Global and China Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Industry Report, 2012-2015
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Aluminum heat transfer composites are mainly used in automobiles, home appliances, heat exchange systems of machinery and equipment, and air-cooling systems of thermal power station. On a global basis, the aluminum heat transfer composites industry has been mature, and several large corporations from the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada and other countries have monopolized the global market, which maintains a balance between supply and demand. To further expand their growth room, these giants have carried out cross-border investments successively. China has become an investment hotspot with huge development potentials and a tremendous market size.

In recent years, with the fast-growing downstream sectors, the demand for aluminum heat transfer composites in China has kept increasing, some local firms has in succession tapped into such business, and foreign players have also taken the opportunity to expand capacity aggressively. As of 2011, the annual capacity of aluminum heat transfer composites in China reached 440,000 tons. In China, aluminum heat transfer composites find application chiefly in automotive heat exchangers, and low-end products account for a larger proportion with overcapacity as yet, while the capacity of aluminum steel composite strips and other high-end products is limited with a huge supply gap. On the whole, Chinese aluminum heat transfer composites market is characterized by a structural imbalance.

Capacity of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites in China, 2006-2015E (Unit: kt/a)

At present, China’s aluminum rate of heat exchange systems of sedans and light-duty trucks reaches about 95%, and the market of aluminum heat transfer composites herein has been saturated. Whereas, the aluminum rate of heat exchange systems of heavy-duty trucks, new energy vehicles and construction machinery is still rather low; aluminum radiators have not been popular in the field of household appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters and refrigerators, showing huge potential demand for aluminum heat transfer composites. In the future, under the backdrop of energy conservation and emission reduction in China, aluminum heat transfer composites will be popularized in the above-mentioned fields, the demand for aluminum composite materials used in heavy-duty trucks, new energy automotive heat exchangers, HVAC, cooling radiators of thermal power stations will be jumbo, and these products will become investment hotspots.

This report not only expounds the development of global and China aluminum heat transfer composites industry but also highlights the aluminum heat transfer composites business of 7 foreign companies (Sapa, ALCOA, Wickeder, Norsk Hydro, Aleris, Novelis, Kobe Steel) and 16 Chinese peers (like Yinbang, Huafon Aluminum, Sanyuan Aluminum).

Sapa is the world's largest producer of aluminum profiles, and also one of major manufacturers of automotive aluminum heat transfer composites (sheets, strips, foils) in the world. Sapa's Chinese subsidiary Sapa Heat Transfer (Shanghai) Ltd. mainly produces automotive heat transfer materials. In recent years, Sapa Shanghai has continuously expanded its production capacity; as of 2011, the company's capacity had hit 100,000 t/a.

Wickeder is the first European company that conducts the production of composite metals, as one of the world's largest steel strip suppliers. The company’s EMS Division can produce a variety of composite metal materials. Currently, it is the world's largest producer of aluminum steel composite strips used in power stations, holding over 50% share in the global market.

Yinbang, as one of Chinese leaders in aluminum heat transfer composites, has in recent years continued to increase investment in scientific research and has successfully developed such high-value-added products as aluminum alloy composites and aluminum steel composite strips. In 2011, the total capacity of the company’s all products amounted to 75,000 t/a.

1 Overview of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites
1.1 Introduction 
1.2 Classification and Application
1.3 Industry Chain
1.4 Production Process

2 Status Quo of Global Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Industry
2.1 Overview 
2.2 Production
2.3 Demand
2.4 Market Competition

3 Status Quo of China Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Industry
3.1 Development Environment
3.1.1 Policy Climate
3.1.2 Industrial Environment
3.2 Production
3.3 Demand
3.3.1 Automobile Industry
3.3.2 Machinery and Equipment Industry
3.3.3 Power Station Air-cooling System Industry
3.3.4 Household Appliance Industry
3.4 Market Competition

4 Global Major Companies
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Operation
4.1.3 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites
4.2 Wickeder
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites 
4.2.3 Business in China
4.3 Sapa Group
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Operation
4.3.3 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites 
4.4 Norsk Hydro
4.4.1 Profile
4.4.2 Operation
4.4.3 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites 
4.5 Aleris
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Operation
4.5.3 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites 
4.6 Novelis
4.6.1 Profile
4.6.2 Operation
4.6.3 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites 
4.7 Kobe Steel
4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 Operation
4.7.3 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites

5 Key Chinese Enterprises
5.1 Yinbang Clad Material Co.,Ltd.
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Gross Margin
5.1.3 Production and Marketing
5.1.4 Key Projects
5.1.5 R&D
5.1.6 Customers and Suppliers
5.1.7 New Business
5.2 Sapa Heat Transfer (Shanghai) Ltd
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Capacity Expansion
5.3 Alcoa Kunshan Aluminum Products Co., Ltd
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.4 Huafon Aluminum Co.,Ltd
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.5 Weifang Sanyuan Aluminum Co.,Ltd
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Key Projects
5.6 Nantong Hengxiu Aluminum Heat Transfer Material Co., Ltd
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites
5.7 Jiangsu ALCHA Aluminium Co.,Ltd
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Operation
5.7.3 Gross Margin
5.7.4 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites 
5.8 Nantong Hua Te Aluminum Heat Transfer Co.,Ltd
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Capacity Expansion
5.8.3 R&D
5.9 Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Operation
5.10 Harbin Song Run Metal Products Co.,Ltd
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Business of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites
5.11 Others
5.11.1 Changsha Zhongxing Aluminum Co.,Ltd
5.11.2 Shanghai Shaxin Aluminum Co.,Ltd
5.11.3 Wuxi Guanyun Aluminum Co.,Ltd
5.11.4 Xuzhou Caifa Aluminum Heat Transfer Co.,Ltd
5.11.5 KMUST Xin Bo Technology Co., Ltd.
5.11.6 Zhenjiang Yuanlong Aluminum Co.,Ltd

Structure and Properties of Aluminum Alloy Composites
Structure of Aluminum-based Multi-metal Composites
Industrial Chain of Aluminum-based Layered Metal Composites
Global Output of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
Global Demand for Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
Global Demand Structure of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites (by Field) , 2006-2015E
Revenue of World’s Major Manufacturers of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2011
Global Output of and Demand for Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
Policies on Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Industry in China, 2006-2012
China's Aluminum Output, 2006-2015E 
China’s Output of Aluminum Rolled Materials (by Product), 2006-2015E 
China’s Capacity of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
China’s Capacity Structure of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites (by Product), 2006-2015E
China’s Demand for  Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
China’s Demand Structure of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
Quantity of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Used in Automotive Parts
Automobile Output & Ownership and Demand for Aluminum Alloy Composites in China, 2001-2015E
Machinery & Equipment Output and Demand for Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites in China, 2010-2015E
Newly Installed Capacity and Demand of Chinese Thermal Power Stations for Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2011-2015E 
China’s Air-conditioner Output and Demand for Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2011-2015E
Capacity of Top 10 Companies in China Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Industry, 2012
China’s Capacity of and Demand for Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2006-2015E
Alcoa’s Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2015E
Alcoa’s Revenue by Product and Region, 2011
Wickeder’s Subsidiaries and Businesses, 2012 
Major Products and Applications of Wickeder’s EMS Division, 2012 
Sapa’s Sales Volume of Aluminum Products, 2007-2012 
Sapa’s Revenue and EBIT, 2007-2011
Business Distribution of Sapa's Heat Transfer Companies, 2012
Hydro’s Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2015E
Hydro’s Major Clients in Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2012
Aleris’ Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2012
Aleris’ Major Clients and Competitors in Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2012   
Novelis’ Revenue and Net Income, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue and Recurring Profit of Kobe Steel, FY2002-FY2011
Revenue and Main Products of Major Global Manufacturers of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites, 2011
Yinbang‘s Revenue and Net Income, 2009-2015E
Yinbang’s Revenue (by Product), 2009-2011
Yinbang’s Revenue (by Region), 2009-2011
Yinbang’s Product Gross Margin, 2009-2011  
Output and Sales Volume of Yinbang’s Main Products, 2009-2011
Average Price of Yinbang’s Main Products, 2008-2011
Yinbang’s Key Projects, 2012-2016
Yinbang’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2009-2011
Yinbang’s R&D and Products, 2012
Yinbang’s Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue, 2009-2011
Yinbang’s Procurement from Top 5 Suppliers and % of Total Procurement, 2009-2011 
Sapa's Capacity of Aluminum Heat Exchanger Materials, 1999-2013E
Key Aluminum Heat Transfer Materials Projects of Huafon Aluminum, 2010-2012
Sanyuan’s Key Aluminum Projects, 2011-2013E
Major Clients of Nantong Hengxiu, 2012
ALCHA’s Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2015E
ALCHA’s Revenue (by Product), 2008-2012
ALCHA’s Revenue (by Product), 2008-2012
ALCHA’s Product Gross Margin, 2008-2012
ALCHA’s Sales Volume of Aluminum Alloy Foils, 2010-2012
Capacity of Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites of Nantong Hua Te, 2005-2013E
Subsidiaries and Their Businesses of Northeast Light Alloy, 2012
Capacity of Aluminum Alloy Composites of Zhongxing Aluminum, 2009-2015E
Major Products and Applications of Guanyun Aluminum, 2012
Capacity of Aluminum Heat Transfer Products of Yuanlong Aluminum, 2012
Capacity and Products of Major Enterprises in China Aluminum Heat Transfer Composites Industry, 2012

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