Global and China RFID Industry Report, 2008-2009
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This report described the status quo as well as the development trend of global and china RFID market, focus on the RFID applications.

According to IDTechEx, the global RFID market achieved rapid growth in the year of 2007, and its total market value reached US$ 4.92 billion. The huge FRID application into second generation ID cards has made China become the biggest RFID market in the world. Again, according to IDTechEx, global RFID market value will reach US$ 5.29 billion in the year of 2008, up 7.5% year on year. Impacted by financial crisis, global RFID market value will decline to US$ 5.24 billion in the year of 2009.

Global RFID Market Scale, 2007-2013
Source: ResearchInChina

In China, along with the gradual expansion of RF chip, package, software/middleware and system integration, RFID market is developing rapidly. In the year of 2007, China’s RFID market value reached CNY 7.67 billion, up 21.4% year on year.

Influenced by the global financial crisis and sharp reduction of second generation ID card issuance, the year-on-year growth rate of China’s RFID market declined to 9.1% with a total market value of CNY 8.37 billion, moreover, considering the extension of global crisis and saturation of second generation ID card market, China’s RFID market growth rate in the year of 2009 will continue drop to 7.9% with a total market value about CNY 9.93 billion.

In China, FRID has shaped mature application mode in the fields such as access control, license anti-fake and electronic payment etc. application in above fields are mainly concentrated in low-frequency and high-frequency. Large-scale application of ultrahigh- frequency is still waiting for a considerable development. However, Considering government’s support over RFID, especially the ultrahigh-frequency FRID, plus the price declining of ultrahigh-frequency RFID, it is expected to be the mainstream by the year of 2013, although its overall market share was only 4.8% in the year of 2008. 

China RFID Market Scale by Various Frequency, 2006-2013
Source: ResearchInChina

1. Overview of RFID
1.1 Development Courses
1.2 Systemic Structure of RFID
1.2.1 Tag
1.2.2 Reader & Writer
1.2.3 Antenna
1.3 Relevant RFID Standards
1.3.1 EPC global
1.3.2 Japan UID
1.3.3 ISO/IEC
1.4 Main Applications of RFID

2. Global RFID Development and Forecast 
2.1 Global RFID Market Scale
2.1.1 Status and Forecast of Global RFID Market by Frequency
2.1.2 Status and Forecast of Global RFID Service Market
2.1.3 Status and Forecast of Global RFID Market by Application 
2.1.4 Status and Forecast of Global RFID Market by Region
2.2 Development of RFID Technologies
2.3 RFID Project Plans

3. RFID Developments in China
3.1 Market Scale
3.1.1 Status and Forecast of China RFID Market by Frequency
3.1.2 Status and Forecast of China RFID Service Market
3.1.3 Status and Forecast of China RFID Market by Application 
3.2 Development of RFID Technologies in China
3.3 RFID Project Plans in China 

4. RFID Applications 
4.1 Counterfeit-Proof Domain
4.2 Smart Traffic
4.3 Medical Treatment
4.4 Logistics and Inventory
4.5 Individual Track 
4.6 Mobile Payment
4.7 Military  

5. Key Players in China
5.1 RFID Chip 
5.1.1 TI
5.1.2 Impinj
5.1.3 ST
5.1.4 NEC
5.1.5 Infineon 
5.1.7 Datang 
5.1.8 Shanghai Huahong 
5.1.9 Shanghai Fudan 
5.1.10 CEC Huada 
5.2 Middleware and System Integration 
5.2.1 IBM 
5.2.2 Microsoft 
5.2.3 BEA 
5.2.4 SAP 
5.2.5 ZTE 
5.2.6 Beijing Vision 
5.2.7 Invengo 
5.2.8 KTI 
5.2.9 Aerospace Golden Card 
5.2.10 Xiamen Huicong 
5.2.11 RFID (China) Information Technique
5.2.12 Sinogistics 
5.2.13 Beijing Yongtai Promatic 
5.3 Tag, Reader & Writer and Aerial 
5.3.1 Arizon 
5.3.2 ShangHai Super 
5.3.3 Guangdong Tecsun.
5.3.4 Tsinghua Tongfang 
5.3.5 TATWAH
5.3.6 Shenzhen Hyan 
5.3.7 Cantechs 
5.3.8 Guangzhou Best 
5.3.9 Shenzhen FTRD 
5.3.10 Jiangsu Raifu 
5.3.11 Shanghai Shenbo 
5.3.12 Fujian Newland 
5.3.13 Shenzhen Sense 
5.3.14 Beijing Haidali 
5.3.15 Shanghai Quanray 
5.3.16 ASK Tongfang 
5.3.17 Shanghai Refine 
5.3.18 Shanghai C&C RFID
Global RFID Market Scale, 2007-2013e
Global RFID Hardware Market Scale by Frequency, 2007-2013e
Global RFID Service Market Scale by Product, 2007-2013e
Global RFID Market Scale by Region, 2008
Quantity of RFID Application Projects in Major Countries, 2008
China RFID Market Scale, 2006-2013e
China RFID Market Scale by Frequency, 2006-2013e
China RFID Market Scale by Product, 2006-2013e
Smart Traffic RFID Application in China, 2008
Medical RFID Application in China, 2007
Global Medical RFID Market, 2007
Global Pharmaceutical RFID E-tag Market Capacity, 2006-2011e
Global Medical RFID Application Development , 2006-2016e
Global Retailing RFID Application Development by Region in 2008
Supply Chain CAGR Growth of Large Retailer Worldwide
CAGR Growth of RFID POS Machine
CAGR Growth of RFID Real-time Positioning System
CAGR Growth of RFID Container Track
Industrial Chain of NTT DoCoM’s Mobile Payment Business
China Mobile Payment Market Scale, 2005-2010e
China Mobile Payment Users, 2005-2010e
Structure of Future Military Logistics System 
RFID Products of TI
Structure of ST’s RFID Chip st19nr66
Structure of ST’s RFID System
System Structure of Infineon’s RFID RF Chips 
Sales Revenue of Infineon, 2003-1H2008
Ticket Counterfeit-proof System Structure of Tongfang Microelectronics
Contactless Card Chip System Structure of Shanghai Huahong
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of Shanghai Fudan, 2004-1H2008
Contactless Card Chip System Structure of CEC Huada
RFID Solutions of IBM
RFID Integration Model of IBM Based on SOA Framework
RFID Solutions and System Integration of IBM
Distribution of IBM’s RFID Research Centers and Labs
Structure of IBM’s Websphere Platform
RFID System Integration Framework
System Solution of Unitech HuaYa’s Distribution Centers
Logic Structure of IBM’s RFID Development Service Platform
Filtering Projects of BEA WebLogic RFID Edge-Server
Device Management Projects of BEA WebLogic RFID Edge-Server
Performance of BEA WebLogic RFID Enterprise Server
Performance of BEA WebLogic RFID Complianse Express 
RFID Solution Structure of BEA’s Container and Goods Tracking
RFID Solution Structure of BEA’s Wireless Medical Care System
Clients of BEA’s RFID Products 
Partners of BEA’s RFID Products
High-end AII Structure of SAP
SAP’s RFID Solution Structure
AII 2.1 of SAP’s RFID Solution
Device Controller of SAP’s RFID Solution
Backend System of SAP’s RFID Solution
RFID Reader & Writer of Beijing Vision Electronics
RFID Sales of Shenzhen Invengo, 2007-2008
Regional RFID Sales of Shenzhen Invengo, 2007-2008
RFID Sales of Shenzhen Invengo by Product, 2007-2008
Middleware Structure of KTI
Outside View of KTI’s RF Reader
Smart Door Control System Structure of Aerospace Golden Card
Sales Revenue and Net Profit of RFID Shanghai, 2005-1H2008
Library Management System Structure of RFID Shanghai
E-tag Structure of Impinj
RFID Reader & Writer Structure of Arizon Technology
The Second Generation ID Card Reader of Tongfang
Electronic Tickets System Structure 
Smart and Low-frequency Reader & Writer of TATWAH
RFID Reader & Writer of Shenzhen Technology Co.
RFID Applications of Shenzhen Sense 
Development Courses of RFID Technology
Component of RFID Tags
Classification of RFID Tags
Active Tag Vs Passive Tag
Structure of Reader & Writer
Component of Antenna
EPCglobal Vs UID
EPC Standard Vs Ucode
Structure of ISO18000 Standard
Typical RFID Applications
Applications of RFID by Frequency
Global RFID Tag Sales, 2007-2008
Major RFID Counterfeit-Proof Applications
Evolution of Global RFID Passport
Global Quantity of Issued FRID Passport 
Evolution of Global RFID Drug Counterfeit-Proof
Evolution of other Global RFID Counterfeit-Proof Applications
RFID Ticket Counterfeit-proof Application in China
RFID Commodity Counterfeit-proof Application in China
Other RFID Counterfeit-Proof Applications in China
FRID Bus Card Application in China 
RFID Highway Application in China
Development Orientation of RFID Medical 
Global FRID Individual Tracking 
Cities Have Launched NEC Mobile Payment in China
Global RFID Military Application
RFID Products of TI
RFID RF Chips of Infineon
Features of Tongfang’s Contactless Card Chip 
Sales Revenue and Net Profit of Tongfang, 2005-2008 
Sales Revenue and Gross Profit of Datang
Major Contactless Chips of Shanghai Huahong
Regional Agencies of Shanghai Huahong
Contactless Chip Products of Fudan 
SAP’s Branches in China
RFID Solutions of KTI
Tag Performance Parameter of Xiamen Huicong
Tag Performance Parameter of Alien
Tag Performance Parameter of Impinj
Tag Performance Parameter of ShangHai Super
Contact IC Card Chips Standard of Tecsun
Inductive IC Card Chips Standard of Tecsun
Ultra-thin Contactless Smart Card Parameter of Hyan Microelectronics
Tag Parameter of Hyan 
Tag Parameter of Cantechs
Card Reader Parameter of Cantechs
FRID Reader & Writer Products of Best
Performance Parameter of Raifu's RFS-1500 Handheld Reader & Writer
Performance Parameter of Raifu's RFS-1500 Handheld Reader & Writer
Performance Parameter of Raifu's Electronic Tags
Antenna Parameter of Raifu

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