Global and China LBSNS (Location-Based Social Networking Service) Market Report, 2010
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LBS, i.e. Location-Based Service, is deemed as one of the killer businesses subsequent to SMS (Short Message Service), and it enjoys huge market size and nice profit prospect. SNS, namely Social Networking Service, refers to the Internet application service aimed at assisting people in establishing social network.  

Currently, there appears a novel-type service integrating LBS and SNS, and we call it Location-Based Social Networking Service (LBSNS). Through information mark combination of time series, behavior trace and geographical location, LBSNS helps the users to establish wider and closer relationship with the outside world and intensifies the relevance between social networking and geographical location. By dint of check-in record and behavioral responses in different geographical positions, LBSNS users can generate corresponding relationship with business activities of local enterprises, which enables the local enterprises to further clarify the scope of target consumers and improve the correlation degree and accuracy of advertising service so as to raise the value of local advertisement marketing.  

LBSNS takes off relatively early with the well-known LBSNS providers including Foursquare, Loopt, GyPSii, CitysensePlazes, MobiLuck, Brightkite, Gowalla, yelp, etc. Of which, Foursquare and Brightkite boast of higher market shares. Additionally, Twitter, FaceBook, Apple, AT&T and other traditional SNS websites, leading internet firms, terminal manufacturers and telecom operators are all the potential entrants of LBSNS market. In China, LBSNS started late, and the typical players with application of LBSNS consist of Bedo, L99, Mogutuan, Play4f, Jiepang, Duolequ,, etc.

Featured Functions & Supporting Terminals of Pop LBSNS Applications
 Source: ResearchInChina

There are presently three major modes of LBSNS services, i.e. Mobile Client, Web Client and SMS. Most of LBSNS providers have supplied Client for each mainstream smart phone platform, among which, iOS and Android turn out to be the preferred smartphone platforms of major overseas LBSNS enterprises. Considering the high domestic market share of Symbian smart phone, Chinese LBSNS enterprises have offered excellent support for applications on Symbian platform.

LBSNS users can share the locations with friends and obtain local business information through the function of Check-in, and later, they may make comments on the business and even get the services like discounts, etc. Quite a few LBSNS operators have introduced game elements and shaped corresponding competition and incentive mechanism so as to increase the interactivity of C2C and C2B as well as the active degree and viscosity of consumers, which has improved the application popularity and advertisement marketing value indirectly and favored the positive circulation of its business ecosystem.  

LBSNS Application Quantity of Each Mobile Phone Platform(by July/2010)
 Source: ResearchInChina

The local advertising market of LBSNS possesses fine development outlook, but the entire market is now still in the period of cultivation. It is the being explored and practiced profit pattern of LBSNS operators to provide the enterprises with local advertising services, real-time advertising study and consumer concerns analyses.

1 Overview of LBSNS Industry 
1.1 Concepts & Definitions 
1.1.1 LBS
1.1.2 SNS
1.1.3 LBSNS

2 LBSNS Industry 

3 LBSNS Business Model
3.1 Service Mode
3.2 Application Type
3.3 Incentive Mechanism 
3.4 Advertising Service
3.5 Extension Platform   

4 Financing 
4.1 Overseas Enterprises 
4.2 Chinese Enterprises 

5 International Enterprises of LBSNS 
5.1 Foursquare
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.2 Business 
5.1.3 Operation 
5.1.4 Development Strategy 
5.2 Gowalla
5.2.1 Profile 
5.2.2 Business 
5.2.3 Operation 
5.3 Yelp
5.3.1 Profile 
5.3.2 Business 
5.3.3 Operation 
5.3.4 Development Strategy 
5.4 Loopt
5.4.1 Profile 
5.4.2 Business 
5.4.3 Operation 
5.5 Brightkite
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Business 
5.5.3 Operation 
5.6 Whrrl
5.6.1 Profile 
5.6.2 Business 
5.6.3 Operation 
5.7 Mytown
5.7.1 Profile 
5.7.2 Business 
5.7.3 Operation 
5.7.4 Development Strategy 

6 Chinese Enterprises of LBSNS
6.1 Bedo
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Business 
6.1.3 Operation 
6.1.4 Development Strategy 
6.2 Play4f
6.2.1 Profile 
6.2.2 Business 
6.2.3 Operation 
6.2.4 Development Strategy 
6.3 Duolequ
6.3.1 Profile 
6.3.2 Business 
6.3.3 Operation 
6.4 L99
6.4.1 Profile 
6.4.2 Business 
6.4.3 Operation 
6.5.1 Profile 
6.5.2 Business 
6.5.3 Operation 
6.6 Jiepang
6.6.1 Profile 
6.6.2 Business 
6.6.3 Operation 

7 Development Trend of LBSNS
7.1 Overseas Market 
7.2 Domestic Market 
LBS System Composition 
Applications of LBS Users in the USA 
Pop LBS Applications 
Topological Graph of China Mobile 3G Indoor Distribution 
Schematic Diagram of LBS Positioning 
Pop LBS Applications in Google Maps 
Random Network and Scale-free Network in Six Degrees of Separation 
SNS Concept Map
Pop SNS Applications 
Pop SNS Applications in Twitter
Pop LBSNS Applications 
Pop LBSNS Applications in Foursquare
Platform Support of Each LBSNS Application, Jul.2010
LBSNS Application Quantity of Each Platform, Jul.2010 
Flow Chart of LBSNS Application  
Incentive Mechanism of LBSNS Application 
Circulation Flowchart of LBSNS Advertising Service 
Relation Graph of LBSNS Extension 
Financing of Overseas LBSNS Enterprises  
Gross Financing Comparison among Overseas LBSNS Enterprises  
Friends Page and Check-in Page of Foursquare Mobile Phone Client 
Comments Page and Badge Page of Foursquare Mobile Phone Client
Third-party Application Classified Pages of Foursquare Website 
Visitor Flow Data Page of Foursquare 
Independent Site Visits of Foursquare Website, May 2009-May 2010 
Friends Page and Landmark Page of Gowalla Mobile Phone Client 
Check-in Page and Consumer Files Page of Gowalla Mobile Phone Client
Independent Site Visits of, May 2009-May 2010 
Merchant Information of Yelp Website 
Main Menu Page and Nearby Shops Page of Yelp Mobile Phone Client
Comments Page and Map Page of Yelp Mobile Phone Client
Independent Site Visits of, May 2009-May 2010 
Map Page and Main Menu Page of Loopt Mobile Phone Client
Message Page and Merchant Information Page of Loopt Mobile Phone Client 
Userinfo Page and Check-in Page of Loopt Star 
Nearby Shops Page of Loopt Pulse 
Nearby Users Page and Chat Room Page of Loopt Mix 
Independent Site Visits of, May 2009-May 2010
Friends Page and Chat Groups Page of Brightkite Mobile Phone Client 
Geographical Information of Real-time Shot Pictures Shown on Mobile Phone by Brightkite 
Independent Site Visits of, May 2009-May 2010 
User Check-in Information Displayed in Dynamic Map of Whrrl Website  
Userinfo Page and Social Networking Page of Whrrl Mobile Phone Client 
Activity Information Page and Recommended Activity Page of Whrrl Mobile Phone Client 
Independent Site Visits of, May 2009-May 2010 
User Homepage and Real Estate Page of Mytown Mobile Phone Client 
Virtual Articles Manufacturing Page and Barter Page of Mytown Mobile Phone Client
Virtual H&M Series Clothes in Games 
Independent Site Visits of, May 2009-May 2010 
Homepage of Bedo Web Version 
Community Page of Bedo Web Version 
Application of Bedo Flash Extended Code  
Check-in Interface and Radar Interface of Bedo Windows Mobile Client 
Teahouse Interface and Community Interface of Bedo Windows Mobile Client 
Information Interface of Bedo Windows Mobile Client 
Daily Independent Site Visits per Million Website Visitors of, Jan.2010-Jul.2010 
Message Interface and Nearby Interface of Play4f iPhone Client 
Private Chat Interface of Play4f iPhone Client
Daily Independent Site Visits per Million Website Visitors of, Jan.2010-Jul.2010 
Main Interface and Check-in Interface of Duolequ iPhone Client 
Friends Interface and Location Interface of Duolequ iPhone Client 
Daily Independent Site Visits per Million Website Visitors of, Jan.2010-Jul.2010 
Loading Interface and Main Interface of L99 iPhone Client 
Sharing Interface and Message Interface of L99 iPhone Client 
Daily Independent Site Visits per Million Website Visitors of, Jan.2010-Jul.2010 
Search Interface of iPhone Client 
Comments Interface and Coupon Interface of iPhone Client  
Daily Independent Site Visits per Million Website Visitors of, Jan.2010-Jul.2010 
Loading Interface and Badge Interface of Jiepang iPhone Client 
Check-in Interface of Jiepang iPhone Client 
Daily Independent Site Visits per Million Website Visitors of, Jan.2010-Jul.2010 

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