Global and China Flat-Panel TV IC Industry Report, 2009-2010
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The merger of Trident and NXP TV Business Division boasted the biggest event in flat-panel TV IC industry in 2009. Trident was once the leader in the flat-panel TV industry for many years, but it lost its competitiveness due to a bad decision-making in 2006. In 2006 when the network media player made its debut, video decoders were forced to provide support for such coded formats of network video as H.264. Accordingly, many manufacturers in this regard try to integrate video processing with H.264 decoding. However, Trident attached highly importance to 100/120 Hz-MEMC technology, integrating video processing with MEMC. With the lapse of time, network media players has almost become the standard configuration of flat-panel TV, while 100/120 Hz frequency doubling can be only applied in high-end TV and can be realized through additional FRC frequency multiplier. And the solution is more affordable than that of Trident. In addition, 200/240 Hz has now become a mainstream of high-end flat-panel TV and it can be obtained by two additional frequency multipliers, more flexible and affordable. This resulted in the annual revenue of Trident plummeting to less than US$150 million from US$270 million at its peak. By contrast, its counterparts Morningstar and Mediatek grasped the chance to grow big, tied for the first place across the globe.

It is beyond doubt that the new Trident will render the patent power. The new company holds MEMC technology (once owned by Philips and NXP), which is the core functioning to the quality of image in digital TV market. Before the merger of Trident and NXP, only Mediatek and Trident were officially authorized with MEMC technology by Phillips. But the new Trident has the right to decide whether to authorize other companies with MEMC technology or not then and whether the authorized companies can continue their ownership of MEMC technology when it is due. Morningstar is apparently excluded from being authorized by Trident, and Mediatek is also with great possibility of being excluded.

Samsung, the world’s largest flat-panel TV manufacturer, began to conduct independent R & D of video processing IC starting from 2007, a move resulting in sharp deduction of IC purchasing from Trident. Yet, considering the paten problem and powerful strength of the new Trident, Samsung turned back to order products from Trident in the second half of 2009.

In 2009, the new entrants in flat-panel IC industry began to enhance their strength in a progressive way. These companies including Novatek, Himax and Realtek, are the global top 3 IC manufacturers of large-size TFT-LCD drivers. With rich experience in LCD Control IC industry, Novatek and Himax provide main chips for small-sized flat panel TV for the OEM of TPV Technology Limited. Realtek, in particular, as the world’s first IC producer involving in sound cards and network cards, has accumulated rich experience in media player field. In the networking era, Realtek will enjoy huge growth potentials. Micronas, a Swiss enterprise in the field, retreated with depression and sold its frequency multiplier business to Trident in 2009, with the aim of going all out for expanding auto electronics market.       

On April 1st, 2010, NEC and Renesas officially merged. Since the most advanced MCU technology of Renesas and powerful MPEG algorithm of NEC, Sony will be driven to increase its purchasing for flat panel TV from the new merged company. Moreover, LG and Morningstar will enhance their joint development of IC.

Although Mediatek and Morningstar have almost eroded into the global TV supply chains of all brands, their products converge in middle- and low-end fields and suffer from price drop. In virtue of its poor support for the cutting-edge 4 frequency multiplications, the high-end products failed to take any advantage. Although Morningstar played a role in LG high-end TV, it was a fruit cooperated by LG and Morningstar. LG, the main role-player of the two, provides frequency multiplication IC. High-end products are bound to become popular. With the patent threat, Morningstar and Mediatek will progressively suffer from difficulties.

Market Shares of Global Video Processing Manufacturers for Flat-Panel TV, 2009  

3D TV and LED Backlight TV are most popular in flat-panel TV field, a good chance for IC manufacturers to promote their business performance. The best technology solution for 3D TV and LED backlight TV is to better the frame rate of 200/240 Hz frequency multiplications. Other leading enterprises in this field such as Phillips, Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung and LG all develop their unique algorithm solutions, although there are litter differences with MEMC in nature. But Zoran is an exception. 200/240 Hz frequency multiplications call for extra memories equaling 4 times, which will help the enterprises in TV memory gain benefits more or less. They are represented by Taiwan manufacturers in this regard, EPLIDA and HYNIX.

It will further cut the cost if frequency multiplication function would be integrated in the panels of LCD TV, and Samsung and LG Display has began to conduct the research, endeavoring to integrate frequency multiplication in liquid crystal TCON panel. Nevertheless, TV manufacturers prefer external IC since they think this move will degrade flexibility. At present, LG, Trident and Zoran all have their independent IC support systems.

1. Development of Flat-Panel TV
1.1 LCD TV Industry Chain
1.2 Plasma TV
1.2.1 Principle & Structure
1.2.2 Cost
1.2.3 Plasma TV vs. LCD TV
1.3 LED Backlight TV
1.3.1 Profile 
1.3.2 Market
1.4 3D TV
1.4.1 Shutter Spectacles
1.4.2 Polarized Light
1.4.3 Parallax Barrier
1.4.4 Lenticular Lens
1.4.5 3D TV Program
1.5 Internet TV 
1.5.1 Global Internet TV 
1.5.2 China Internet TV 

2. LCD TV Industry and Market
2.1 Global LCD TV Market
2.2 China LCD TV Market
2.3 China LCD TV Industry

3. Classic Design of Flat-Panel TV
3.1 TPM1.2HU Chassis from Phillip
3.2 LC8.2A Chassis from Phillip
3.3 SB series from Sharp
3.4 LG LD91B Chassis 
3.5 LG LD91D Chassis

4. TV Manufactuers 
4.1 Skyworth
4.2 Konka
4.3 Hisense
4.4 TCL Multimedia
4.5 Changhong
4.6 Samsung
4.7 Sony
4.8 LG
4.9 Phillips
4.10 Panasonic
4.11 Sharp
4.12 Toshiba

5. IC for Flat-Panel TV
5.1 IC for DTV (Flat-Panel TV)
5.2 IC Development of DTV (Flat-Panel TV)
5.3 TCON
5.4 LCD TV Power
5.5 Status Quo of IC for Flat-Planet TV (including DTV)
5.6 Trident
5.7 Mediatek
5.8 Morningstar Semiconductor
5.9 ST
5.10 Zoran
5.11 Miccronas
5.12 Huaya Microelectronics
5.13 Broadcom
5.14 Realtek Semiconductor
5.16 Novatek
5.17 Himax
Cost Structure of Plasma TV
Cost Percentage of PDP Panel Make-ups
Price Difference of LED Panel & CCFL Panel, Dec. 2009
Average Prices of 40/46 # LED Backlight LCD TV & CCFL Backlight LCD TV, 2007-2010
Global Shipment of LED Backlight TV, 2007-2012 E
China Shipment of LED Backlight TV, 2008-2012 E
TV Content Analysis 
A Panorama to TV Industry Chain in the Future
XEL-1 Panel Structure 
Unique Super Top Emission Technology from Sony
Global Popularity Rate of LCD-TV, 2004-2012
Market Shares of Global Leading LCD-TV Manufacturers, 2009
China TV Market Size, 2006-2010
Market Shares of China TV Manufacturers by Sales Volume, 2009 
Market Shares of China LCD-TV Manufacturers by Sales Volume, 2009
Market Shares of China TV Manufacturers by Sales, 2009
Market Shares of China LCD-TV Manufacturers by Sales, 2009
Market Shares of China LCD-TV Manufacturers by Sales Volume, Jan.2009 vs. Jan. 2010
Market shares of China LCD-TV Manufacturers by Sales, Jan.2009 vs. Jan. 2010
Output of China LCD-TV, Jan. 2008-Dec.2009
Sales Volume of China LCD-TV, Jan. 2008-Dec.2009
Export Volume of China LCD-TV, Jan. 2008-Dec.2009
Sales Volume of China CRT-TV, Jan. 2008-Dec.2009
Sales Volume of China LCD-TV, 2006-2011
Regional Distribution of China LCD-TV Exports, Jan.-Nov., 2009
Block Diagram of TPM1.2HU Chassis
Block Diagram of TPM1.2HU Power
Interior Video Signal Flow of LC8.2A Chassis
Interior Sound Signal Flow of LC8.2A Chassis
Interior Control & Clock Signal Flow of LC8.2A Chassis
Block Diagram of Sharp SB-Series LCD TV
Power Framework of Sharp SB-Series LCD TV
Block Diagram of MT 5382
Block Diagram of TDA8932B
Chassis Framework of LD91B
Block Diagram of LD91B Chassis
Revenue of Skyworth & Profits Attributable to Its Shareholders, FY2004-FY2010 E
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of Skyworth, 2009
Block Diagram of Skyworth 8DD1 Chassis
Block Diagram of Skyworth 8G20 Chassis
Block Diagram of Skyworth 8D18 Chassis
Power Framework of 8D18 Chassis of Skyworth
Signal Flow of 8D18 Chassis of Skyworth
Block Diagram of Konka DS-Series Chassis
Block Diagram of Konka PDP4212
System Framework of Konka TS-Series Chassis
Signal Flow of Konka TS-Series Chassis
Block Diagram of Konka TS-Series Chassis 
Revenue & Pretax Profit of TCL Multimedia, 2003-2009
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of TCL, 2009
Block Diagram of TV of M71F, M61F, E77F Series
Block Diagram of Changhong LS07 Chassis
Block Diagram of Changhong PP06 Plasma TV Chassis
Block Diagram of LS20 A Chassis
LT42710FHD Mainboard
Main IC for LS20
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of Samsung, 2009
Shipment of Sony TV, 2006-2009
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of Sony, 2009
Revenue & Operating Profit Margin of LG TV Dept., 2007 Q2-2009Q4
LG TV Shipment by Region, 2008 Q1-2009 Q4
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of LG, 2009
Block Diagram of LG LA73A Chassis
Inner IC Bus of LA73A
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of Phillips, 2009
Block Diagram of TPM1.1U Chassis
Block Diagram of TPM1.2U Chassis
Block Diagram of TPM1.3E Chassis
Block Diagram of Panasonic LH50 Chassis (TC-32LX600D)
Supply Proportion from Leading LCD-TV Panel Suppliers of Toshiba, 2009
DTV Module Structure
TV Technology Evolution, 2007-2012
TV IC Evolution, 2008-2011
Market Shares of Global Leading IC Manufacturers for CRT TV, 2008 
Market Shares of Global IC Manufacturers for Flat-Panel TV by Value, 2008
Market Shares of Global Video Processing Manufacturers for Flat-Panel TV, 2009
Market Shares of Global Video Processing Manufacturers for Flat-Panel TV, 2010
Revenue Structure of Trident by Region , FY2007- FY2010 H1
Block Diagram of SVP-WX66
Block Diagram of SVP-WX68
Block Diagram of FRC94XYH
Block Diagram of TV550
Block Diagram of PNX5130
Revenue & Gross Profit Margin of Mediatek, 2001-2010E
Revenue & Operating Profit Margin of Mediatek, 2001-2010
Typical Application of MT5335
Block Diagram of MT5335
Block Diagram of MT537X Series
Block Diagram of MT8202
Typical Application of MT8202
Block Diagram of MT5382
Typical Application of MT8303
Global Presence of Morningstar
HR Distribution of Morningstar
Education Background of Employees of Morningstar
Development Roadmap of Morningstar 
Block Diagram of MST718
Typical Application of MST718
Profile of MST9E89
Block Diagram of MST9E89
Morningstar MST9E89AL: Design Model of Europe-Based Konka Products
View of MSD116 System
Block Diagram of MSD116L
Revenue Structure of STMicroelectronics, 2008
Accumulated Shipment of MPEG2/4 Decoding Chip of STMicroelectronics, 1995-2008
MPEG4/H.264 Decoding Chip Roadmap of STMicroelectronics
Block Diagram of STI1010
Typical Application of North America STI1010
Typical Application of Europe-Based STI1010
Block Diagram of FLI7510
Revenue & Operating Profit Margin of Zoran, 2004-2009
Revenue of Zoran, 2001-2009
Quarterly Revenue of Zoran, 2002-2009
Revenue Proportion of Zoran by Region, 2008-2009
Revenue Proportion of Zoran by Application, 2007-2009
Zoran TV Application Sample
Zoran STB Application Sample
SupraHD System of Zoran
Block Diagram of Zoran SuperHD
SupraHD 680 Software Structure of Zoran 
Generation9 Elite System
Revenue & Gross Profit Margin of Micronas, 2001-2008
Revenue Structure of Micronas by Region, 2005-2008
Staff Structure of Micronas,2007 vs. Late 2008
Revenue of Broadcom, 2007-2009
Block Diagram of BCM3549
Block Diagram of BCM3556
Application of ATI Products in Sony/Samsung TV
DTV Development Strategy of AMD
Block Diagram of Xilleon
Block Diagram of Theater 314/312/311
Typical Application of Theater 314/312/311
Revenue & Operating Profit Margin of Realtek Semiconductor, 2004-2010
Revenue of Realtek from Downstream Products, 2009Q1-2010Q4
Block Diagram of EMMA2TH
Revenue & Operating Profit Margin of Novatek, 2002-2010
Revenue & Gross Profit Margin of Novatek, 2002-2010
Block Diagram of L37BN83 
Revenue & Operating Profit Margin of Himax, 2002-2009
Revenue of Himax from Downstream Products, 2006-2008
Customer Distribution of Himax, 2006-2008
Typical Application of Himax HX6203

Main Chip List & Suppliers of LC8.2A 
SB-Series Chip List & Suppliers of Sharp
Chip List & Suppliers of LD91D 
Sales Volume of Various TV of Skyworth,Apr.2007-Feb.2009
Key Chip List & Suppliers of LCD-TV Chassis of Skyworth
Key Chip & Suppliers for 8G20 Chassis of Skyworth
Key Chip List & Suppliers of Konka TV
Key Chip List & Suppliers of Hisense TV
TV Sales Volume of TCL Multimedia, 2007-2009
Financial Results of TCL Multimedia TV Business, 2008 vs. 2009
Key Chip Model & Suppliers of TCL Multimedia Major Series 
Key Chip Model & Suppliers of Changhong TV Major Series
Key Components for 55 Kinds of Samsung TV
Key Chip Model & Suppliers of Parts of LG Chassis 
Key Chip List of Phillips Chassis
Key Components & Suppliers of LC4.31E-Series Chassis
Key Components & Suppliers of LC4.7E-Series Chassis
Key Component Model & Suppliers of Panasonic LH50 Chassis
Market Shares of Global Leading Video Processing Manufacturers for Flat-Panel TV, Q1-Q3,2008 
Corresponding Relationship of TV Manufacturers to TV Chip Vendors
Revenue & Profit of Trident, FY1999-FY2010
Major Clients of Trident, FY2007-FY2010
ST Flat-Panel TV Products
Broadcom Flat-Panel TV IC Products

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