China Hospital Development and Investment Report, 2014-2017
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China hospital industry has been developing quickly in recent years, thanks to the market demand stimulus and steady progress in health care reform. The number of Chinese hospitals grew at a CAGR of 6% in 2011-2013, higher than 2.26% in 2005-2010. The revenue of China hospital industry jumped at a CAGR of 23.6% in 2011-2013, and it is expected to maintain the growth rate of over 20% and hit RMB4.07 trillion in 2017.
At the same time, various social capital flows to the Chinese hospital market by self-establishment, mergers and acquisitions (including participation in the restructuring of public hospitals), joint ventures, associates and other forms, which boosts the expansion of private hospitals. As of the end of 2013, Chinese private hospitals had accounted for 45.8% of the total Chinese hospitals, increasing by 24.5 percentage points compared with 2006. However, from the point of view of revenue structure, public hospitals still took a dominant position with the proportion of over 90%, but the figure shows a decreasing trend now.

In the private hospital investment boom, specialized hospitals involved with small investment, high returns and strong market demand have become a hotspot for social capital. Currently, the proportion of Chinese specialized hospitals in private hospitals reaches about 65%. Specialized hospitals in huge demand, such as dental hospitals, ophthalmic hospitals, plastic surgery & cosmetic hospitals, even achieve the profit margins of more than 10%, much higher than the overall level of Chinese hospitals (about 5%).

The enterprises focusing on medicine, including Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, Jinling Pharmaceutical, Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science, Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical, Yibai Pharmaceutical, China Resources Sanjiu and Kangmei Pharmaceutical, are actively extending to downstream medical services. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical has stepped in obstetrics & gynecology, tumor and other areas through mergers and acquisitions; its revenue from hospital medical services reached RMB474.6 million in 2013, representing a substantial increase of 215.6% over previous year.

Targeting medium and high-end medical markets, foreign-funded enterprises mainly adopt cooperative operation, equity participation, joint ventures (under the lead of foreign investors) and other approaches to develop business in China, such as Chindex United Family Hospital and Parkway Pantai. United Family Hospital had covered Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Guangzhou and Tianjin by the end of June 2014, and its hospitals in Qingdao and Guangzhou are under construction.

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The report highlights the followings:
20120114.gifChina hospital industry market overview: number of hospitals of all sorts, operation, status quo of medical service, competition pattern, etc.?
20120114.gifCurrent development of specialized hospitals in China: overall operation, operation of ophthalmic hospitals, dental hospitals, plastic surgery hospitals, cosmetic hospitals, obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, Children’s hospitals, and tumor hospitals as well as their development outlook;
20120114.gifDevelopment prediction of China hospital industry: status quo of China medical security, influence of urbanization enhancement on China healthcare market, supply and demand of medical resources;
20120114.gifInvestment in China hospital industry: related polices on social capital flowing into the hospital industry, operational efficiency comparison between Private hospitals and public ones, investment opportunities of specialized hospitals and public hospitals, business mode of? foreign-funded hospitals in China;
20120114.gifOperation, investment, mergers & acquisitions, medical services and development prediction of 17 companies involved in the Chinese hospital market.

1. Overview of China Hospital Industry
1.1 Definition 
1.2 Classification 
1.3 Industry Chain

2. Overview of China Hospital Market 
2.1 Number of Hospitals
2.1.1 Number of Hospitals Grows Steadily
2.1.2 Private Hospitals Show Faster Growth Rate
2.1.3 Distinct Regional Distribution of Hospitals 
2.2 Revenue 
2.2.1 Total Revenue Surges Rapidly 
2.2.2 Revenue of General Hospitals Occupies Lion’s Share
2.2.3 Proportion of Revenue from Medicine of General Hospitals on a Slow Decline 
2.3 Profit
2.3.1 Profit Margin Recovers
2.3.2 Gross Margin of Specialized Hospitals Records the Highest 
2.4 Medical Service 
2.4.1 Severely Uneven Distribution of Medical Resources
2.4.2 Insufficient Medical Personal Impacts the Growth of Hospital Industry 
2.5 Competition Pattern 

3. Current Development of Specialized Hospitals in China 
3.1 Operation 
3.1.1 Proportion of Private Specialized Hospitals Continues to Rise
3.1.2 Revenue Generated by Specialized Hospitals Sees Rapid Growth 
3.1.3 Specialized Hospitals Differ Dramatically in Profit Margin
3.2 Status Quo of Various Specialized Hospitals  
3.2.1 Ophthalmic Hospitals
3.2.2 Dental Hospitals 
3.2.3 Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Hospitals
3.2.4 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitals
3.2.5 Children's Hospitals
3.2.6 Tumor Hospitals 

4. Development Forecast of China Hospital Industry 
4.1 Status Quo of China Medical Insurance 
4.1.1 Medical Insurance System 
4.1.2 Medical Insurance Nearly Realizes 100% Coverage
4.1.3 Medical Insurance for Serious Illness of Urban and Rural Residents 
4.2 Urbanization Bolsters Development of the Hospital Industry
4.2.1 Status Quo of Urbanization in China 
4.2.2 Urbanization Expects to Optimize Medical Insurance System 
4.2.3 Trans-regional Medical Insurance Settlement is Promoted Soundly 
4.2.4 Urbanization Incrementation Depends on the Contribution of Medical Insurance System 
4.2.5 Medical Insurance Fund Balance Rate Will See Further Decrease 
4.2.6 Medical Resource Supply of County-Level Hospitals Will Improve 
4.2.7 Urbanization Will Encourage Central Government to Invest in Urban Medical Resources

5. Investment in China Hospital Industry 
5.1 Policy Environment Becomes Warm 
5.2 Comparison between Public Hospitals and Private Hospitals 
5.2.1 Public Hospitals Occupy a Dominant Position
5.2.2 Private Hospitals See Higher Efficiency of Operation 
5.3 Investment Opportunities of Social Capital 
5.3.1 Specialized Medical Field
5.3.2 General Public Hospitals 
5.4 Development Direction and Operation Mode of Foreign Hospitals
5.4.1 Status Quo of Foreign Hospitals in China 
5.4.2 Development Direction of Foreign Hospitals
5.4.3 Operation Mode of Foreign Hospitals

6 Major Chinese Enterprises
6.1 Aier Eye Hospital Group
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Gross Margin
6.1.5 Medical Services
6.1.6 Prediction
6.2 TC Medical
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Revenue Structure 
6.2.4 Gross Margin 
6.2.5 Medical Services
6.2.6 Prediction 
6.3 Mayinglong Pharm
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Revenue Structure
6.3.4 Gross Margin
6.3.5 Medical Services
6.3.6 Prediction
6.4 Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Revenue Structure
6.4.4 Gross Margin
6.4.5 R&D and Investment 
6.4.6 Medical Services
6.4.7 Prediction
6.5 Jinling Pharmaceutical
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Revenue Structure
6.5.4 Gross Margin
6.5.5 Medical Services
6.5.6 Prediction
6.6 Shinva Medical
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operation
6.6.3 Revenue Structure
6.6.4 Gross Margin
6.6.5 Medical Services
6.6.6 Prediction
6.7 Xi’an Kaiyuan Investment
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Operation
6.7.3 Revenue Structure
6.7.4 Gross Margin
6.7.5 Medical Services
6.7.6 Prediction
6.8 Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science 
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Operation
6.8.3 Revenue Structure
6.8.4 Gross Margin
6.8.5 Medical Services
6.8.6 Prediction
6.9 Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Operation
6.9.3 Revenue Structure
6.9.4 Gross Margin
6.9.5 Medical Services
6.9.6 Prediction
6.10 CMS Holdings Ltd.
6.10.1 Profile
6.10.2 Operation
6.10.3 Revenue Structure
6.10.4 Gross Margin
6.10.5 Medical Services
6.11 United Family Hospital
6.11.1 Profile 
6.11.2 Operation 
6.11.3 Medical Services 
6.12 Parkway Pantai
6.12.1 Profile
6.12.2 Operation
6.12.3 Medical Services
6.13 Phoenix Healthcare 
6.13.1 Profile
6.13.2 Operation 
6.13.3 Medical Services 
6.14 Yibai Pharmaceutical 
6.14.1 Profile 
6.14.2 Operation 
6.14.3 Medical Services 
6.15 China Resources Sanjiu 
6.15.1 Profile 
6.15.2 Operation 
6.15.3 Medical Services 
6.16 Kangmei Pharmaceutical 
6.16.1 Profile 
6.16.2 Operation 
6.16.3 Medical Services 
6.17 Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology 
6.17.1 Profile 
6.17.2 Operation 
6.17.3 Medical Services 

7 Summary and Forecast 
7.1 Summary 
7.2 Forecast

Types and Brief Introduction of Hospitals in China 
China Hospital Industry Chain 
Number of Hospitals and YoY Growth in China, 2005-2013
Number of Hospitals in China by Grade, 2006-2013
Number of Hospitals in China by Ownership, 2006-2013
Number of Hospitals in China by Management Mode, 2006-2013 
Number of Hospitals in China by Institution Nature, 2006-2013
Number of Hospitals in China by Region, Apr 2014 
Total Revenue and YoY Growth of China Hospital Industry, 2005-2013
Revenue Structure of Chinese Hospitals by Source of Revenue, 2012 
Revenue Structure of China Hospital Industry by Institution Nature, 2008-2013 
Average Revenue of China Hospital Industry by Institution Nature, 2008-2013 
Average Revenue of Each General Hospital in China, 2005-2013
Average Revenue of Each General Hospital in China by Business, 2008-2013 
Makeup Percentage of Drugs of Each General Hospital in China, 2008-2013
Profit Margin of Chinese Hospitals, 2006-2013
Profit Margin of Chinese Hospitals by Institution Nature, 2009-2013
Outpatient Visits of Chinese Hospitals, 2005-2013
Number of Hospital Beds and Utilization of Chinese Hospitals, 2005-2013
Comparison between Chinese Hospitals, Number of Beds and Utilization by Ownership, 2006-2013
Number of Certified Doctors and Registered Nurses of Chinese Hospitals, 2006-2013
Number of Chinese Medical Graduates, 2006-2013
Proportion of Public and Non-Public Hospitals in Various Medical Fields of China, 2012 
Number and Proportion of Specialized Hospitals in China, 2006-2013
Constitution of Specialized Hospitals in China by Ownership, 2006-2013
Number of Specialized Hospitals in China by Classification, 2010-2012
Total Revenue and YoY Growth of Specialized Hospitals in China, 2005-2013
Total Revenue of Specialized Hospitals in China, 2010-2012 
Profit Margin of Specialized Hospitals in China, 2010-2012 
Number of Ophthalmic Hospitals in China, 2006-2012
Revenue and Profit of Ophthalmic Hospitals in China, 2006-2012
Utilization of Hospital Beds and Service Efficiency of Doctors of Chinese Ophthalmic Hospitals, 2006-2012
Number of Chinese Dental Hospitals, 2006-2012
Revenue and Profit of Chinese Dental Hospitals, 2006-2012
Utilization of Hospital Beds and Service Efficiency of Doctors of Chinese Dental Hospitals, 2006-2012
Competition Comparison: TC Medical vs. Jiamei Stomatological vs. ARRAIL Dental 
Number of Chinese Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Hospitals, 2006-2012
Revenue and Profit of Chinese Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Hospitals, 2006-2012
Number of Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitals, 2006-2012
Revenue and Profit of Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitals, 2006-2012
Utilization of Hospital Beds and Service Efficiency of Doctors of Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitals, 2006-2012    
Number of Chinese Children’s Hospitals, 2006-2012
Revenue and Profit of Chinese Children’s Hospitals, 2006-2012
Utilization of Hospital Beds and Service Efficiency of Doctors of Chinese Children’s Hospitals, 2006-2012  
Number of Chinese Tumor Hospitals, 2006-2012
Revenue and Profit of Chinese Tumor Hospitals, 2006-2012
Utilization of Hospital Beds and Service Efficiency of Doctors of Chinese Tumor Hospitals, 2006-2012
Composition of China’s Medical Insurance System 
Population Coverage of Medical Insurance System in China, 2005-2013 
Coverage of China Medical Insurance System, 2005-2013
Per Capita Expenditure of Three Kinds of Medical Insurances in China, 2009-2013 
Urbanization Rate of China, 2000-2013 
Healthcare Expenditure Structure of China, 2005-2013
Basic Insurances of China’s Urban Workers and Average Per Capita Fundraising of New Rural Cooperative Medical System, 2007-2013 
Medical Insurances of China’s Urban Workers and Balance Rate of New Rural Cooperative Medical System, 2005-2013
Favorable Polices on the Construction of County-Level Hospitals, 2009-2014 
Influence of In-Depth Urbanization on Medical Service in China, 2015E 
Landmark Cases on Social Capitals Flowing to Medical Service Field in China, 1985-2014 
Policies Regarding Social Capitals Flowing to Medical Service Field in China, 2009-2014 
Policy Differences between Privately-owned Hospitals and Public Hospitals 
Entrustment Chain of Public Hospitals in China 
Revenue and Market Share of Chinese Public Hospitals, 2008-2013
Profits and Profit Margin of Chinese Public Hospitals, 2008-2013
Revenue and Market Share of Chinese Private Hospitals, 2008-2013
Profits and Profit Margin of Chinese Private Hospitals, 2008-2013
Comparison between Major Specialized Medical Services in China
Marketization Trend of China Medical Service System
Reform Mode of Existing Property Rights System of Public Hospitals in China
Pilot Cases of China’s Social Capitals Contributing to Public Hospital Restructuring, 1999-2014 
Co-partners and Major Medical Services of Some Sino-foreign Cooperative Hospitals in China 
Co-partners and Major Medical Services of Foreign-led Joint Venture Hospitals in China
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Aier Eye Hospital Group, 2009-2014
Revenue of Aier Eye Hospital Group by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Aier Eye Hospital Group by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Aier Eye Hospital Group by Product, 2009-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Aier Eye Hospital Group, 2014-2017E
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of TC Medical, 2009-2014
Revenue of TC Medical by Product, 2009-2014
Revenue of TC Medical by Region, 2009-2014
Gross Margin of TC Medical by Product, 2009-2014
Target Clients of TC Medical
Operation Comparison between Subsidiaries under TC Medical, 2011 vs 2013 
Revenue and Net Income of TC Medical, 2014-2017E
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Mayinglong Pharm, 2009-2014
Revenue of Mayinglong Pharm by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Mayinglong Pharm by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Mayinglong Pharm by Product, 2009-2014
Development History of Anorectum Chain Hospitals under Mayinglong Pharm
Establishment Mode and Equity Structure of Anorectum Hospitals under Mayinglong Pharm
Diagnosis & Treatment Revenue and YoY Growth of Hospitals under Mayinglong Pharm, 2009-2013
Comparison: Anorectum Hospitals under Mayinglong Pharm vs. Aier Eye Hospital Group vs. TC Medical
Revenue and Net Income of Mayinglong Pharm, 2014-2017E
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, 2009-2014
Revenue of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical by Product, 2009-2014
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, 2009-2013 
Established Regions and Expected Expansion of United Family Hospital, 2014 
Medical Service Revenue and YoY Growth of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, 2011-2013
Revenue and Net Income of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, 2014-2017E
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Jinling Pharmaceutical , 2009-2014
Revenue of Jinling Pharmaceutical by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Jinling Pharmaceutical by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Jinling Pharmaceutical by Product, 2009-2014
Medical Revenue and YoY Growth of Jinling Pharmaceutical, 2009-2013   
Revenue and Net Income of Jinling Pharmaceutical, 2014-2017E
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Shinva Medical, 2009-2014
Revenue of Shinva Medical by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Shinva Medical by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Shinva Medical by Product, 2009-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Shinva Medical, 2014-2017E
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Xi’an Kaiyuan Investment, 2009-2014
Revenue of Xi’an Kaiyuan Investment by Sector, 2009-2013
Revenue of Xi’an Kaiyuan Investment by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Xi’an Kaiyuan Investment by Product, 2009-2014
Medical Revenue of Xi’an Kaiyuan Investment, 2011-2013  
Revenue, Net Income and Net Profit Margin of Xi’an Gaoxin Hospitals, 2011-2013 
Revenue and Net Income of Xi'an Kaiyuan Investment, 2014-2017E     
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science, 2009-2014
Revenue of Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science by Product, 2009-2014
Investment and Operating Time of Chain Hospitals under Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science 
Revenue and Net Income of Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science, 2014-2017E       
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical, 2009-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical, 2009-2014
Revenue of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical by Region, 2009-2013
Gross Margin of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical by Product, 2009-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical, 2014-2017E     
Revenue and Net Income of CMS, 2009-2014 
Revenue of CMS by Product, 2011-2013 
Gross Margin of CMS by Product, 2009-2014
Service Network Coverage Regions of CMS
Revenue and Proportion of Hospitals of CMS, 2012-2013
Revenue and YoY Growth of United Family Hospital, 2007-2013 
Number of United Family Hospital’s Outlets by Region, 2014
Revenue, Net Income and Net Profit Margin of Parkway Pantai, FY2011-2014       
Revenue of IHH Healthcare and YoY Growth in China, FY2011-2013      
Medical Treatment Centers and Services of Parkway Pantai in China
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Phoenix Healthcare, 2010-2013
Service Revenue and YoY Growth of General Hospitals under Phoenix Healthcare, 2010-2013 
Hospital Management Revenue Structure (by Hospital) of Phoenix Healthcare, 2013
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Yibai Pharmaceutical, 2009-2014
Medical Service Revenue and YoY Growth of Yibai Pharmaceutical, 2009-2013
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of China Resources Sanjiu, 2009-2014
Medical Service Revenue and YoY Growth of China Resources Sanjiu, 2009-2013
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Kangmei Pharmaceutical, 2009-2014
Revenue, Net Income and Asset-Liability Ratio of Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology, 2009-2014
Medical Service Revenue of Chinese Hospitals (by Enterprise), 2011-2017E
Number and YoY Growth of Chinese Hospitals, 2010-2017E
Total Revenue and YoY Growth of Chinese Hospital Industry, 2010-2017E
Total Revenue of Chinese Hospital Industry by Ownership, 2010-2017E  
Number and Proportion of Chinese Specialized Hospitals, 2010-2017E
Total Revenue and YoY Growth of Chinese Specialized Hospitals, 2010-2017E 

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China Medical Robotics Industry Report, 2016-2020

Medical robotics can be used in surgery, rescue, transport, care, rehabilitation, dispensing and so on for the sick and wounded. Especially, surgical, rehabilitation and dispensing robots are the R &a...

China Dental Industry Report, 2016-2020

The dental industry refers to medical industrial chain on the basis of oral medical consumption, consisting mainly of dental apparatus (equipments and consumables), dental medical services, etc. With ...

China Medical Imaging Diagnosis Industry Report, 2015-2019

Against the background of a surge in social demand, handsome profit and the favorable opportunity brought by health care reform, the medical imaging industry, especially medical imaging equipment indu...

China Heparin Industry Report, 2015-2018

As the world's largest heparin API producer and exporter, China seizes about 80% share of the global heparin API market. After the explosive growth in 2008-2010, the stagnant international market and ...

Global and China Stem Cell Industry Report, 2015-2018

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells. Currently, stem cells are used to treat hund...

China Hospital Industry Report, 2015-2018

Stimulated by the demand, the number of hospitals in China rose from 21,979 in 2011 to 26,479 at the end of May 2015, an increase of 4,500 in total. Among them, public hospitals showed an overall decl...

China Independent Clinical Laboratory Industry Report, 2015-2018

The independent clinical laboratory originated from the U.S. and is relatively mature in developed countries/regions like North America, Europe, and Japan, whose independent clinical laboratory market...

China Medical Robot Industry Report, 2014-2018

Medical robots can be applied to surgeries, rescue, transport, nursing and rehabilitation of the sick and wounded. Wherein, surgery and rehabilitation robots are two striking market segments. Due to ...

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