MPEG
Performance Index of Oxiran Crystalline Silicon Cutting Fluids
Sales Volume, Average Price and Revenue of Oxiran Main Proudcts, 2007-2009
Gross Margin of Oxiran Main Products, 2007-2009
Main Products of DYMATIC Chemicals
Operating Income and Net Income of DYMATIC Chemicals, 008-2009 
Operating Income Structure by Product of DYMATIC Chemicals, 2008-2009 
Operating Margin of DYMATIC Chemicals, 2007-2009
Operating Income Structure by Region of DYMATIC Chemicals, 2009
Quality Index of Liaoning Kelong Compounds of MPEG & MMA
Quality Index of Liaoning Kelong APEG Series
Operating Index of Liaoning Kelong, 2008  
Poly(ethylene glycol) monomethyl ether --MPEG series of Shanghai Taijie
Allyl polyoxyethylene ether--APEG series of Shanghai Taijie
Main Operating Index of Shanghai Taijie, 2008 
Poly(ethylene glycol) monomethyl ether--MPEG series of Zhejiang Huangma
Allyl polyoxyethylene ether--APEG series of Zhejiang Huangma
Methyl polyglycol methacrylic acid ester of Zhejiang Huangma
Main Operating Index of Zhejiang Huangma, 2008  

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