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For most mobile handsets, baseband is the most expensive semiconductor device. As the price TFT-LCD display is declining, baseband semiconductor is becoming the most expensive mobile handset device. Moreover, baseband determines the choice of mobile phone platforms, as well as the function and performance of mobile phones. Therefore, it is definitely the heart of mobile phone.

The market pattern of baseband semiconductors is changing. In the 2G market, especially the China market, the emergence of MediaTek caused a great change. It has swept the Chinese market with its low price, high concentration, abundant functions, high performance, perfect service etc.

         Baseband semiconductors distribution of Chinese local-made mobile handsets in 2004



Baseband semiconductors distribution of Chinese local-made mobile handsets in 2005



According to the Ministry of Information Industry, mobile phone sales in China in 2005 added up to 140 million units (including smuggling and underground market). The market share of imported brands (including smuggling market) was 65%. The baseband semiconductors shipment of MediaTek in 2005 was 30 million pieces, among which, 90% went to China mainland with a market share of 55%. The other large providers include ADI, TI and Philips.

The surge of Mediatek market share from 13% in 2004 to 55% in 2005 is a miracle. Its shipment increased from 3.4 million pieces to 27 million pieces. And the handset models of MT6228 and MT6229 developed by MediaTek will carry on the myth of MT6218 and MT6219 in 2006.

ADI and Spreadtrum are now really influenced by MediaTek. ADI pays much attention on Asian market. However, because its software development highly depends on TTPCOM with such problems as long development period, high technical difficulty and high cost, its clients such as LG turned to MediaTek. Spreadtrum, which concentrates on Chinese local mobile phone manufacturers, had to reduce the price due to the fierce competition with MediaTek.

The decline of Philips was mainly caused by a sharp shipment decrease of CECW who adopts Philips platform, and also by the fact that it pays less attention to the semiconductor sector. Moreover, although under pressure, TI has successfully positioned itself on high-end products, especially in the field of smart mobile phone. And SKYWORKS has gained a strong support from Techfaith, thus maintaining a steady market share.

In China, there are 4-5 corporations specializing in the development of TD-SCDMA baseband. Although TD-SCDMA attracts more and more attention, it still has a high risk. The maturity of TD-SCDMA and support level of operators are all still having many undetermined factors. Operators are all expected to establish 3G network with lowest cost, strongest performance. Even if the license for TD-SCDMA will be issued in 2006, it still does not imply the success of TD-SCDMA

But there is no doubt that WCDMA license will be definitely issued in 3G market in China. WCDMA also faces a couple of challenges such as an expensive patent (Qualcomm), a large investment requirement and a furious competition. Three Taiwan corporations have entered the field of WCDMA baseband, including MediaTek.

The most suitable time-to-market for TD-SCDMA baseband manufacturers will be shortly before or after the issue of TD-SCDMA license. For most investors and security analysts, issue of TD-SCDMA license means absolute success of TD-SCDMA, due to their superficial knowledge of the market and technology.


1. Brief Introduction of Baseband 
1.1 Definition and functions of baseband
1.2 DSP applications
1.3 Changes of baseband in 3G generation
1.4 Design separation or integration of baseband and application processor 

2. Baseband Market
2.1 3G mobile phone market
2.2 2.5G baseband market pattern
2.3 3G baseband market pattern

3. Baseband Manufacturers
3.1 Qualcomm
3.2 TI
3.3 Freescale 
3.4 Agere
3.5 Ericsson Mobile Platforms
3.6 ADI
3.7 Infineon
3.8 Broadcom
3.9 Philips
3.11 Commit
3.12 CYIT
3.13 Spreadtrum
3.14 T3G
3.15 Silicon Laboratories
3.16 VIA Telecom
3.17 EONEX
3.18 ICERA
3.19 MediaTek

4. Baseband Periphery Manufacturers
4.1 ARM

5. Cost Analysis of Mobile Phone Semiconductor 
5.1 Cost analysis of mobile phone
5.2 Cost analysis examples of mobile phone semiconductor and mobile phone disassembly
5.2.1 Bird D660
5.2.2 Sony Ericsson V800
5.2.3 Nokia 7600
5.2.4 Toshiba V603T
5.2.5 Nokia 9500
5.2.6 Motorola V3
Basic Structure of a Handset
DMIPS Consumption in Different Applications
ARM' Prediction of MODEM Development in the Future
Brief Introduction to ARM1156
Statistics and Forecast of Global 3G Mobile Phone Shipment, 2002-2009
Statistics and Forecast of Global CDMA & WCDMA Phones Shipment, 2003-200
Global Market Share Distribution of Major CDMA2000 Phone Manufacturers in 2005
Global Market Share Distribution of Major CDMA Phone Manufacturers in 2005
Market Share Distribution of Major 2.5G Baseband Manufacturers in 2005
Market Share Forecast of Major 2.5G Baseband Manufacturers in 2006
Market Share of Major Baseband Manufacturers in China 
Market Share of Major WCDMA Baseband Manfacturer in 2004
Qualcomm's Major Clients
Road Map of Qualcomm's Baseband Products
Multimedia Functions for Qualcomm's Different Baseband Platforms
Qualcomm's CDMA EV-DO Operational Partners
Manfacturers adopting Qualcomm's 6025 & 6000 chip
Qualcomm's WCDMA Operational Partners
Patent Licensed Manfacturers of Qualcomm's WCDMA
Manufacturers Adopting Qualcomm's WCDMA Chip
Total Operation Income and Growth Rate of  Wireless Division for Texas, 2002-2004
Growth Rate of Six Largest Global Wireless CMOS Chip Enterprises, 2003-2004 Income Structure of Texas, 2001-2004
Interior Structure and Exterior Applications of OMAPV2230
Interior Module and Exterior Applications of OMAPV1030
Software Construction of OMAPV1030
Internal Structure of OMAP733
Internal Structure of OMAP730
Internal Structure of OMAP750
Internal Structure of OMAP850
GPS5300 Application modules
Internal Structure of  BRF6100/BRF6150
WLAN Solution Scheme of Texas
Q3 2004-Q3 2005, Freescale's Sales Volume and Profit
3G Mobile Phones Adopting Freescale Chip
Freescale 3G Mobile Phone Framework
Freescale 3G Mobile Phone Design Software 
Internal Structure of  MXC275-30 
Platform Framework of MXC275-30
Communication betwwen MXC275-30 and MCU
I25-21 Software Construction
I250-21 Platform Construction
Agere's revenue structure, 2004 -2005
Sceptre TC module
Internal Structure of Sceptre HP
Internal Structure of Sceptre HPE 
Vision Software Structure 
Internal Structure of VisionX115 
Global Income Distribution of Ericsson
EMP Mobile Phone Platform Roadmap
Software structure of U100
EMP 3G Platform Roadmap
Software Structure of EMP 3G Platform
Software Structure of EMP IP Multimedia Subsystem
Multimedia Functions of EMP 3G Platform Products
Multimedia Software Structure of EMP Platform
Structure of U250 Platform
Incomes and Gross Profit of ADI , 2003-2005
Global Income Distribution of ADI , 2003-2005
Application Structure of ADI Products in 2005
Structure of ADI Softfone Platform
ADI Entrance-level Mobile Platform Module
ADI Platform for Distinctive Mobile Phones
ADI Platform for Distinctive EDGE Mobile Phones
ADI Smartphone Platform
ADI WCDMA Mobile Phone Platform
ADI TD-SCDMA Mobile Phone Platform
AD6525 Functional Modules
AD6525 Application Connection Modules
Internal Module of AD6537
Application Structure of AD6720
Reference Design of ADI TD-SCDMA Mobile Phone
Internal Structure of ADI TD-SCDMA 6901
Q1 2004- Q3 2005, Income and EBIT Statistic of Infineon Communications Division
Product Roadmap of Infineon Single-Chip RF Transceiver
Internal Application Structure of PMB7870
Application Structure of PMB7870
Platfor Structure of E-GOLD V3
Internal Structure of PMB8876
Internal Structure of PMB6811
Internal Structure of  PMB6258
Internal Structure of E-GOLDLITE
Income & Gross Profit of Broadcome, 1Q 2003-3Q 2005 (11 Continuous Quarters) 
Broadcom's Income Structure
ML2011 Application Framework
ML2011 Internal Structure
BCM2121 Application Framework 
BCM2121 Internal Structure
BCM2132 Application Framework
BCM2132 Internal Structure
BCM2140 Application Framework
BCM2140 Internal Structure
Income & Gross Profit of Philips Semiconductor Divison, 2000-2004
1H 2005, Income Structure of Philips semiconductor Division
1H 2005, Sales Channel of Philips semiconductor Division
1H 2005, Technologic Structure of Philips Semiconductor Products 
1H 2005, Global Income Distribution of Philips semiconductor 
Mobile Phones Models Adopted Philips Baseband in 2005
Internal Structure of PCF5213
Nexperia System Solution 5210
Revenue of Skyworks,2002-2005
Profit of Skyworkds, 2002-2005
Internal Framework of CX805-50
Application Framework of SKY832
Internal Framework of SKY832
Working Years Structure of Commit's Employees 
Age Structure of Commmit's Employees 
Education Level Structure of Commit's Employees 
Internal Framework of Commit's TD-SCDMA/GSM/GPRS Dual-mode Baseband
Software Structure of Commit's Neptune Platform
Organizational Structure of T3G
R&D Power of T3G
Internal Framework of T3G's TD-SCDMA Baseband Processor
Application Framework of T3G's TD-SCDMA Baseband Processor
Protocol of T3G's TD-SCDMA Baseband Processor
Reference Design of T3G's TD-SCDMA Mobile Phone
Products Roadmap of T3G
Revenue of Silicon Laboratories, 2001-2004
Internal Structure of SI4905
PCB Picture for the Reference Design of AeroFONE Mobile Phones
Software Structure for the Reference Design of AeroFONE Mobile Phones
Internal Framework of CBP4.0
Software Structure of Eonex's Products
Revenue and Gross Profit of Media Tek, 1999-2005
Revenue and Annual Growth Rate of Media Tek, 1993-1994
After-tax Profit and Annual Growth Rate of Media Tek, 1990-1994
Monthly Mobile Phone Chip Shipment of Media Tek, Jan-Dec 2005
Application Framework of MT6218B
Internal Framework of MT6218B
Memory Management of MT6218B
Internal Framework of MT6219
Pin of MT6219
ARM Product Structure
ARM Product Roadmap
Roadmap of ARM Mobile Phone Products
ARM Revenues, 2000-2004
ARM Incomes Gained from Patent Licensing Fee, 2000-2004
R&D Expenditure of ARM, 2000-2004
Income Structure of ARM in 2004
ARM Products Applications Structure in 2004
Income Distribution of ARM Products in 2004
Core Structure of ARM Mobile Phones
Roadmap of TTPCOM Mobile Phone Baseband 
TTPCOM Communication Protocol Roadmap
Structure of TTPCOM Dual-Module Protocol
TTPCOM AJAR Product Roadmap
Appearance of Bird D660
Appearance of SonyErisson V800
Breakdown of Sony Ericsson V800
Breakdown of ToshibaV603T
Breakdown of Nokia 9500
Breakdown of Motorola V3
IC Board of Bird D220
IC Board of Bird M10
Relationship among Major Baseband Manufacturers and Their Clients
Overview of Qualcomm's Subsidiary Companies
Qualcomm's Income Structure, Jan.-Sep 2005
Qualcomm's Chip Shipment and Its Global Market Share, Jan-Sep 2002-2005
Performance of Qualcomm's Baseband Products
Mobile Phone Manfacturers and Models Adopting Qualcomm's Chip
Texas Mobile Phone Platforms List
Characteristics of OMAP Baseband Processor Series
Components Performance of Frescale Platform I200-20, I250-20 and I250-21
ADI Mobile Platform Products
ADI Mobile Phone Baseband Products
Primary Baseband Products of Broadcom
Overview of Broadcom's Acquisitions
Philips Baseband Products List
Baseband Products of Skyworks
Eonex's Products
Brief Introduction of Icera Corporation
Bird D660 BOM
Semiconductor Components of Sony Ericsson V800
Semiconductor BOM of Nokia 7600 
Semiconductor Components of Toshiba V603T
Semiconductor Components of Nokia 9500
Semiconductor Components of Motorola V3
Semiconductor Components of Amoi A660
Semiconductor Components of Bird D220
Semiconductor Components of Bird M10
Semiconductor Components of Bird V109
Semiconductor Components of Bird V99
Semiconductor Components of Bird M08

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