China Digital STB (Set-top Box) Industry Report, 2010
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China’s digital STB (set-top box) industry has ushered in a boom in market structure adjustment and further development since 2010. The convergence of radio & TV network, telecommunication network, and Internet  has entered the pilot stage, which has fueled the upgrading of client-side STB; furthermore, the ‘Extending Coverage to Every Village’ Project (a nationwide systematic project in China covering road, electricity, drinking water, telephone network, CATV network, Internet, etc. in rural areas) has enhanced the demand for STB in rural market.  

From the perspective of market segment, bidirectional STB, high definition STB and IPTV STB are the development orientation of STB; however, more than 52% of the 170 million CATV users in China have not yet been transformed into digital users, as a result, cable digital STB will continue to play a dominating role in the coming years.  

Up to the end of September 2010, Chinese cable digital TV users totaled 81.762 million, with a penetration rate of 45%; Chinese cable STB ownership reached 93.618 million; the total domestic shipment of cable STB increased by 4.331 million year on year to 21.438 million in the first three quarters of 2010, and will maintain stable growth in the future.  

Number of CATV Users in China, 2005-2010H1 (Unit: mln)
Source: ResearchInChina

Regarding the cable digital STB, the brands that each enjoy over 10% market share include Digital Video Networks (DVN), Skyworth, Jiuzhou Electronic, Changhong, and Coship Electronics. Yinhe Electronics and Unionman Technology also hold relatively large market shares.  

Regarding terrestrial STB, Shenzhen MTC, Mico Electric and E-TEK collectively take more than 50% of the domestic market.

Regarding satellite STB, the crack-down on illegal market by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) at the end of 2009 has further standardized the satellite STB market and provided those time-honored satellite STB enterprises with new development opportunities. Time-honored satellite STB manufacturers like Jiuzhou Electronic, Changhong, ShenZhou Electronic, and Hisense became the winners of the third public bidding of the “Extending Coverage to Every Village” project in August 2010.

And regarding IPTV STB, there are few professional manufacturers, because the Triple Play is still at the pilot stage. Currently, the market is mainly in the hands of such telecommunication enterprises as ZTE, UTStarcom and Hansun Technologies Inc.
1. Digital STB Technology and Development
1.1 Definition and Classification 
1.2 Key Technology 
1.2.1 Composition 
1.2.2 Technologies 
1.2.3 Technical Development Orientation 
1.3 Function 
1.3.1 Basic Function 
1.3.2 Development Trend 

2. Overview of Digital STB Industry 
2.1 Overview of Chinese Digital TV
2.1.1 Cable Digital TV
2.1.2 Terrestrial Digital TV
2.1.3 Satellite TV
2.1.4 IPTV
2.2 Industrial Chain 
2.2.1 Overview 
2.2.2 Profit Model 
2.3 Market 
2.3.1 Cable STB
2.3.2 Terrestrial STB
2.3.3 Satellite STB
2.3.4 IPTV STB
2.3.5 High Definition STB

3. Major Manufacturers 
3.1 Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd.
3.1.1 Profile 
3.1.2 Operation 
3.1.3 Development Strategy and Outlook 
3.2 Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
3.2.1 Profile 
3.2.2 Operation 
3.2.3 Development Outlook and Strategy 
3.3 Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd.
3.4 Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
3.5 Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.
3.5.1 Profile 
3.5.2 Products 
3.6 DVN Group
3.7 Unionman Technology Co., Ltd.
3.8 Hangzhou Motorola Technology Co., Ltd.
3.9 Tianjin Communication and Broadcasting Group Co., Ltd (TCB)
3.10 Guangdong Cosmic Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
3.11 Fujian Newland Communication Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
3.12 Fujian Shenzhou Electronic Co., Ltd.
3.13 Chongqing Konka
3.14 Shanghai DigiVision
3.15 TCL Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. (TCL AV Centre)
3.16 Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technology (HBMT)
3.17 Blossoms Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
3.18 Beijing Haier Information Technology Co., Ltd.
3.19 Panda Electronics Group Company Ltd.
3.20 Guangxi Daesang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (DSIT)
3.21 Shenzhen MTC Co., Ltd.
3.22 Mico Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
3.23 UTStarcom Co., Ltd.
3.24 ZTE Corporation
3.25 Hansun Technologies Inc.
3.26 Panasonic
3.27 Skyworth-Hightong
3.28 Chengdu Geeya Technology Co., Ltd.
3.29 Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
3.30 Fuzhou ZhuoYi Electronics Co., Ltd.
3.31 Dalian Daxian Network System Co. Ltd.
3.32 Shanghai DareGlobal Technologies Co., Ltd.
3.33 Fujian Tiancheng Electronics Sci&Tech Co., Ltd.
3.34 Beijing Tongfang Gigamega Technology Co., Ltd.
3.35 Chengdu Doyen Information Technology Co., Ltd.
3.36 Zhejiang BOXSAM Electronics Co., Ltd.

4. STB Chip and Solution Suppliers 
4.1 STB Chip Market 
4.1.1 Cable STB Chip
4.1.2 Terrestrial STB Chip 
4.1.3 Satellite STB Chip
4.2 STB Chip Manufacturers 
4.2.1 STMicroelectronics
4.2.2 Fujitsu
4.2.3 NEC Electronics
4.2.4 Zoran Corporation
4.2.5 Broadcom Corporation
4.2.6 NXP Semiconductors
4.2.7 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.
4.2.8 Ali Corporation
4.2.9 Novatek Microelectronics Corp., Ltd.
4.2.10 Haier (Beijing) IC Design Co., Ltd.
4.2.11 Shanghai High Definition Digital Technology Industrial Corporation (HDIC)
4.2.12 Availink Inc.
4.2.13 Hangzhou Nationalchip Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
4.2.14 HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.
4.2.15 Montage Technology

5. CA Manufacturers 
5.1 Overview of STB CA Market 
5.2 Key Domestic Manufacturers 
5.2.1 Novel-SuperTV Digital TV Technology Co., Ltd.
5.2.2 Beijing Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd.
5.2.3 Beijing Compunicate Technologies Inc.
5.2.4 Shanghai Sanzhou Xunchi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
5.2.5 Sichuan Kingvon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Key Middleware Suppliers 
6.1 NDS
6.2 Shenzhen iPanel Technologies Ltd.
6.3 Shenzhen Advanced Video Info-Tech Co., Ltd.
6.4 Irdeto

Software and Hardware Environment of Digital STB 
Functions of STB 
Cable Digital TV User Scale in China, 2005-2010H1  
Digitalization Degree of CATV in China by Region, 2010 
User Quantity and Proportion of Chinese IPTV Operators, 2009 
IPTV User Quantity in China, 2004-2010E 
Digital STB Industrial Chain 
Present and Future Profit Models of Digital STB
Global and China’s STB Shipment, 2003-2010E 
STB Ownership Structure in China by Type, 2007-2009 
China’s STB Shipment Percentage Structure by Type, 2007-2009
Market Share of Cable STB Brands in China by Shipment, 2009
Cable STB Shipment in China, Q1-Q3, 2008-2010
Market Share of Cable STB Brands in China by Ownership, 2010
Terestrial STB Shipment by Market, 2007-2009
Market Share of Terrestrial STB Brands by Ownership, 2010 
Bid Winners of SARFT ‘Extending Coverage to Every Village’ Phase I Project 
Bid Winners of SARFT ‘Extending Coverage to Every Village’ Phase II Project  
Chinese Cable STB Shipment: Unidirectional vs. Bidirectional, 2010 
Bidirectional Digital STB Shipment in China, 2009 vs. 2010 
Market Share of High Definition STB in China by Brand, 2009 
Market Share of High Definition STB in China by Brand, 2010 
Upstream & Downstream Partners of STB Products of Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd. 
Main Business Revenue, Net Income and Growth Rate of Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd., 2006-2010H1  
Main Business Structure of Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd. (by Product), 2006-2010H1
Main Business Gross Margin of Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd. (by Product), 2006-2010H1
STB Sales and Growth Rate of Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd., 2006-2008 
Products of Changhong Network 
Business Distribution of Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Operating Income and Net Income of Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., 2003-2008 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
STB Sales Volume and Revenue of DVN Group, 2005-2009 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Unionman Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Motorola STB Solutions 
Operating Data of TCB Group Electronic and Science Co., Ltd., 2008 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Guangdong Cosmic Digital Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Fujian Newland Communication Science & Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Fujian Shenzhou Electronic Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Konka STB Products and Characteristics  
STB Products of Shanghai DigiVision
Operating Income and Total Profit of TCL Technology Electronics Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Blossoms Digital Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Guangxi Daesang, 2007-2009   
Operating Income, STB Business Revenue and Growth Rate of Shenzhen MTC Co., Ltd., 2007-2010H1 
Consolidated Gross Margin and STB Business Gross Margin of Shenzhen MTC Co., Ltd., 2007-2010H1 
Operating Income and Net Income of UTStarcom
Broadband Network STB Products and Characteristics of ZTE Corporation 
Panasonic High Definition STB Product Specification 
Basic Data of Skyworth-Hightong
STB Specification of Skyworth-Hightong
Operating Income, Net Income and Growth of Chengdu Geeya Technology Co., Ltd., 2006-2010H1 
Operating Income of Chengdu Geeya Technology Co., Ltd. (by Product), 2010H1  
Operating Income and Total Profit of Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Fuzhou ZhuoYi Electronics Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Basic Data of Dalian Daxian Network System Co. Ltd. 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Shanghai DareGlobal Technologies Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Fujian Tiancheng Electronics Sci&Tech Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Beijing Tongfang Gigamega Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Operating Income of Doyen Information Technology Co., Ltd., 2008 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Zhejiang BOXSAM Electronics Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
Major Manufacturers of STB Chip in China
STB Chip (SoC) Products of STMicroelectronics 
STB Solutions of STMicroelectronics 
Clients of STMicroelectronics
STB Chip Products of Zoran 
Global Sales Proportion of NXP Semiconductors, 2009 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Haier (Beijing) IC Design Co., Ltd., 2007-2009 
Chip Products of HDIC  
Products of Hangzhou Nationalchip Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Operating Income and Total Profit of Hangzhou Nationalchip Science & Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 
STB Chips of HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. 
CA Card Circulation in China, 2008H2-2010H1 
Operating Income and Net Income of Novel-SuperTV Digital TV Technology Co., Ltd., 2006-2010H1 
Operating Income and Net Income of Beijing Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd., 2007-2009 
CA Smart Card Sales Volume of Beijing Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd., 2007-2009 
Operating Income and Total Profit of Sichuan Kingvon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., 2007-2009E 

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