Africa Telecom Market Report, 2010-2011
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Africa is poor and underdeveloped. Among the 48 least developed countries published by the United Nations in 2011, 33 are located in Africa, where the telecom investment accounts for only 2% of the total in the world, with extremely low telecom penetration.  

According to African Development Bank, the economic growth rate in Africa was 4.5% in 2010 and is expected to reach 5.1% in 2011. In the telecom field, the late start with low positioning indicates large potential of African telecom market. Mobile signals only cover 60% of Africa South of the Sahara, the African population exceeds 1 billion, and the mobile communications penetration rate is about 41.4%. Compared with other regions, African telecom market has broad prospects.

Due to the geographical climate and political pattern of Africa, the fixed-line business is far less developed than the mobile business in Africa. In 2010, the mobile subscribers in Africa increased by 12.9% to 333 million; while the internet subscribers approximated 77 million.

Telecom Subscribers of Some African Countries, 2010 (Unit: mln)

Algeria has witnessed stable development in its fixed-line market, but some slide has emerged in recent two years while the mobile market has showed favorable development, by 2010, the mobile subscribers have exceeded 30 million, with a penetration rate of about 90%.

Since 2007, Morocco has experienced a rapid rising in its mobile market, with the penetration rate surpassing 100% by 2010. Meanwhile, the internet subscribers there have also presented quick growth, especially the mobile Internet subscribers. Followed the commercial use of 3G networks in 2007, the 3G subscribers surged to 1.37 million by the end of 2010, representing 73.2% of the total Internet subscribers.  

Concerning economic strength, Kenya has a large gap with the rich North African countries, and its telecom market’s construction also depends on the investment from foreign enterprises, such as France Telecom, Bharti Airtel and Chinese ZTE Corporation, all of them have participated in Kenya’s construction of telecom network infrastructure involving fiber-optic broadband and 3G network, etc. With the fixed-line market shrinking year by year, Kenya’s mobile market witnessed stable climbing, with nearly 25 million mobile subscribers and a penetration rate over 60% by 2010.
1.Overview of Africa Telecom Market
1.1 Africa Geography
1.2 Industry Scale and Growth
1.2.1 Fixed-line Market
1.2.2 Mobile Communication Market
1.2.3 Internet Market

2.1 Status Quo and Trend of Telecom Market
2.2 Development of Key Operators
2.2.1 Orascom Telecom Algeria (Djezzy)
2.2.2 Algeria Telecom
2.2.3 Wataniya Telecom Algérie

3.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
3.2 Development of Key Operators
3.2.1 Telecom Eygpt
3.2.2 ECMS(Mobinil)

4.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
4.2 Development of Key Operators
4.2.1 Maroc Telecom
4.2.2 Meditel(Méditelecom)
4.3.3 Wana

5.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
5.2 Development of Key Operators

6.1 Status Quo of Telecom Industry
6.2 Development of Key Operators
6.2.1 Tunisie Telecom

7.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
7.2 Development of Key Operators
7.2.1 CAMTEL
7.3.2 MTN Cameroon
7.3.3 Orange Cameroon

8.Congo, Dem. Rep
8.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
8.2 Development of Key Operators
8.2.1 Zain Congo
8.2.2 Vodacom Congo

9.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
9.2 Development of Key Operators
9.2.1 UTL
9.2.2 MTN Uganda
9.2.3 Zain Uganda

10.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market 
10.2 Development of Key Operators

11.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
11.1.1 Fixed-line Communication
11.1.2 Mobile Communication
11.1.3 Internet
11.2 Development of Key Operators
11.2.1 MTN Nigeria
11.2.2 VMobile 
11.2.3 NITEL
11.2.4 Globacom

12.1 Status Quo of Telecom Industry
12.1.1 Latest Developments of Communication Business
12.1.2 Fixed-line Communication
12.1.3 Mobile Communication
12.1.4 Internet
12.2 Development of Key Operators
12.2.1 Telkom Kenya
12.2.2 Safaricom
12.3.3 Celtel Kenya

13.1 Status Quo of Telecom Industry
13.2 Development of Key Operators
13.2.1 Ghana Telecom
13.2.2 MTN Ghana
13.2.3 Celtel Ghana

14.South Africa
14.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
14.1.1 Fixed-line Communication
14.1.2 Mobile Communication
14.1.3 Internet
14.2 Development of Key Operators
14.2.1 Telkom
14.2.2 MTN South Africa
14.2.3 Vodacom
14.2.4 Cell-C

15.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market 
15.2 Development of Key Operators
15.2.1 Zamtel
15.2.2 Telecel Zambia 
15.2.3 Celtel Zambia

16.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
16.2 Development of Key Operators
16.2.1 Telma
16.2.2 Orange Madagascar
16.2.3 Celtel Madagascar 

17.1 Status Quo of Telecom Market
17.2 Development of Key Operators
17.2.1 TTCL
17.2.2 Vodacom Tanzania Ltd
17.2.3 ZAIN Tanzania 

18.Trends of Africa Telecom Market
18.1 Characteristics
18.1.1 Overall Backwardness
18.1.2 Extremely Unbalanced Development by Region
18.1.3 Rapid Development
18.1.4 Mobile Communication Over Fixed-line Service
18.1.5 Mainstream Status of GSM
18.1.6 Huge Market Potential
18.1.7 Intense Competition
18.1.8 Reform in Telecom Industry
18.2 Suggestions for Entry into Africa Telecom Market
18.3 Investment Opportunities in Africa Telecom Market
18.4 Development Trend of Africa Telecom Market
Population Distribution in Africa
Fixed-line Subscribers and Penetration in Africa,2005-2010
Mobile Phone Subscribers and Penetration in Africa,2005-2010
Prices of Mobilephone Business in Different Continents
Distribution of Internet Subscribers in Africa,2010
Internet Subscribers and Penetration in Africa,2005-2010
Fixed-line and Mobile Broadband Subscribers in Africa,2006-2010
Overview of Algeria
Status Quo & Trend of Algeria Telecom Market,2007-2012  
Overview of Mobile Operators in Algeria 
Fixed-line Subscribers of Algeria,2001-2009
Mobile Subscribers of Algeria,2007-2010
Internet Subscribers and Penetration of Algeria,2005-2010
Subscribers of Orascom Telecom Algeria(Djezzy),2006-2010
ARPU of Orascom Telecom Algeria(Djezzy),2006-2009
Revenue of Orascom Telecom Algeria(Djezzy),2007-2009
Operating Income and Net Income of Orascom Telecom,2006-2010
Subscribers of Algeria Telecom Mobilis,2007-2010
Market Share of Algeria Telecom Mobilis,2007-2010
Mobile Subscribers of Wataniya Telecom Algérie,2007-2010 
Mobile Market Share of Wataniya Telecom Algérie,2007-2010
Overview of Egypt
Telecom Service Licenses in Egypt 
Telecom Business Licenses in Egypt
Telecom Service Providers in Egypt
Fixed-line Subscribers and Penetration of Egypt,2007-2010
Mobile Subscribers and Penetration of Egypt,2007-2010
Mobile Market Share of Egypt in June 2010
Internet Subscribers of Egypt,2007-2010
Holding Companies of Telecom Egypt
Business Structure of Telecom Egypt
Revenue and Net Income of Telecom Eygpt,2008-2010
Revenue of Telecom Eygpt by Operations in 2010
Revenue of Telecom Eygpt by Market,2008-2010
Subscribers and Penetration of Telecom Egypt,2003-2010
Revenue of Internet and Data Service of Telecom Egypt,2003-2010
ADSL Subscribers and Market Share of Telecom Egypt,2004-2010
Operating Income of Telecom Egypt Group,2003-2010
Mobile Market Share of Mobinil,2007-2010
Mobile Subscribers of Mobinil,2006-2010
ARPU of Mobile Subscribers of Mobinil,2007-2010
Revenue of Mobinil,2007-2010
Overview of Morocco
Fixed-line Market Share of Morocco in the End of 2010
Mobile Subscribers of Morocco,2000-2010
Mobile Market Share of Morocco in 2010
Internet Subscribers of Morocco,2005-2010
Internet Market Share of Morocco in 2010
Fixed-line and Mobile Broadband Subscribers of Morocco,2002-2009
Operating Income of Maroc Telecom,2007-2010
Mobile Subscribers of Maroc Telecom,2007-2010
Fixed-line Subscribers of Maroc Telecom,2007-2010
Internet Subscribers of Maroc Telecom,2007-2010
Overview of Libya
Telecom Subscribers of Libya at the End of June 2008
Overview of Tunisia
Fixed-line Subscribers of Tunisia,2001-2009
Mobile Subscribers of Tunisia,2001-2010
Mobile Market Share of Tunisia in May 2010
Mobile Operators of Tunisia 
Internet Subscribers of Tunisia,2001-2010
Mobile Subscribers of TUNISIANA,2006-2010
ARPU of Mobile Subscribers of TUNISIANA,2006-2009
Revenue of TUNISIANA,2005-2009
Overview of Cameroon
Telecom Operators of Cameroon
Mobile Operators of Cameroon 
Mobile Subscribers of Cameroon,2001-2009
Fixed-line Subscribers of Cameroon,2001-2009
Fixed-line and Mobile Broadband Subscribers of Cameroon,2005-2009
Mobile Subscribers of MTN Cameroon,2002-2010
Subscribers and Market Share of Orange Cameroon,2007-2009
Overview of Congo Dem
Mobile Operators of Congo Dem 
Fixed-line Subscribers of Congo Dem,2001-2009
Mobile Subscribers of Congo Dem,2001-2009
Market Performance of Vodacom Congo,H1 2010
Overview of Uganda
Mobile Operators of Uganda 
Fixed-line Subscribers of Uganda,2005-2010
Mobile Subscribers of Uganda,2005-2010
Internet Subscribers of Uganda,2006-Jun 2010
Mobile Subscribers of MTN Uganda,2005-2009
Overview of Ethiopia
Structure of ETA
Mobile Subscribers of Ethiopia,2007-2011
Milestone of ETC
Structure of ETC
Overview of Nigeria
Telecom Subscribers of Nigeria,2007-2010
Subscribers of Nigeria Operators,Q1 2010-Q4 2010
Statistics of Nigeria Telecom Operators
Fixed Phone Coverage in Nigeria,2010
Fixed-line Operators of Nigeria
Fixed-line Subscribers of Nigeria,2007-Apr 2011(Including FWA)
GSM Mobile Operators in Nigeria
GSM Operators Statistics in Nigeria,Mar 2009
CDMA Operators Statistics in Nigeria,Mar 2009
Mobile Subscribers of Nigeria,2007-Apr 2011
Internet Subscribers of Nigeria,2000-2009
GSM Market Share of Nigeria Mobile Operators at the End of Dec.2010
Mobile Subscribers and Market Share of MTN Nigeria,2006-2010
ARPU of MTN Nigeria,2006-2010
Key Operating Data of Vmobile,2008-2009
Mobile Subscribers and Market Share of Glabacom,2010
Overview of Kenya
Subscribers of Different Fixed Phone Services in Kenya,2009-2010
Fixed (Wired) Telephone Subscribers of Kenya,2002-2010
Penetration of Fixed (Wired) Telephone in Kenya,2002-2010
Fixed Phone Access by Type in Kenya,2009-2010
Fixed-line Subscribers Distribution by Region in Kenya
Urban and Rural Fixed-line Subscribers Proportion,2010
Mobile Subscribers and Penetration of Kenya,2009-2010
Mobile Subscribers in Kenya,2002-2010
Mobile Telecommunication Traffic Volume in Kenya,Apr -Dec 2010
Mobile Expenses of Each Quarter in Kenya,2010
Mobile Network Coverage in Kenya,2009-2010
Mobile Communication Revenue and Investment of Kenya,2007-2008
Internet Subscribers of Kenya,2010
Internet Services Revenue and Investment in Kenya,2007-2008
Subscribers of Key Mobile Operators in Kenya,Q1-Q4 2010
Standard Tariff of Telkom Kenya
Equity Structure of Safaricom
ARPU of Safaricom,FY2010-FY2011
Revenue Structure of Safaricom,FY2008- FY 2011
Mobile Subscribers of Safaricom,FY2008- FY 2011
Financial Data of Celtel Kenya,2008-2009
Fixed-line Subscribers of Ghana,2002-2010
Fixed-line Market Share of Ghana by Operator, 2010
Mobile Subscribers of Ghana, 2000-2008
Key Internet Providers in Ghana
Internet Subscribers Proportion by Type in Ghana 
Revenue of MTN Ghana by Product, 2009-2010
Subscribers and ARPU of MTN Ghana,2007-2010
Operating Data of Celtel Ghana,2008-2009
Overview of South Africa
Fixed-line Subscribers of South Africa,2000-2009
Mobile Subscribers of South Africa,2002-2010
Subscribers of Key Mobile Operators in South Africa,2010
Mobile Operators in South Africa
Mobile Market Share of South Africa,2010
Internet Consumers in South Africa,2000-2009
Subscribers of Telkom SA by Type,FY2010-FY2011
Call Time of Telkom SA by Type,FY2010- FY 2011
Internet Subscribers of Telkom SA by Type,FY2010- FY 2011
Operating Income of Telkom SA,FY2010- FY 2011
Main Business and Financial Data of MTN South Africa,2010
Subscribers of MTN South Africa by Type,2007-2010
Estimated Mobile Subscribers of Middle East and Africa by MTN
Main Operating Structure of MTN South Africa
ARPU of Subscribers of Vodacom SA
Subscribers of Vodacom SA,2008-2010
Mobile Operating Data of Vodacom SA,2008-2010
Revenue of Vodacom SA,FY2009- FY 2011
Overview of Zambia
Market Share of Mobile Operators in Zambia,2004-2007
Telecom Licenses Fees in Zambia
Application Process of Wireless License in Zambia
Mobile Phone Development in Zambia,2001-2009
Internet Subscribers of Zambia,2006-2009
PSTN Subscribers Development in Zambia,2001-2008
Mobile Operators of Zambia
Network Coverage of Zamtel
Network Coverage of MTN Zambia
Operating Data of MTN Zambia,2008-2009
Overview of Madagascar
Mobile Operators in Madagascar
Telecom Subscribers of Madagascar,2009
Phone Penetration in Madagascar,2000-2007
Mobile Subscribers and Market Share of Orange Madagascar,2007-2009
Overview of Tanzania
Communication Operators Number by Type in Tanzania
Voice Telecom Subscribers of Tanzania,2005-2010
Voice Telecom Penetration of Tanzania,2000-2010
Subscribers of Operators in Tanzania,2000-2010
Mobile Phone Market Share of Tanzania,Q1 2011
Equity Structure of TTCL
Subscribers of Vodacom(T)Ltd,2000-2010

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