China Warehousing Industry Report, 2010-2011
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In 2010, the operating income of China’s key warehousing enterprises (152) soared to RMB37.949 billion from RMB22.516 billion in 2009, up 68.5% YoY. In spite of impact from the global financial crisis during 2008-2009, the market size of warehousing industry recovered since entering 2010, following a slight decline in 2009.

Operating Income Growth Rate of China’s Key Warehousing Enterprises, 2010 (By Sector)
Source: China Association of Warehouse and Storage; ResearchInChina

In 2010, fueled by the national cold chain logistics development planning, the market size of China low-temperature warehousing industry grew significantly; among cold storage enterprises above designated size, the cold storage capacity of “China Top 30 Cold Storage Enterprises” reached 8.5514 million cubic meters, an increase of nearly 31%. Meanwhile, the market size of China grain warehousing industry also increased somewhat; the total storage capacity and the effective storage capacity of the national grain warehousing enterprises increased by 28.313 million tons and 24.698 million tons respectively over the previous year, up 7.8% and 7.6%.

Since 2010, Chinese warehousing enterprises have maintained strong momentum for expansion and development. A number of market segment leaders such as Zhuhai Xin Heng Quetta International Chemical Storage Inc., Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc., Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology Co., Ltd., JiangSu XinNing Modern Logistics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Feima International Supply China Co., Ltd are speeding up their expansion pace.

In 2010, the transfer income of chemical goods warehousing of Zhuhai Xin Heng Quetta registered RMB 89.96 million, up 9.4% YoY, accounting for 52% of its total operating income. Currently, the total tank capacity of Zhuhai Xin Heng Quetta is 684 thousand cubic meters, which is expected to be expanded to 1.189 million cubic meters after overall production plus the projects under construction and planned.

By the end of June 2011, Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc. has a total warehouse space of 170 thousand square meters, and in the same year the new added warehouse capacity hit 30 thousand square meters, a considerable increase. In 2010, the integrated logistics revenue of Feiliks amounted to RMB 338 million, taking 31.4%; the basic logistics revenue got to RMB 850 million, a share of 68.6%.

A number of large time-honored enterprises also present robust development, e.g. Zhongchu Development Stock Co., Ltd, in 2010 its operating income of warehousing business reached RMB306 million, up 25% YoY. Until the end of 2010, Zhongchu had owned a logistics base of more than 6.4 million square meters nationwide, including 2.44 million square meters of self-owned land, mainly distributed in large and medium sized cities like Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuxin, Qingdao, etc.

This report analyzes the status quo, development environment, related policies, investment and financing conditions, corporate operation as well as segments of China warehousing industry.
1. Overview of China Warehousing Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Enterprise Form
1.3 Status of Warehousing Industry in China National Economy

2. Environment of China Warehousing Industry
2.1 Macro-Economy
2.2 Policies Concerned
2.2.1 Key Policy
2.2.2 Analysis on Key Policies and Events Management Measures for Grain And Oil Storage Development Planning of Agricultural Cold Chain Logistics for 2011-2015
2.3 Demand Environment
2.3.1 Total Amount of Social Logistics
2.3.2 Total Expenses of Social Logistics

3. Development of Chinese Warehousing Industry
3.1 Market Size Forecast 
3.2 Status Quo
3.2.1 Operation of Key Warehousing Enterprises
3.2.2 Recovery of Growth in Bonded Warehousing
3.3 Investments and Financing
3.4 Foreign Enterprises in Chinese Warehousing Industry

4. Sub-Sectors of Chinese Warehousing Industry
4.1 Grain Warehousing Industry
4.1.1 Status Quo
4.1.2 Characteristics
4.2 Low-Temperature Storage Industry
4.2.1 Refrigeratory Scale of Chinese Low-Temperature Storage Industry
4.2.2 Status Quo
4.2.3 Refrigeratory Investment Entity
4.2.4 Characteristics
4.3 Dangerous Goods Warehousing Industry
4.3.1 Status Quo of Enterprises
4.3.2 Characteristics
4.4 Other Sub-Sectors of Chinese Warehousing Industry
4.4.1 Auto Parts Warehousing Industry Status Quo Case Analysis
4.4.2 Appliance Warehousing Industry Status Quo Annto Logistics Huashang Logistics
4.4.3 Warehousing Financial Services Industry Overview Financing Mode of Storage Pledge

5. Logistics Park Projects under Construction In Chinese Warehousing Industry
5.1 Sinotrans Dongwan Storage And Logistics Base in Fangchenggang, Guangxi
5.2 Chengdu Longquan Logistics Center
5.3 Northeast Asia's Logistic Center
5.4 China Tea House Logistics Park
5.5 Shaoxing Modern Logistics Park
5.6 Duyun City Agricultural Logistics Park
5.7 Xinluo District Logistics Project In Longyan City
5.8 Large Road And Rail Logistics Park In Zibo City
5.9 Huli Large-Scale Logistics Park
5.10 Huangshi Logistics Park

6. Key Enterprises in Chinese Warehousing Industry
6.1 Zhongchu Development Stock Co., Ltd. 
6.1.1 Profile 
6.1.2 Operation 
6.1.3 Warehousing 
6.1.4 Strategy
6.2 Zhuhai Winbase International Chemical Tank Terminal Co., Ltd.
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Warehousing 
6.2.4 Strategy
6.3 Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc.
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Warehousing
6.3.4 Strategy 
6.4 Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
6.4.1 Profile 
6.4.2 Operation 
6.4.3 Warehousing 
6.4.4 Strategy
6.5 Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd.
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Strategy
6.6 Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.
6.6.1 Profile 
6.6.2 Operation 
6.6.3 Strategy 
6.7 Shenzhen Feima International Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
6.7.1 Profile 
6.7.2 Operation
6.7.3 Strategy
6.8 Liaoning Baike Group (Holding) Co., Ltd.
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Operation
6.8.3 Strategy
6.9 Tianjin Teda Co., Ltd.
6.9.1 Profile 
6.9.2 Operation 
6.9.3 Strategy 
6.10 Oriental Energy Co., Ltd.
6.10.1 Profile 
6.10.2 Operation 
Classification of China Warehousing Industry
GDP, Output Value of Tertiary Industry, Added Value of Warehousing, 2001-2010
Added Value of Warehousing Industry and Its Share in China GDP, 2001-2010
GDP and Its Growth Rate in China, 2001-2010
Industrial Added Value and Growth Rate in China, 2001-2010
Growth Rate of Above-Scaled Industrial Added Value in China,2010
Fixed Asset Investments and Growth Rate in China, 2001-2010
YoY Growth Rate of Urban Fixed Assets Investment in China, 2010
Total Retail Sales and Growth Rate of Social Consumer Goods, 2001-2010
Growth Rate (MoM) of Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods, 2010
Total Amount of Import & Export Goods in China, 2001-2010
Key Policies Concerning China Warehousing Industry, 2010
7 Tasks and 8 Projects of Development Planning of Agricultural Cold Chain Logistics for 2011-2015
Total Amount of Social Logistics in China, 2006-2010
Growth of Total Social Logistics Amount by Business, 2010
Total Expenses of Social Logistics in China, 2006-2010 
Growth of Total Social Logistics Expenses, 2010
Market Size Forecast of Warehousing Industry in China
Warehouse Area Forecast of Warehousing Industry in China
Revenue Growth Rate of Warehousing Companies(by Item)
Cost Growth Rate of Warehousing Companies(by Item)
Structure of General Storage Facilities of Warehousing Industry, 2010
Fixed Asset Investments in Transport, Warehousing and Postal Industry, 2003-2010
Scale of Foreign Investment Projects in Transport, Warehousing and Postal Industry, 2002-2010 
Foreign Direct Investment of Transport, Warehousing and Postal Industry in China (by Country), 2009
Mode of Foreign Direct Investment in Transport, Warehousing and Postal Industry in China, 2009
Development of Grain and Oil Warehousing Facilities, 2010
Storage Size of Main Bulk Grain Wharf in China,2010
Total Capacity of Cold Storage in China
Development Plan of Cold Chain Logistics in China (by Region),2010
Some Newly Constructed Large Cold Storages, 2010
Some Large Cold Storages Planned to be Built, 2011
Structure of Investment in Cold Storage (by Form)
Flow Rate of Cold Chain and Refrigerated Transport Rate of Some Commodities in China
Storage Facilities of Dangerous Goods Warehousing Enterprises, 2009
Storage Size of Main Oil Wharf in China, 2010
Structure of Solid Warehouse and Liquid Storage-Tanks of Dangerous Goods Storage Enterprise in China
Storage Size of Main Automobile Ro/Ro Wharf in China, 2010
Operation Flow Chart of Automobile Parts Storage in Shanxi Tonghui Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd
Logistics Park Project Construction of Annto Logistics, 2009-2010
Warehousing Area and Typical Customers of Huashang Logistics by 2010
Project Planning and Construction of Sinotrans Dongwan Storage and Logistics Base
Project Planning and Construction of Chengdu Longquan Logistics Center
Project Planning and Construction of Northeast Asia's Logistic Center
Project Planning and Construction of China Tea House Logistics Park
Project Planning and Construction of Shaoxing Modern Logistics Park
Project Planning and Construction of Duyun City Agricultural Logistics Park
Project Planning and Construction of Xinluo District Logistics Project in Longyan City
Project Planning and Construction of Large Road and Rail Logistics Park in Zibo City
Project Planning and Construction of Huli Large-scale Logistics Park
Project Planning and Construction of Huangshi Logistics Park
Operating Income and Net Income of Zhongchu Development Stock, 2006-2011Q1
Revenue Structure of Zhongchu Development Stock(by Sector), 2010
Revenue Structure of Zhongchu Development Stock(by Region), 2010
Warehousing Revenue and Growth Rate of Zhongchu Development Stock, 2005-2010
Comparison between Zhongchu Development Stock and Its Parent Company by Assets (Including Warehouse Area), 2010
Warehousing and Logistics Land of China Chengtong Group, 2010
Warehouses and Logistics Assets Directly Managed by CMST, 2010
Storage Area and Logistics Base Area of Zhongchu Development Stock, 2006-2010
Main Warehouse Area of Zhongchu Development Stock, 2010
Changes in Storage Rates of Zhongchu Development Stock, 2005-2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Major Subsidiaries of CMST Development Co., Ld, 2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Zhuhai Winbase,2007-2011Q1
Operating Income and Growth of Zhuhai Winbase (by Sector), 2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Major Subsidiaries of Zhuhai Winbase, 2010
Warehousing Revenue and Growth Rate of Zhuhai Winbase, 2007-2010
Share of Warehousing Revenue in Total Revenue of Zhuhai Winbase, 2007-2010
Revenue Structure of Zhuhai Winbase (by Region), 2010
Unexecuted Storage Contracts of Zhuhai Winbase by 2010
Operating Income of Top 5 Accounts Receivable Customers of Zhuhai Winbase, 2010
Operating Income of Jiangsu Feiliks (by Sector), 2007-2010
Revenue Structure of Jiangsu Feiliks (by Sector), 2007-2010
Revenue Contribution of 5 Clients to Jiangsu Feiliks, 2008-2010
Revenue from Non-IT Manufacturing of Jiangsu Feiliks, 2010
Number of Customers of VMI and DC of Jiangsu Feiliks, 2008-2010
Storage Capacity of Jiangsu Feiliks by Jun.2011
Warehouse Lease Contract Signed of Jiangsu Feiliks, Jun.2008-Mar.2011
Customers of Jiangsu Feiliks, 2007-2010
Strategic Objectives and Direction of Jiangsu Feiliks, 2011-2015
Development Plan of Basic Logistics Services of Jiangsu Feiliks, 2011-2013
Development Goals of Integrated Logistics Services of Jiangsu Feiliks, 2011-2013
Operating Income and Net Income of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology, 2006-2011Q1
Revenue Structure of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology (by Subsidiaries), 2010
Operating Income and Growth of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology (by Sector), 2005-2010
Revenue Structure of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology (by Sector), 2010
LNG Storage Capacity and Growth Rate of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology, 2002-2010
Gross Profit and Unit Price of Warehousing Business of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology, 2003-2010
Tank Capacity and Growth of Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science and Technology, 2002-2013
Operating Income and Net Income of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development, 2006-2011Q1
Operating Income and Cost of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development (by Business), 2010
Operating Income of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development (by Region),2009-2010
Progress of Logistics Center Project Construction of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development
Construction of Acquired and Newly Built Logistics ProjectS of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development
Operating Income and Net Income of Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics,2006-2011Q1
Operating Income and Growth Rate of Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics (by Sector), 2010
Operating Income Structure of Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics (by Region), 2010
Operating Income of Top 5 Clients of Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics, 2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Major Subsidiaries of Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics, 2010
Operating Network Sketchmap of Shenzhen Feima International
Operating Income and Net Income of Shenzhen Feima International, 2006-2011Q1
Operating Income and Growth Rate of Shenzhen Feima International (by Sector), 2010
Operating Income Structure of Shenzhen Feima International (by Region),2010
Operating Income of Top 5 Clients of Shenzhen Feima International, 2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Major Subsidiaries of Shenzhen Feima International,2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Liaoning Baike Group, 2006-2011Q1
Operating Income and Growth Rate of Liaoning Baike Group (by Sector),2010
Operating Income of Top 5 Clients of Liaoning Baike Group, 2010
Operating Income and Gross Margin of Chemical Products of Tianjin Teda, 2006-2010
Operating Income and Cost of Tianjin Teda (by Region), 2009-2010
Top 5 Accounts Receivable of Tianjin Teda (by Account Period), by 2010
Operating Income and Net Income of Oriental Energy, 2006-2010
Operating Income of Oriental Energy (by Sector and Product),2010
Operating Income of Oriental Energy (by Region), 2010
Storage Capacity and  Number of Retail Stations of Oriental Energy, 2010

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