Global and China Notebook PC Industry Report, 2010
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In 2009 when netbook was massively rolled out into the market, the sales volume of notebook computer worldwide witnessed rapid growth despite the weak economies, and it was stimulated by the global economic recovery in 2010, but geared down in respect that netbook was severely beaten by tablet computer.

As the stimulation effect of economic resurgence fades away and there is stronger impact from tablet computer in 2011, the sales volume of global notebook computer is predicted to experience a sharp decline in growth margin in 2011 against 2010. The shipment of iPad approximated 14.79 million in 2010, and it is estimated to reach 37.60 million in 2011, a substantial growth of 1.54 folds from the previous year.

The success of iPad lies in that its app store itune provide over 300 thousand kinds of application programs, and meanwhile, Apple develops such services as e-books and online videos & audios through the cooperation with newspapers and media so that iPad has triumphantly attracted the consumers.

In January 2011, nearly one hundred types of tablet computers were showcased on CES; however, the tablet computer that has market positioning distinguished from iPad can be the winners of the tablet market. As for other online shops like Android Market, it is still difficult to find one that can compete with Apple’s itune.

So, over 80% tablet computer market this year will still be dominated by Apple iPad. Promisingly, the shipment of non-iPad tablet computers in 2011 will reach around 7 million, accounting for roughly 16% of the total tablet PC shipment. The rise of tablet computers has significantly seized the market shares from netbook whose sales dramatically shrank from 32.80 million in 2009 to 26.20 million in 2010 and will fall further in the future.

Supply Relationship between Global Notebook Brand Vendors and OEMs and Shipment, 2010
(Unit: 10K)
Source: ResearchInChina

Over 95% notebook computers worldwide are made by Taiwanese OEMs. Quanta powerfully regained the No.1 position from Compal in 2010 since Acer, the largest client of Compal, performed poorly in quarter 4 with grave inventory. Wistron also failed to meet the shipment objective in 2010, because its parent company –Acer delivered more orders to Compal. With the focus on quality instead of quantity, Inventec invariably hovered at the low level and rejected the low-price orders of HP.

Hon Hai took on the explosive momentum due to the fact that it was willing to accept the ultra low price offered by HP and ASUS deliberately reduced the reliance on Pegatron. Flextronics head-hunted all around in order to make certain breakthroughs in notebook OEM, nevertheless, in view of the experience, Flextronics could only resort to low price, so HP naturally became its exclusive client. The separation between Pegatron and ASUS would bring the shrinking orders from ASUS.

Notebook computer OEM field is characterized by fierce competition and the gross margin of the OEMs is usually between 3%-5%. Consequently, the OEMs are trying hard to reduce the notebook OEM proportion so as to raise the gross margin; while EMS companies, especially Hon Hai and Flextronics, are doing their utmost to enhance the ratio of notebook OEM business which is the only field where they can achieve the substantial increase in their operating income. Moreover, EMS companies would like to accept despite the low gross margin merely for the sake of the experience in notebook OEM; while the traditional notebook OEMs dare to refuse the low price.  

HP is cleverest at profiting from the competition among notebook OEMs. Nowadays, none but Flextronics and Hon Hai care for the orders of HP, and Quanta only takes the high-end notebook computer orders of HP.  

It seems a tidal wave of westward march of the notebook computer industry is staged since HP moved its manufacturing plant to Chongqing. However, the shipment still relies on the delivery to such seaport cities as Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the slightly lower labor cost in the west than that in the east cannot make up the logistics cost caused by the longer-distance transportation. As a result, Yangtze River Delta remains the logistics base of 80% notebooks worldwide, and Chongqing is simply a standby for the moment.

As for the supply of notebook computer components, the majority of components except memory, CPU, panel, and HDD can be independently produced by Taiwan manufacturers with increasingly high self-sufficiency rate. 
1 Global Notebook PC Market  
1.1 Market Size and Brand Pattern  
1.2 Tablet Computer 

2 China Notebook PC Market 
2.1 Market Size 
2.2 Market Pattern 
2.3 Brand Attention  
2.4 Product Structure 
2.5 Market Price and Regional Distribution 

3 Overview of Notebook PC Industry 
3.1 Industry Chain 
3.2 Cost Analysis 

4 Notebook CPU Giants
4.1 Intel 
4.2 AMD

5 Netbook OEMs  
5.1 Status Quo 
5.2 Quanta
5.3 Compal
5.4 Wistron
5.5 Inventec
5.6 Pegatron
5.7 Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS)
5.8 Hon Hai
5.10 MSI

6 WLAN Wireless Module 
6.1 WLAN Industry 
6.2 Arcadyan Technology 
6.3 Cameo
6.4 Gemtek

7 Netbook Cell Manufacturers  
7.1 Simplo
7.2 DynaPack
7.3 Celxpert

8 Netbook Case and Structure Manufacturers 
8.1 Market Trend 
8.2 Industrial Pattern 
8.3 Supply Proportion between Suppliers and Brand Vendors  
8.4 JuTeng
8.5 Huan Hsin
8.6 Catcher
8.7 Waffer Technology Corp.
8.8 SM Precision
8.9 Zhanyun Electronics
8.10 Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. (GPM)
8.11 Dragontech Group 

9 Notebook PC Display  
9.1 Status Quo and Future 
9.2 Samsung 
9.3 LG Display 
9.4 AUO
9.5 ChiMei Innolux
9.6 Hannstar

10 Hard Disk Drive of Notebook PC 
10.1 Overview of HDD Industry
10.2 Industrial Pattern 
10.3 Dynamics
10.4 Seagate
10.5 Western Digital  

11 Thermal Module
11.1 Auras
11.2 CCI
11.3 AVC
11.4 Foxconn Precision

12 Optical Disk Drive (ODD) of Notebook PC 
12.1 Industry Overview 
12.2 Liteon
12.3 Quanta Storage Inc.
Global Notebook PC Shipment and Growth Margin, 2007-2013E 
Shipment of Global Major Notebook PC Manufacturers, 2010-2011E  
Shipment of Netbook, iPad, and Tablet Computer, 2008-2012E
Shipment of Chinese Notebook PC Market, 2003-2011E 
Chinese PC Shipment, 2005Q1-2009Q2
Shipment of Chinese Notebook PC Market, 2005Q1-2009Q2 
Market Share of Major Notebook PC Manufacturers in China by Shipment, 2009-2010 
Notebook PC Industry Chain 
Cost Structure of Top-grade Notebook PC, 2009 
Cost Structure of Low & Medium-grade Notebook PC, 2009 
Intel Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2010 
Intel Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2010 
Intel Revenue and Net Profit Margin, 2004-2010 
Intel Revenue by Region, 2006-2010Q4 
Intel Revenue by Product, 2006-2008 
Intel Revenue by Product, 2008-2010 
AMD Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2010 
AMD Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2010 
AMD Revenue and Net Profit Margin, 2004-2010
AMD Revenue by Division, 2006-2009 
AMD Operating Profit by Division, 2006-2010 
Market Share of Global Major Notebook PC OEMs, 2006 
Shipment of Global Major Notebook PC OEMs by Brand, 2007 
Market Share of Global Major Notebook PC OEMs, 2008 
Supply Relationship and Shipment Proportion between Global Notebook PC Brand Vendors and OEMs, 2010
Supply Relationship and Shipment Proportion between Global Notebook PC Brand Vendors and OEMs, 2011E 
Quanta Revenue and Gross Margin, 2001-2011E  
Quanta Revenue and Operating Profit, 2007Q1-2010Q4 
Quanta Notebook PC Shipment and Growth Margin, 2004-2011E 
Quanta Revenue Structure by Product, 2007-2010 
Quanta Client Structure by Shipment, 2007 vs. 2010 
Compal Revenue and Gross Margin, 1999-2010 
Compal Notebook PC Shipment and Growth Margin, 2007-2011E 
Compal Client Structure by Shipment, 2007 
Compal Client Structure by Shipment, 2010 
Wistron Revenue and Gross Margin, 2003-2010 
Wistron Notebook PC Shipment and Growth Margin, 2004-2011E
Wistron Revenue Structure by Product, 2005-2010 
Client Structure and Proportion of Wistron by Shipment
Inventec Revenue and Gross Margin, 2001-2010 
Quarterly Revenue Structure of Inventec by Product, 2007-2010
Inventec Notebook PC Shipment, 1999-2009 
Pegatron Revenue and Operating Margin, 2008-2011E  
Pegatron Revenue by Division, 2008-2010 
Pegatron Revenue by Product, 2010 
Pegatron Revenue by Region, 2008-2010 
ECS Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2010 
Hon Hai Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2011E 
Hon Hai Revenue by Product, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
CLEVO Revenue and Gross Profit, 2004-2010 
MSI Revenue and Gross Margin, 2005-2011E  
MSI Revenue by Product, 2009-2010 
Market Share of WLAN Network Card Manufacturers, 2009 
Market Share of WLAN Wireless Router Manufacturers, 2009 
Shipment of Global Major WLAN Chip Vendors, 2009 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Arcadyan Technology, 2003-2010 
Arcadyan Technology Revenue by Product, 2007-2008 
Revenue by Application and Shipment of Arcadyan Technology, 2008-2010H1 
Cameo Revenue and Operating Margin, 2002-2010 
Cameo Revenue by Product, 2006Q1-2009Q2 
Cameo Revenue by Region, 2006Q1-2009Q2 
Gemtek Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2010 
Gemtek Revenue Structure by Product, 2009Q2-2010Q3
Simplo Revenue and Gross Margin, 2000-2010 
Shipment and Global Market Share of Simplo Notebook PC Cells, 1999-2011E   
Shipment and Average Price of Simplo Notebook PC Cells, 2001-2009 
DynaPack Revenue and Gross Margin, 2002-2010 
Celxpert Revenue and Gross Margin, 2006-2010 
Market Size of Notebook PC Case and Structure, 2005-2012E 
Market Share of Global Notebook PC Case and Structure Manufacturers, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of HP, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of ACER, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of DELL, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of TOSHIBA, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of ASUS, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of LENOVO, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of APPLE, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of SONY, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of FUJITSU, 2010 
Supply Proportion of Notebook PC Case and Structure Suppliers of SAMSUNG, 2010 
JuTeng Revenue and EBIT, 2004-2010 
JuTeng Revenue and Operating Profit, 2004-2010 
JuTeng Revenue and Gross Profit, 2004-2010 
Sales Structure of JuTeng by Client, 2010 
Sales Structure of JuTeng by Client, FY2007 
Huan Hsin Revenue and EBT, 2003-2010 
Huan Hsin Revenue Structure by Product, 2009-2010Q3 
Catcher Revenue and Operating Margin, 2001-2010 
Product Distribution of Catcher, 2008-2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Waffer Technology Corp., 2000-2010 
Notebook PC by Size, 2009-2011E 
Monthly Shipment and Growth Margin of Notebook PC, Dec.2009-Dec.2010 
Market Share of Traditional Notebook PC Panel Manufacturers, 2010 
Market Share of Tablet Computer/Netbook Panel Manufacturers, 2010 
Samsung Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2012E 
Samsung Revenue by Product, 2009-2011E 
Revenue and Gross Margin of LG Display, 2002-2009 
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG Display, 2002-2009 
Shipment and Average Price of LG Display, 2009Q4-2010Q4 
Product Distribution of LG Display by Application, 2009Q4-2010Q4 
Production Line Capacity of LG Display, 2009Q4-2010Q4 
Production Lines of LG Display 
AUO Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2011E 
Revenue and Average Price of AUO Small & Medium-sized Panels, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
AUO Revenue by Application, 2009Q1-2010Q3 
Production Line Capacity of AUO, 2010Q3 
ChiMei Innolux Revenue, Gross Margin, and EBITDA, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
ChiMei Innolux Revenue by Application, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
ChiMei Innolux Revenue by Size, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of ChiMei Innolux Small & Medium-sized Panels, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
Production Line Capacity of ChiMei Innolux, 2010Q2 
Hannstar Revenue and Operating Margin, 2003-2010 
Hannstar Product Distribution by Application, 2009 
Hannstar Shipment by Size, Jan.-Dec., 2009 
Hannstar Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009Q1-2010Q4 
Main Customers of Hannstar
Global HDD Shipment, 1998-2008 
Global HDD Shipment, 2009-2014E
HDD Distribution by Size, 2009-2014E
Global HDD Shipment by Region, 2010 
Market Share of Global Major HDD Manufacturers by Shipment, 2007Q1-2010Q2 
Market Share of Global Major HDD Manufacturers by Shipment, Q1-Q3, 2010 
Notebook PC HDD by Capacity, 2009-2010 
Notebook PC HDD by Rotation Speed, 2008-2010 
Seagate Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2011 
Seagate Revenue Structure by Channel, FY2008Q2-FY2010Q1 
Seagate Revenue Structure by Region, FY2008Q2-FY2010Q1 
Downstream Distribution of Seagate Shipment, FY2008Q2-FY2010Q1 
Seagate Revenue and Shipment, FY2008Q2-FY2010Q1 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Western Digital, FY2003-FY2011 
HDD Shipment and Global Market Share of Western Digital, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Western Digital Revenue and Average Sales Price of HDD, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Western Digital, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Revenue and Operating Profit of Western Digital, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Western Digital Revenue Structure by Channel, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Western Digital Revenue Structure by Region, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Downstream Distribution of HDD Shipment of  Western Digital, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2 
Auras Revenue and Gross Margin, 2001-2010 
CCI Revenue and Gross Margin, 2003-2010 
AVC Revenue and Gross Margin, 2002-2010 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Foxconn Precision, 2004-2010 
ODD Shipment, 2008-2013E 
Market Share of Global Major ODD Manufacturers, 2010 
Liteon Revenue and Operating Margin, 2003-2010 
Liteon Revenue Structure by Product, 2009-2011E 
ODD Shipment of Liteon and Quanta Storage Inc., 2009Q1-2011Q4 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Quanta Storage Inc., 2002-2010 
Revenue of Quanta Storage Inc. by Product, 2008-2011E
Operating Margin of Liteon and Quanta Storage Inc., 2009Q1-2011Q4 

Manufacturers in Notebook PC Industry Chain 
Typical CPU Price List of Intel Notebook PC, 2010 
Revenue of Global Major Notebook PC OEMS, 2009-2010
Ranking of Global Major Notebook PC OEMs by Gross Margin, 2009 vs. 2010 
Quarterly Shipment of Global Notebook PC Manufacturers, 2010 
Quarterly Revenue Structure of Inventec by Product, 2007-2010 
CLEVO Notebook PC Capacity, Output, Sales Volume, and Output Value, 2007-2010 
Revenue Structure of Arcadyan Technology by Region, 2007-2009 
Major Suppliers of Cameo 
Capacity, Output, Capacity Utilization, Output Value, and Average Price of Cameo Wire Communication Products, 2005-2009 
Capacity, Output, Capacity Utilization, Output Value, and Average Price of Cameo Wireless Communication Products, 2005-2009 
Selected Financial Data of Zhanyun (Shanghai) Electronics Co., Ltd., 2008 
Notebook PC Panel Price, Jan.2009-Jan.2011 
Revenue, Operating Margin, Shipment, and Average Sales Price of LCD Sector, Q1-Q4, 2010  
Supply Enterprises of CMO in Ningbo Export Processing Zone
Employees of Western Digital and Proportion of its Top 10 Clients, FY2009Q1-FY2011Q2

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