China IC Design House Report, 2006
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By the end of 2005, China's IC design houses totaled at 479, only increased by 3 over the year of 2004. In 2006, more merger & acquisition will appear, and the total number of IC design houses will probably decrease. In 2005, sales revenues of domestic IC design industry rose by 52.5%, the industrial scale reached RMB 12.43 billion.

In the past 5 years, the annual growth rate of domestic IC industry has exceeded 30%. The mainstream process technology also had decreased to 0.18 um of 2005 from 0.5 um of 2001. Besides, led by government policies, it is forecasted that by 2010 China will foster 20-30 IC design houses with over US 100 million annual output value, including 2-3 large IC design houses of over US 1 billion annual output value, meanwhile, the total output value of domestic IC design industry will reach about RMB 50 billion, and the design technology will be 65nm.

As far as general layout concerned, Chinese IC design industry has formed a pattern focusing on Beijing-Tianjin-Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Western Economical Zone, with sales revenues shared over 80% of the total in China. A group of large IC design houses of over RMB 100 million annual sales revenues have been born. In general, the basic scale of IC design industry has formed in China.

Top ten IC design houses in China, 2004-2005


Regarding IC design technology, the design level of China's IC design industry has realized a great progress. Design houses with below 0.25μm linewidth (including 0.25, 0.18, 0.13μm) accounted for 20% in 2001, and the figure rose to 71% in 2005. The percentage of design houses with below 0.18μm linewidth (including 0.18, 0.13μm) also rose from 35% of 2002 to 58.9% in 2005. Many design houses have adopted 0.13μm process technology when they design new products. As for 90nm process technology, considering the high production cost, but 0.13μm process technology has a better performance/price ratio.

Proportion of different linewidth, 2001-2005

Nevertheless, IC design sector in China still faces serious challenges. Due to deficiencies in many aspects, China still heavily relies on import.

In details, China's deficiencies in IC design include the following points:
1. China lags behind the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Taiwan Mainstream regarding main body process technology;
2. The design capacity of SOC & IP core is far from satisfying domestic market demand; most products have a low-end grade and small profit margin;
3. The general market scale of IC design is relatively small compared to that of IC developed countries;
4. High-level workforce are in short supply, especially in technical, management and marketing ;
5. High-end products are few, especially IC products aiming at senior system manufacturers;
6. Most IC design houses are medium or small sized.

However, the Chinese government has always maintained a strong support on IC design industry and released a series of measures to encourage the development of domestic IC design houses, including Document No.18, Document No. 51, tax refund, discount government loan, setting up specific industrial base and so on. Foreign venture investment firms and far-sighted investors also started to enter.

This report detailed investigates 131 IC design houses in China, and analyzes their characteristics, products, technology, financial results, customer relationship, latest news, prospect, etc. In this report, IC design houses are divided into 6 categories: fundamental IC design houses, multimedia IC design houses, communications IC design houses, smart card IC design houses, PC peripheral IC design houses and others.

1 Overview of China's IC design industry
1.1 Overview of IC design industry
1.1.1 Status quo and prospect of global IC industry
1.1.2 Status quo and prospect of China's IC industry
1.2 Technology overview of China's IC design houses
1.3 Classification of China's IC design houses and analysis
1.1.1 Fundamental IC design houses
1.1.2 Multimedia IC design houses
1.1.3 Communications IC design houses
1.1.4 Smart card IC design houses
1.1.5 PC peripheral IC design houses
1.1.6 Other IC design houses
1.4 Support from the Chinese government

2 Leading Fundamental IC Design Houses in China
2.1 Datang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (DMT)
2.1.1 Company profile 
2.1.2 Financial results
2.1.3 Products
2.1.4 Clients
2.1.5 Share ownership
2.1.6 Other related information and analysis 
2.2 BLX IC Design Co., Ltd (BLX)
2.2.1 Company profile 
2.2.2 Products
2.2.3 Other related information and analysis
2.3 Antece Design
2.3.1 Company profile 
2.3.2 Financial results
2.3.3 Products and operations
2.3.4 Other related information 
2.4 ARCA Technology Corporation
2.4.1 Company profile 
2.4.2 Products
2.4.3 Other related information and analysis
2.5.1 Company profile 
2.5.2 Products 
2.5.3 Other related information and analysis
2.6 REALTIME Technology Co,. Ltd
2.6.1 Company profile 
2.6.2 Operations
2.6.3 Other related information and analysis
2.7 Beijing Peking University Unity Microsystems Technology Co,. Ltd 
2.7.1 Company profile 
2.7.2 Related companies
2.7.3 Products and technology
2.8 IdeaBank
2.8.1 Company profile 
2.8.2 Financial results
2.8.3 Products 
2.8.4 Other related information 
2.9 Chip-Steer/ Xian Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
2.9.1 Company profile 
2.9.2 Products 
2.9.3 Other related information and analysis
2.10 Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd
2.10.1 Company profile 
2.10.2 Financial results
2.10.3 Products 
2.10.4 Other related information and analysis
2.11 Shaoxing Silicore Technology Co., Ltd
2.11.1 Company profile 
2.11.2 Financial results
2.11.3 Products and technology
2.11.4 Other related information and analysis 
2.12 Hangzhou Youwang Electronics Co., Ltd
2.12.1 Company profile 
2.12.2 Financial results
2.12.3 Products 
2.12.4 Other related information and analysis 
2.13 Beijing North Huahong Microsystems Co., Ltd
2.13.1 Company profile 
2.13.2 Products 
2.13.3 Other related information and analysis 
2.14 Beijing DK Microelectronics Ltd.
2.14.1 Company profile 
2.14.2 Products 
2.15 Seaward Electronics Inc
2.15.1 Company profile 
2.15.2 Products 
2.15.3 Other related information and analysis 
2.16 Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute (BMTI)
2.16.1 Company profile 
2.16.2 Products 
2.16.3Customized service on IC design
2.16.4 Other related information and analysis 
2.17 Beijing Casue Technology Co., Ltd
2.17.1 Company profile
2.17.2 Products
2.18 Beijing Zhongqing Digital Equipment Company (ZDEC)
2.18.1 Company profile
2.18.2 Related products and technologies
2.18.3 Other related information and analysis
2.19 Suzhou HuaXin Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.
2.19.1 Company profile
2.19.2 Financial results
2.19.3 Products
2.19.4 Other related information and analysis
2.20 Nanjing Dongda Microelectronics
2.20.1 Company profile
2.20.2 Financial results
2.20.3 Products
2.20.4 Other related information and analysis
2.21 Chengdu Sino Microelectronics System Co., Ltd (CSMSC)
2.21.1 Company profile
2.21.2 Sales revenues
2.21.3 Products
2.22 Shenzhen Titan Micro Electronics Co., Ltd
2.22.1 Company profile
2.22.2 Products
2.23 Nanjing Micro One Electronics
2.23.1 Company profile
2.23.2 Products
2.24 Shanghai Tsinghua Chip Crystal Microelectronics Co., Ltd (STCCM)
2.24.1 Company profile
2.24.2 Products
2.25 Wuxi Youwang Electronics Co., Ltd
2.25.1 Company profile
2.25.2 Products
2.26 Halaxion Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
2.26.1 Company profile
2.26.2 Products
2.27 Chengdu Chinaray Electronics Co., Ltd
2.27.1 Company profile
2.27.2 Products
2.28 CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd (HED)
2.28.1Company profile
2.28.2 Financial results
2.28.3 Products
2.28.4 Process flow of IC design
2.29 Shanghai Huayuan Microelectronic Technology Co., Ltd
2.29.1 Company profile
2.29.2 Products
2.29.3 Cooperation with ICT companies
2.30 Shanghai Systron Microelectronics Co., Ltd
2.30.1 Company profile
2.30.2 Products
2.30.3 IP core deal
2.31 C*Core Technology Co., Ltd
2.31.1 Company profile
2.31.2 Financial results
2.31.3 Business mode
2.31.4 Products
2.31.5 Cooperation with SMIC
2.31.6 Alliance with C*Core™ Industry Alliance
2.32 Shenzhen Asic Micro-Electronics Co., Ltd
2.32.1 Company profile
2.32.2 Products
2.33 ChangYunTong (CYT) Group Co., Ltd
2.33.1 Company profile
2.33.2 Design ability, wafer foundry and packaging facilities
2.33.3 Products
2.34 Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Joint-stock Co., Ltd
2.34.1 Company profile
2.34.2 Sales revenues and profits
2.34.3 Main suppliers and clients
2.34.4 Operation and performance of main holding and share companies
2.34.5 Technologies and products
2.35 Newstar Microelectronics (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd
2.35.1 Company profile
2.35.2 Products
2.36 Shenzhen ZETIC Design Co., Ltd
2.36.1 Company profile
2.36.2 Revenues and profits
2.36.3 Products
2.37 Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd
2.37.1 Company profile
2.37.2 Technical strength
2.37.3 Distribution mode
2.37.4 Production and performance
2.37.5 Advantage of USB2.0 control chip
2.37.6 Product flexibility attract many flash memory manufacturers and flash memory disk manufacturers
2.37.7 Future product plan
2.38 Mianyang Kilopass Microelectronics Inc
2.38.1 Company profile
2.38.2 Technology advantage: XPM
2.38.3 Products
2.39 Xi'an MicroLinks Technology Corp., Ltd (Xi'an MLTC)
2.39.1Company profile
2.39.2 Design ability & Products
2.40 MC Devices
2.40.1 Company profile
2.40.2 Market orientation
2.40.3 Technologies
2.40.4 Products
2.41 Shenzhen Risong Micro Electronics Co., Ltd
2.41.1 Company profile
2.41.2 R & D center
2.41.3 Products
2.42 Shenzhen China Micro Semicon Co., Ltd
2.42.1 Company profile
2.42.2 Products
2.43 KDHC
2.43.1 Company profile
2.43.2 R & D equipments and design capacity
2.43.3 Products
2.44 Southwest Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd
2.44.1 Company profile
2.44.2 Products
2.45 Shanghai Chipchannel Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd
2.45.1 Company profile
2.45.2 Products
2.46 Shanghai Suntek Electronic Co., Ltd
2.46.1 Company profile
2.46.2 Products
2.47 HISYS/ Tidesemi
2.47.1 Company profile 
2.47.2 Products 
2.48 North China Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd
2.48.1 Company profile 
2.48.2 Products 
2.49 Sino Wealth Microelectronics Corp. Ltd
2.49.1 Company profile 
2.49.2 Products 
2.50 Shenzhen Tekyon
2.50.1 Company profile 
2.50.2 Products 
2.51 Ark Pioneer Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
2.51.1 Company profile 
2.51.2 Financial results
2.51.3 Products 
2.51.4 Partners 
2.52 Innosis
2.52.1 Company profile 
2.52.2 Technology and Products
2.52.3 Cooperation
2.53 Sinosun Technology
2.53.1 Company profile 
2.53.2 Main achievements and qualifications
2.53.3 Client relationship

3 Leading Multimedia IC Design Houses in China
3.1 Beida Jadebird Silicon Innovation Co. Ltd (BJSI)
3.1.1 Company profile 
3.1.2 Products 
3.1.3 Other related information and analysis 
3.2 Haier (Beijing) IC Design Company Ltd
3.2.1 Company profile 
3.2.2 Products 
3.2.3 Other related information and analysis 
3.3 Sigma Micro IC Solution Designing
3.3.1 Company profile 
3.3.2 Financial results
3.3.3 Products 
3.3.4 Other related information and analysis 
3.4 Tsinghua Tongfang Legend Silicon Tech Co., Ltd
3.4.1 Company profile 
3.4.2 Products 
3.4.3 Other related information and analysis 
3.5 Hangzhou Guoxin Science and Technology Co., Ltd
3.5.1 Company profile 
3.5.2 Products 
3.6.1 Company profile
3.6.2 Products
3.6.3 Other related information and analysis
3.7 Chengdu West Star Chips Co., Ltd
3.7.1 Company profile
3.7.2 Products
3.7.3 Other related information and analysis
3.8 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd
3.8.1 Company profile
3.8.2 Financial results
3.8.3 Products
3.8.4 Other related information and analysis
3.9 Trident Microsystems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
3.9.1 Company profile
3.9.2 Products
3.9.3 Other related information and analysis
3.10 Shanghai Chinips Technology Co., Ltd
3.10.1 Company profile
3.10.2 Products
3.10.3 Other related information and analysis
3.11 Beijing OPEC electronics Co., Ltd
3.11.1 Company profile
3.11.2 Products
3.11.3 Other related information and analysis
3.12 Beijing JFZS Electronics Tech Co., Ltd
3.12.1 Company profile
3.12.2 Products
3.12.3 Other related information and analysis
3.13 Shenzhen State Microelectronics Co., Ltd
3.13.1 Company profile
3.13.2 R & D ability
3.13.3 Financial results
3.13.4 Products and customers
3.13.5 Partners
3.14 Xi'an Jiaoda Digit tech Co., Ltd
3.14.1 Company profile
3.14.2 Products
3.14.3 Partners
3.15 Shanghai Suntek Electronic Co., Ltd (Suntek)
3.15.1 Company profile
3.15.2 Products
3.16.1 Company profile
3.16.2 Products
3.17 Wuxi Youda Electronic Co., Ltd
3.17.1 Company profile 
3.17.2 Products 
3.18 Shanghai Jade Tech
3.18.1 Company profile 
3.18.2 Products 
3.28.3 Customer relationship
3.19 Medeli Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
3.19.1 Company profile 
3.19.2 Products 
3.19.3 Client relationship
3.20 Shanghai Fangtek
3.20.1 Company profile 
3.20.2 Technical ability
3.20.3 Products 
3.20.4 Client relationship

4 Leading Communications IC Design Houses in China
4.1 Beijing LHWT Microelectronics Inc 
4.1.1 Company profile 
4.1.2 2005 financial results
4.1.3 Core members
4.1.3 Partners 
4.1.4 Products 
4.2 Vimicro Corporation
4.2.1 Company profile 
4.2.2 Financial results
4.2.3 Clients and partners 
4.2.4 Products 
4.3 NanShanBridge Co., Ltd
4.3.1 Company profile 
4.3.2 Production and sales 
4.3.3 Products 
4.4 Comlent Technology Inc
4.4.1 Company profile 
4.4.2 Production, sales, cooperation
4.4.3 Products 
4.4.4 Core members
4.4.5 Investors
4.4.6 Partners 
4.5 Shanghai SyncMOS Semiconductor Co., Ltd
4.5.1 Company profile 
4.5.2 Technology support and upstream & downstream partners 
4.5.3 Products
4.6 Beijing Saiteke Electronics Technology Company
4.6.1 Company profile
4.6.2 Products
4.7 Beijing Supersyn Inform & Technology Co., Ltd
4.7.1 Company profile
4.7.2 Products
4.8 Tranfa Optical Telecom Technology Development Co., Ltd
4.8.1 Company profile
4.8.2 Products
4.9 Rising Micro-Electronics Co., Ltd.
4.9.1 Company profile
4.9.2 Shareholders
4.9.3 Core members
4.9.4 Products
4.9.5 Clients and partners
4.9.6 Other related information and analysis
4.10 COMMIT Incorporated
4.10.1 Company profile
4.10.2 Products
4.11 Spreadtrum Communications Inc
4.11.1 Company profile
4.11.2 Core technologies
4.11.3 Financial results
4.11.4 Products
4.11.5 Other related information and analysis
4.12 Pericom Technology Inc (PTI)
4.12.1 Company profile
4.12.2 Products
4.12.3 Clients
4.12.4 Other related information and analysis
4.13 Shanghai Minqin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
4.13.1 Company profile
4.13.2 Products
4.14 Realsil Microelectroncis Inc
4.14.1 Company profile
4.14.2 Revenue overview
4.14.3 Products
4.15 Xi'an Supermicro Electronic CO., Ltd (XSEC)
4.15.1 Company profile
4.15.2 Products
4.16 Netsafe Information Technology Ltd
4.16.1 Company profile 
4.16.2 Partners 
4.16.3 Products 
4.17 Shanghai Superway Microelectronics Co., Ltd
4.17.1 Company profile 
4.17.2 Products 
4.18 Shanghai Bwave Technology Co., Ltd
4.18.1 Company profile 
4.18.2 Products 
4.19 Hutchison Optel Telecom Technology Co., Ltd
4.19.1 Company profile 
4.19.2 Products

5 Leading Smart Card IC Design Houses in China
5.1 Beijing Huahong IC Design Co., Ltd
5.1.1 Company profile 
5.1.2 Development and achievements
5.1.3 Products 
5.1.4 Client relationship
5.2 Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd
5.2.1 Company profile 
5.2.2 Financial results
5.2.3 Products 
5.2.4 Other related information and analysis 
5.3 Beijing Tianhongyi Technology 
5.3.1 Company profile 
5.3.2 MISC system structure and its advantages 
5.3.3 Products 
5.4 Beijing Homaa Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
5.4.1 Company profile 
5.4.2 Products 
5.5 Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Co., Ltd
5.5.1 Company profile 
5.5.2Technology advantage
5.5.3 Financial results
5.5.4 Products 
5.5.5 Clients and partners 
5.5.6 IP standards
5.5.7 Other related information and analysis 
5.6 Shanghai Huahong IC Design Co., Ltd
5.6.1 Company profile 
5.6.2 Technology
5.6.3 Sales financial results
5.6.4 Products 
5.6.5 Product application

6 Leading PC Accessory IC Design Houses
6.1 Beijing Microaurora
6.1.1 Company profile 
6.1.2 Products 
6.1.3 Clients & Partners 
6.2 Hitics Microelectronics Co., Ltd
6.2.1 Company profile 
6.2.2 Products and technology
6.2.3 Partners 
6.3 Hasee IC Design
6.3.1 Company profile

7 Other Leading IC Design Houses 
7.1 AEtelecom Technology Co., LTD
7.1.1 Company profile 
7.1.2 Products 
7.2 Huaxi IC
7.2.1 Company profile 
7.2.2 Company layout
7.2.3 Design equipments and ability
7.2.4 Products 
7.3 Shenzhen Zhongmi Technology
7.3.1 Company profile 
7.4 Xi'an Create Microelectronics
7.4.1 Company profile 
7.4.2 Products 
7.4.3 Client relationship
7.5 Beijing Fuxingxiaocheng Electronic Technology Stock Co., Ltd
7.5.1 Company profile 
7.5.2 Financial results 
7.5.3 Products
7.6 Beijing Hongsi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
7.6.1 Company profile
7.6.2 Products
7.7 Beijing Huaxing Micro-Electronics
7.7.1 Company profile
7.7.2 Products
7.8 Raycom Co., Ltd
7.8.1 Company profile
7.8.2 Products
7.9 Shanghai Belling
7.9.1 Company profile
7.9.2 Financial results
7.9.3 Products
7.9.4 Clients
7.9.5 Other related information
7.10 Systron Microelectronics Co., Ltd
7.10.1 Company profile
7.10.2 Products
7.10.3 Clients
7.10.4 Other related information
7.11 SHACG
7.11.1 Company profile
7.11.2 Products
7.12 Suzhou Galaxy Camphol Technology Co., Ltd
7.12.1 Company profile
7.12.2 Products
7.13 Wuxi ASIC Microelectronics Co., Ltd
7.13.1 Company profile
7.13.2 Financial results
7.13.3 Products
7.14 Guangzhou Gecronix Chip Integrated System Co., Ltd
7.14.1 Company profile
7.14.2 Products
7.14.3 Shareholders
7.15 Anson-tech
7.15.1 Company profile
7.15.2 Products
7.15.3 Other related information
7.16 SI Semiconductors Co., Ltd
7.16.1 Company profile
7.16.2 Products
7.17 Highland Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
7.17.1 Company profile
7.17.2 Products
7.18 Shenzhen Ken-Top Technology co., Ltd
7.18.1 Company profile
7.18.2 Products
7.18.3 Other related information
7.19 Shenzhen Leaguer Microelectronics Co., Ltd
7.19.1 Company profile
7.19.2 Products
7.19.3 Cooperation
7.20 Avantics Microelectronics
7.20.1 Company profile 
7.20.2 Products 
7.21 Act-Apex Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
7.21.1 Company profile 
7.21.2 Design capacity & products 
7.22 Shanghai Jing-Xi Electronics Information System Co., Ltd
7.22.1 Company profile 
7.22.2 Products 
7.23 Chuangxi Electronics
7.23.1 Company profile 
7.24 Wuxi Jiexin Science & Technology Co., Ltd
7.24.1 Company profile
7.24.2 Financial results Products 
7.25 Wuxi Jiedian Science & Technology Co., Ltd
7.25.1 Company profile 
7.25.2 Products 
7.26 Jinke Integrated Circuit (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
7.26.1 Company profile 
7.27.2 Financial results 
7.26.3 Products 
7.27 Beijing Yu Xiang electronic Co., Ltd
7.27.1 Company profile 
7.27.2 Products
Revenues of China IC Design Sector, 2000-2005
IC market growth in China 
Design Level of Top10 IC Design Houses in China 2005
Development History of DMT (Datang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd)
Sales Revenue of DMT, Q1 2004-Q4 2005 
ARCA CPU Core Development Blueprint
Net Annual Profits of Ideabank, 2002-2005
Revenues of Hangzhou Youwang Electronics, 2002-2005
Major Products of Shanghai Zhengwei Electronics
Major Products of Shanghai Bwave Technology 
Evaluation of Tongfang ID Card Chip Sales, 2004-2006 
Revenues of China IC design industry, 2000-2005
BLX microprocessor
Net profits of Antece Design, 2002-2005
Revenues of Wuxi China Resources Semico, 2002-2005
Revenues of Shaoxing Silicore Technology, 2002-2005
Revenues of Hangzhou Youwang Electronics, 2002-2005
Net profits of Hangzhou Youwang Electronics, 2002-2005
Sales of Suzhou HuaXin Micro-electronics, 2001-2005
Profits of Nanjing Dongda Microelectronics, 2002-2005
Revenues of CSMSC, 2000-2005
Net profits of C*Core Technology, 2001-2005
Sales revenues and profits of Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics, 2001-2005
Revenues and gross profit margin of LSI of Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics, Q1 2004-Q4 2005
Revenues and gross profit margin of chips by Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics, Q1 2004-Q4 2005
Technology advantage of XPM of Kilopass
Memory structure of X Kilopass PM-ID card 
Revenues of Ark Pioneer Microelectronics, 2001-2006
Sales of Sigma Micro IC Solution Designing, 2002-2005
Revenues of Actions Semiconductor, 2003-2005
Revenues of Vimicro Corporation, 2001-2005
Product development plan of COMMIT Incorporated, 2005-2008
Revenues of Spreadtrum Communications, 2003-2005
Structure of s Beijing Huahong mart card 
Actual earnings and forecast of Tsinghua Tongfang Microelectronics, 2002-2006
Sales of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics
Revenues of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics by division, 2003-2005
Sales of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics, Q1 2004-Q4 2005
Sales of Shanghai Huahong, 2002-2005
IC revenues and gross profit margin of Shanghai Belling, 2002-2005
Statistics of China's IC output value, 2001-2005

Global and China Semiconductor Equipment Industry Report, 2019-2025

The semiconductor industry with high technical threshold is advancing speedily. Every generation of products requires unique processes and equipment. With progresses in semiconductor manufacturing pro...

Global and China IGBT Industry Report, 2019-2025

IGBT finds wide application in fields ranging from home appliances and digital products to aviation & aerospace and high-speed rails, so does in the emerging sectors like smart grid and new energy...

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2019-2025

In 2018, global memory market was worth USD153.4 billion, surging by 23.7% from a year earlier thanks to rising prices as a result of robust demand from mobile phones and cloud services and a higher s...

China IGBT (Rail Transit/Electric Vehicle/Wind Power/Photovoltaic/Home Appliance) Industry Report, 2016-2020

An IGBT is a complex device with the Darlington configuration. Using GTR as the dominant component and MOSFET as the drive component, IGBTcombines the merits of BJT and MOSFET, such as low drive power...

China Semiconductor Industry Report, 2014-2015

The report covers the followings:1. Global Semiconductor Market and Industry; 2. China Semiconductor Market and Industry;3. Eleven Chinese IC Design Companies4. Five Chinese Foundries5. Four Chinese P...

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2014-2015

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2014-2015 covers the followings:1. Memory technology trends2. Memory market 3. Memory industry4. 19 typical memory industry chain vendors ...

Global and China Semiconductor Equipment Industry Report, 2013-2014

After two years of recession, the semiconductor equipment market is projected to achieve growth in 2014. In 2011, the semiconductor equipment market size hit a record high of USD43.532 billion, but it...

China Digital TV Transmitter Industry Report, 2013

According to the planning of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), China in 2015 will shut down analog TV and complete the integral transition of cable TV from analog to digi...

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2013

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2013 consists of the following contents: Brief introduction to global semiconductor industry Market analysis of DRAM and NAND Major memory vendors  Majo...

Global and China Passive Component Industry Report, 2012-2013

The report highlights the followings: 1. Brief Introduction to Passive Components;  2. Passive Component Industry & Market Segments-Capacitor, Inductor and Resistor;  3. Main Downst...

Global and China GaAs Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China GaAs Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: 1 Brief introduction to GaAs2 Industry overview of GaAs3 Downstream market of GaAs4 Analysis on mobile phone RF system 5 Study o...

Global and China Advanced Packaging Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China Advanced Packaging Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: 1.     Global Semiconductor Industry Overview;2.     IC Manufacturing Industry Overv...

Global and China Touch Screen (Panel) Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China Touch Screen (Panel) Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: Touch Screen Market Size Trends of Small, Medium and Large-sized Touch Screens Touch Screen Downstream Market...

Global and China Mobile PC Casing (Enclosure) Industry Report, 2012-2013

The report covers the followings:    1. Global and Chinese PC markets    2. Global and China Mobile PC industry    3. Notebook and tablet PC casing industr...

Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: 1. Global and China PC Market; 2. Global and China Mobile PC Market;3. PC Cable Assembly Industry;4. 15 Major PC Ca...

Global and China Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) Industry Report, 2012

Global and China Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) Industry Report, 2012 includes the following contents: 1. Profile of FPCB2. Overview of FPCB Market and Industry3. Analysis of 22 Major FPCB Ma...

Global and China OLED Industry Report, 2012

Promoted by the display giants headed by Samsung and LG, OLED industry is still in the stage of steady development. In 2011, the OLED output value worldwide approximated USD3.3 billion, with year-on-y...

China Navigation Equipment Industry Report, 2012-2014

After forty years of development, the global satellite navigation system has developed into a “one plus three” pattern. And the “one” refers to GPS made in the USA, and the three refer to Chinese, Rus...

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