Global and China Mobile Phone and Tablet PC Processor Industry Report, 2010-2011
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Mobile phone processor mainly covers baseband processor and application processor, while tablet PC processor mostly refers to GPU. The mobile phone processors are undergoing great changes and the original pattern will witness sharp fluctuations.  

TI ranked the first in mobile phone baseband industry for consecutive years in 2G era by virtue of the cooperation with Nokia. However, the great success in 2G era has resulted in the comparatively late startup of TI in 3G era and TI has been surpassed by Qualcomm. TI holds the view that it is the analog and DSP instead of mobile phone baseband that compose the core businesses. Mobile phone baseband sector features huge and continuous investment, usually several hundred millions of US dollars per annum; the life cycle of analog device could be more than 30 years, and the input-output ratio is far higher than that of mobile phone baseband sector. As early as 2009, TI announced to end the mobile phone baseband business in 2012.

Nokia, the sole mobile phone manufacturer participating in mobile phone baseband design, has found the new partner-Renesas. In July 2010, Nokia transferred its baseband design team to Renesas for US$200 million, which indicated that a majority of Nokia basebands in 4G era would be supplied by Renesas.

Renesas boasts excellent RF technology and multimedia processing technology. In February 2011, Renesas launched SP2531, the 4G triple-mode baseband processor, and the application processor based MP5225. As a matter of fact, MP5225 is the combination of SP2531 and SH-Mobile APE5R. Renesas has claimed to be the global No.1 vendor in mobile phone baseband in 2015, which might come true if Nokia remains in the first position worldwide in 2015.

In August 2010, Intel purchased the Wireless Division of Infineon for US$1.4 billion so as to obtain the 4G baseband and RF technology; together with the GPU centering on ATOM, Intel can make the core processors of smart phones and hence compete with Qualcomm. Engaged in GPU sector for years, Intel enjoys outstanding experience and technologies and it is the biggest shareholder of Imagination Technologies.

The GPU IP core of Imagination Technologies is PowerVR series which are employed in any generation iPhones and iPads. Moreover, the OMAPs after 3 series of TI, APE5R of Renesas, and NGP of Sony all use PowerVR as GPU IP core.

On May 9, 2011, NVIDIA declared to acquire Icera, the developer of baseband chips, for US$367 million. In the future, NVIDIA will share the similar development strategy with Intel to integrate the baseband chips in Tegra processor, enhance the competitiveness in smart phone market, and help the mobile phone/tablet PC manufacturers to reduce R&D difficulties and manufacturing cost.  

Broadcom will be the dark horse in 2011. The mainstream high-end mobile models like E7, X7, C6, C7, and N8 of Nokia released at the end of 2010 have adopted Broadcom’s BCM2727 as GPU, yet no one had showed interest in the application processors of Broadcom before. Nokia has abandoned the OMAP series application processors of TI simply in that OMAP is priced approximately US$16-24, almost a double of that of BCM2727.

Besides the application processor, the baseband of Broadcom has won the good graces of Nokia and Samsung. Nokia’s X2-01/02/03, C3-00, 2710C, and 7020 have applied BCM21251, and Samsung’s GT-S series models have adopted Broadcom baseband. The revenue from mobile phone sector of Broadcom in 2011 will be several folds of that in 2010. Broadcom is the only company that wins the lawsuit against Qualcomm, the adoption of its products therefore means the minimum patent controversy.

OMAP of TI is positioned as top-grade product with very high price. Nevertheless, merely Motorola vigorously supports the OMAP series, Apple and Samsung possess their own application processors and they do not use OMAP, while LG adopts small quantities of OMAP and it prefers TEGRA of NVIDIA.

MTK, Spreadtrum, and MStar keep involved in the fierce competition of 2G market which is shrinking. The sales volume of mobile phones in the emerging markets of India, North Africa, the Middle East, and South America is inferior to that in 2010, and Shenzhen takes severe measures against illegal mobile phones.  

As for tablet PC field, thanks to the incomparable brand charisma and supply chain integration capability, the dominating Apple has put its rivals in constant complaints.

Revenue of Major Application Processor Manufacturers Worldwide, 2010-2011
Source: ResearchInChina
Remark: excluding Apple whose application processors are not for sale

1 Global Mobile Phone Market 
1.1 Market Size  
1.2 Market Share of Mobile Phone Manufacturers 
1.3 Smartphone Market and Industry
1.4 Chinese Mobile Phone Industry

2 Global and China Tablet PC Market
2.1 Global Tablet PC Market Size
2.2 Chinese Tablet PC Market
2.2.1 Price  
2.2.2 OS and Hardware 

3 Status Quo and Future of Mobile Phone and Tablet PC Processor
3.1 Development Orientation of ARM Core
3.2 4G Baseband Core
3.3 Application Processor Core
3.4 Mobile Phone GPU  
3.4.1 Arm Mali
3.4.2 Imagination PowerVR
3.4.3 Qualcomm Adreno
3.5 Mobile Phone Processor Comparison, 2011 vs. 2012 
3.6 Market Share of Mobile Phone Processor Manufacturers 
3.7 Status Quo of Tablet PC Processor 

4 Mobile Phone Manufacturers
4.1 Nokia
4.2 Motorola
4.3 Samsung
4.4 Sony Ericsson
4.5 LG
4.6 RIM
4.7 Apple
4.8 HTC
4.9 ZTE
4.10 Huawei
4.11 Tianyu

5 Manufacturers of Mobile Phone Processor
5.1 MTK
5.1.1 ADI Product Line  
5.2 TI
5.3 Marvell
5.4 Qualcomm
5.5 Renesas
5.7 Broadcom
5.8 ST-Ericsson
5.9 Freescale
5.10 Spreadtrum
5.11 Infineon
5.12 Samsung
5.13 Telechips
5.14 Rockchips
5.15 MStar

Shipment of Mobile Phone Worldwide, 2007-2014E
Quarterly Shipment and Annual Growth Margin of Mobile Phone Worldwide, 2008Q1-2011Q1
CDMA/WCDMA Mobile Phone Shipment Worldwide, 2007-2011
Shipment of Mobile Phone Worldwide by Band, 2009-2010
Operating Margin of Top Five Mobile Phone Manufacturers Worldwide, 2009Q1-2010Q4
Market Share of Major Smartphone Manufacturers Worldwide, 2011Q1
Market Share of Smartphone Operating Systems Worldwide, 2009-2012E
Smartphone Shipment of Major Mobile Phone Manufacturers Worldwide, 2010-2011
Export Volume and Growth Margin of China Mobile Phones, 2000-2010
Export Value and Growth Margin of China Mobile Phones, 2002-2010
Export Volume and ASP of China Mobile Phones, 2002-2010
Mobile Phone Output in China by Region, 2010
Shipment of NETBOOK, iPad and Tablet PC, 2008-2012E
Shipment of Tablet PC Worldwide by Brand, 2011-2012E
Typical Top-grade Mobile Phone Cores
ARM Core Roadmap
4G Baseband Processing Performance Requirement
Illustrative Baseband Architecture
Cortex-A9 Block Diagram
Cortex-A5 Block Diagram
Cortex-A15 Block Diagram
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Baseband Manufacturers (by Shipment), 2010
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Baseband Manufacturers (by Revenue), 2010
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Baseband (2G) Manufacturers (by Shipment), 2010
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Baseband (3G) Manufacturers (by Shipment), 2010
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Baseband Manufacturers (by Shipment), 2011
Revenue of Major Application Processor Manufacturers Worldwide, 2010-2011
Market Share of Tablet PC Processor Manufacturers, 2011
Supply Relationship of Tablet PC Processors, 2011
Sales Volume and Operating Margin of NOKIA Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Sales Volume of NOKIA Ordinary Mobile Phone and Smartphone, 2009Q3-2011Q1
Sales of NOKIA Ordinary Mobile Phone and Smartphone, 2009Q3-2010Q4
Shipment of NOKIA Mobile Phone by Region, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Revenue of NOKIA Mobile Phone by Region, 2009Q1-2011Q1
Shipment and Average Price of NOKIA Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Output of NOKIA Mobile Phone by Region, 2010
Supply Ratio of NOKIA Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Sales and Operating Margin of MOTOROLA Mobile Phone Business, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment and Operating Margin of MOTOROLA Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment and Average Price of MOTOROLA Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment of MOTOROLA Mobile Phone by Region, 2010
Revenue of MOTOROLA Mobile Phone Business by Region, 2010Q4-2011Q1
Supply Ratio of MOTOROLA Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Shipment and Annual Growth Margin of SAMSUNG Mobile Phone, 2001-2010
Shipment and Operating Margin of SAMSUNG Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
ASP and Shipment of SAMSUNG Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Output of SAMSUNG Mobile Phone by Region, 2010
Supply Ratio of SAMSUNG Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Shipment and Average Price of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Sales and Operating Margin of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Business, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment and Gross Margin of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, 2009Q3-2011Q1
Supply Ratio of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Output of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone by Plant, 2010
Shipment and Annual Growth Margin of LG Mobile Phone, 2002-2010
Sales and Operating Margin of LG Mobile Phone Business, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment and Operating Margin of LG Mobile Phone, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment of LG Mobile Phone by Region, 2010Q4-2011Q1
Supply Ratio of LG Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Output of LG Mobile Phone by Region, 2010
Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin of RIM, FY2004-FY2011Q3
Revenue of RIM by Sector, FY2005-FY2011Q3
Shipment of RIM Mobile Phone, FY2005-FY2011
Shipment of RIM Mobile Phone, FY2009Q4-FY2011Q3
RIM Revenue by Region, FY2010
OEM Ratio of RIM’s OEM Factories, 2010
Revenue and Net Profit Margin of APPLE, FY2004-FY2010
Revenue of APPLE by Region, FY2004-FY2010
Revenue of APPLE by Product, FY2004-FY2010
Revenue and Gross Margin of HTC, 2003-2011
Shipment and Average Price of HTC, 2004-2011
Shipment and ASP of HTC, 2008Q1-2010Q4
Revenue and Net Profit Margin of HTC, 2008Q1-2010Q4
Revenue of HTC by Region, 2006-2010
Shipment and ASP of ZTE, 2006-2010
Revenue and Gross Margin of ZTE, 2006-2010
Supply Ratio of ZTE Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Shipment and Growth Margin of HUAWEI Mobile Phone, 2006-2011
Supply Ratio of HUAWEI Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Supply Ratio of K-TOUCH Mobile Phone Baseband Suppliers, 2010
Revenue and Gross Margin of MTK, 2001-2011
Shipment of MTK Mobile Phone Sets Piece, 2006-2011
Revenue of MTK by Product, 2006-2010
Product Roadmap of MTK
Internal Frame-chart of MT6253
TD-SCDMA Roadmap of ADI
System Frame-chart of ADI TD-SCDMA
Internal Frame-chart of AD6905
Revenue of TI by Product, 2007-2010
Operating Profit of TI by Product, 2007-2010
Revenue of TI by Region, 2008-2010
Revenue of TI Wireless Sector by Product, 2008Q1-2010
Products with OMAP3610/20/30 and OMAP4430
Block Diagram of OMAP44X
Typical Applications of OMAP44X
Block Diagram of OMAP5430
Revenue and Operating Margin of MARVELL, FY2003-FY2011
Marvell ARMAD Series Products
Block Diagram of PXA168
Block Diagram of PXA910/920
Revenue and Gross Margin of Qualcomm, FY2000-FY2010
Revenue of Qualcomm by Region, FY2006-FY2010
Revenue and EBT Margin of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Shipment of Qualcomm MSM Chip Sets, 2007Q1-2011Q1
Shipment and Market Share of Qualcomm Chips, 2002-2010
Clients of Qualcomm, 2010
Roadmap of Qualcomm MSM Series Chips
Roadmap of Qualcomm MDM Series Chips
Roadmap of Qualcomm QSC Series Chips
Internal Structure of MSM7200A
Revenue of Renesas’s Three Divisions, FY2010-FY2011
Renesas Mobile Roadmap 
Block diagram of Renesas HI-END Mobile Phone
Roadmap of Renesas SH-MOBILE
Roadmap of EMMA Application Processors
Block Diagram of EMMA EV2
Block Diagram of Renesas G4
Block Diagram of Renesas AG5
Revenue and Operating Margin of NVIDIA, FY2005-FY2011
Revenue of NVIDIA by Region, FY2008-FY2011
Revenue of NVIDIA by Division, FY2008-FY2011
Roadmap of TEGRA
Products with TEGRA
Revenue of Broadcom by Division, 2007-2011Q1
Mobile Phones with Broadcom Baseband, 2010-2011
Block Diagram of BCM2727
Revenue and Operating Margin of ST-ERICSSON, 2008Q1-2011Q1
Revenue and Operating Margin of Freescale, 2003-2010
Revenue of Freescale by Division, 2006-2010
Revenue of Freescale Mobile Phone Business, 2007Q1-2011Q1
Tablet PC/E-reader with IMX51
Mobile Phone and PMP with IMX51
Block Diagram of IMX53
Revenue and Operating Margin of Spreadtrum, 2004-2010
Revenue and Gross Margin of Spreadtrum, 2008Q1-2010Q3
Plan of Spreadtrum EDGE Baseband Products
Roadmap of Spreadtrum 3G Baseband 
SC6600V CMMB Mobile TV Solution of Spreadtrum
Roadmap of Spreadtrum Multimedia Solutions for Mobile TV
Products of Spreadtrum
Typical Applications of SC8800S
Block Diagram of QS3000
Revenue and Operating Margin of Infineon (Intel)’s Wireless Business, FY2008Q1-FY2011Q1
Roadmap of Infineon Mobile Phone 
Technology of Samsung Application Processors
Roadmap of Samsung Application Processors
Block Diagram of S5PV310 (EXYNOS4210)
Global Presence of Telechips
Revenue and Product Distribution of Telechips, 2001-2007
Revenue and Operating Margin of Telechips, 2005-2011
Revenue from Auto Audio Sector of Telechips, 2005-2014E
Roadmap of Telechips Products 
Revenue and Operating Margin of MStar, 2007-2011
Revenue of MStar by Product, 2010Q1-Q3
Revenue of MStar by Client, 2010
Global Mobile Phone Shipment by Brand, 2010Q1-2011Q1
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Brands Worldwide by Revenue, 2009Q1-2010Q3
Global Smartphone Shipment by Operating System, 2010Q3
Data Standards of 3G/3.5G/3.9G/4G
ARM Cortex-A5 Performance
Comparison among 23 Mobile Phone Processors
Status Quo of Tablet PC Processor in China
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 48 Nokia Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 35 Motorola Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 76 Samsung Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Mobile Phone Platforms of Sony Ericsson 
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 47 LG Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Baseband Types of 20 RIM Mobile Phones
Sales Volume of iPod/iPad/iPhone, FY2004-FY2011
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 70 ZTE Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 71 Huawei Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Baseband Types and Suppliers of 72 Tianyu Mobile Phones, 2010-2011
Key features of OMAP4430 & 4460 
Profile of Qualcomm’s 7 Branches
Financial Data of Main Subsidiaries of Qualcomm
Characteristics Comparison among QSD8250\QSD8650 MSM8255\MSM8655\MSM8260\MSM8660\QSD8272\QSD8672
Key Features of Renesas AP4 
Key Features of EMMA EV2 
Acquisitions of Broadcom 
Broadcom Mobile Phones
Parameters of IMX5XX Series 
Shipment of Spreadtrum Mobile Phone Baseband Chips, 2005-2010
Infineon’s Baseband Products
Mobile Application Processors of Samsung 
Mobile Phones with S5PC110
Mobile Phones with S5PV310

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