Global and China Advanced Packaging Industry Report, 2009-2010
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In this report, advanced packaging refers to leadframe-free packaging, mainly CSP and BGA. Advanced packaging is mainly applied in mobile phone, CPU, GPU, Chipset, digital camera, digital video camera, and FPTV, of which mobile phone employs advanced packaging the most since an average of approximately 12-18 pieces of IC in every single mobile phone is in need of advanced packaging, which shapes the advanced packaging market of almost 18 billion pieces; followed by computer CPU, GPU and Chipset whose unit price and gross profit are far higher than that of mobile phone IC packaging despite the smaller quantity.   

Revenue and Growth of Global Top 20 Packaging & Test Companies, 2009-2010

In 2010, the global packaging & testing industry obtains the output value of nearly US$46.15 billion, among which, IDM enjoys US$24.01 billion, and the outsourcing packaging & testing provider (SATS) occupy US$22.14 billion. It is observed that the proportion of world’s packaging & testing industry in the output value of global semiconductor industry climbed to 18.1% in 2009 from 17.5% in 2004, and it can promisingly reach 19.5% by 2013. The packaging & testing industry has become increasingly important in semiconductor industry. The output value of packaging & test industry worldwide in 2010 rises 22.8% or so from 2009 and the growth margin of SATS is close to 30.5%. In particular, the advanced packaging providers experience an even higher average growth of about 36.5%, the highest level ever since 2000.
Packaging has played a more and more important role. Take the baseband MT6253, a highly integrated IC of MediaTek, as an example. If it adopts MediaTek’s consistent TFBGA packaging, the packaging area will be around 14*14mm with poor EMI/ESD performance and heat dissipation. So, MediaTek seeks help from ASE Inc. who accordingly develops aQFN packaging that shall reduce the area to 11.5*11.5mm, moreover, the material cost of QFN packaging leadframe is only 1/3 that of BGA. In fact, cooperating with Mitsui in patent, ASE Inc. started R&D in 2007Q3, purchased machines from 2007Q4 and accomplished verification in 2008Q3. However, the pitch of aQFN packaging is relatively small forasmuch the SMT production lines of small factories in mainland China cannot get with it, resulting in the low yield rate at the initial stage; but the yield rate has been much improved after a long period of great efforts. MT6516, the mobile phone baseband of MediaTek, has a pitch of only 0.378mm, far smaller than that of MT6253. Apparently, the SMT production lines of small factories of emulational products cannot cope with such small spacing.

In 2008, Infineon launched PMB8810 that employed eWLB packaging provided by STATS ChipPAC Ltd. It is a kind of embedded wafer level packaging and the upgrading version of WLCSP packaging, with the packaging size of only 8*8mm. As the world’s smallest and most highly-integrated baseband processor, it also favors 6-layer PCB and reduces cost. LG has largely adopted PMB8810, e.g. GU230, T310, T300, GD350, GB220, and GS170, so have Samsung’s S3350 and Nokia. The global shipment of PMB8810 in 2009 hit 35 million.

In respect of technologies in 2010, the popular TSV technology makes slow progress. TSV has to solve quite a few technical problems and holds high cost against still immature technology and no unified standards, 3-5 folds higher than that of SoC or SiP design which shares the same function or performance. TSV memory which is originally anticipated to mushroom in 2010 failed to make its debut so far and it is predicted to be rolled out massively in 2011, while the Logic +Memory type TSV IC emerges roughly 1-3 years later than expected with not so large application numbers. In the future, TSV will be still primarily applied in CMOS image sensor and stack memory. Fan-Out WLCSP packaging starts to stand out conspicuously in 2010.

In regard to industry, ASE Inc. (an average of 2-3 acquisitions per annum), the global No.1 packaging & test company, purchased 59% equities of Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI) for nearly TWD13.5 billion in February 2010 and the shareholding ratio of ASE Inc. reached 77%. USI is the downstream manufacturer of ASE Inc.’s clients, and after the acquisition, ASE Inc. has further stabilized the orders, the estimated main business revenue in 2010 will see a growth close to 50%. In August 2010, ASE Inc. invested US$67.68 million to acquire Singapore’s EEMS, intensifying its strength in test business. In December 2009, the global No.2 LCD packaging & test company- Chipbond-acquired International Semiconductor Technology Ltd. to become the world’s largest LCD packaging & test enterprise, and the revenue of Chipbond will experience a growth of 165.8% in 2010. At the end of December 2009, Unimicron officially amalgamated with Camel Precision Co., Ltd., and its revenue in 2010 is predicted to witness a growth margin of 142.6%, and it will climb to the global No.3 IC substrate manufacturer from the current 5th position worldwide. Subordinated to Samsung, South Korean STS Semiconductor has flooded into logic IC packaging & test field from memory packaging & test, and its revenue is expected to see a growth margin of 130.2% in 2010.
1 Status Quo and Future of IC Advanced Packaging 
1.1 Profile of IC Packaging 
1.2 Types of IC Packaging 
1.2.1 SOP 
1.2.2 QFP & LQFP
1.2.3 FBGA
1.2.4 TEBGA
1.2.5 FC-BGA
1.2.6 WLCSP
1.2.7 WLCSP Application 
1.2.8 Fan-out WLCSP

2 Global & China Semiconductor Industry 
2.1 Overview 
2.2 Regional Distribution of Global Semiconductor 
2.3 Wafer Foundry 
2.4 Chinese Semiconductor Market 
2.5 Chinese Semiconductor Industry 

3 Status Quo and Future of Packaging & Test Industry 
3.1 Status Quo 
3.2 Future of Copper Wire Bonding
3.3 Horizontal Comparison 
3.4 Industry Pattern of Advanced Packaging 

4 Downstream Market of Advanced Packaging 
4.1 Mobile Phone IC Advanced Packaging Market 
4.2 Mobile Phone Baseband Packaging 
4.3 Mobile Phone Application Processor Packaging 
4.4 Mobile Phone Memory Packaging 
4.5 Mobile Phone Transceiver Packaging 
4.6 Mobile Phone PA Packaging 
4.7 Mobile Phone MEMS and Other Components 
4.8 Advanced Packaging of Memory Field
4.9 CPU, GPU and CHIPSET Packaging 
4.10 CMOS Image Sensor Packaging 
4.11 LCD Driver IC Packaging & Test 

5 Advanced Packaging Enterprises 
5.1 Greatek Electronics 
5.2 Formosa Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. (FATC)
5.3 Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI)
5.4 ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES (Bermuda) LTD. ("ChipMOS")
5.5 King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (KYEC)
5.6 Amkor
5.7 Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (SPIL)
5.8 STATS ChipPAC Ltd.
5.9 Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE Inc.)
5.10 Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.
5.11 Nan Ya PCB Corporation
5.12 Unimicron
5.13 Camel Precision Co., Ltd.
5.15 Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
5.16 Nepes
5.17 STS Semiconductor 
5.18 SEMCO
5.19 Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (JCET)
5.20 Unisem
5.22 Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
5.23 Chipbond Technology Corporation (Chipbond)
Development History of IC Packaging, 1980-2010 
Sketch Map of SOP and TSSOP Profile & Transect 
Sketch Map of QFP, LQFP, and HQFP Packaging Profile & Transect 
Sketch Map of FBGA Profile & Transect 
Development Roadmap of FBGA, 2006-2012 
Sketch Map of TEBGA Profile & Transect 
Sketch Map of FC-BGA Profile & Transect 
Development Roadmap of FC-BGA, 2006-2012 
Sketch Map of WL-CSP Profile, Manufacturing Process, and Transect 
Development Roadmap of Fan-out WLCSP 
Cost Analysis of Fan-out WLCSP Packaging, 2008-2016E
Capacity Proportion of Major Fan-out WLCSP Packaging Manufacturers, 2010 
FO-WLP Packaging IC Shipment by Type, 2009-2015E
Output Value of Global Semiconductor Industry, 2003-2011E 
Global IC Shipment and Average Price, 1999Q1-2010Q1
Global Wafer Shipment, 1998Q1 -2010Q2 
Revenue Distribution by Region of Global Semiconductor Market, 2010Q2 
Output Value and Growth Margin of Global Wafer Foundry Industry, 2005-2014E
Average Capacity Utilization Rate of Advanced Process of Global Wafer Foundries, 2005Q1 -2010Q3 
Client Structure of Global Wafer Industry, 2006-2013E
Global Wafer Shipment Distribution by Size, 2004-2014E
Capacity Utilization Rate of Global Wafer Foundries, 2008Q1-2011Q4 
Sales and Growth Rate of Chinese IC Market, 2005-2009 
Product Structure of Chinese IC Market, 2009 
Application Structure of Chinese IC Market, 2009 
Scale and Growth Rate of Chinese IC Market, 2010-2012E 
Sales and Growth of Chinese IC Industry, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
Penetration Rate of Copper Wire Bonding, 2007-2012E
Regional Distribution of Packaging & Test Industry, 2010 
Market Share of Major Advanced Packaging Manufacturers in Mobile Phone Field Worldwide, 2009-2010 
Market Share of Major Advanced Packaging Manufacturers in Computer Field Worldwide, 2009-2010 
Market Share of Major Advanced Packaging Manufacturers in Memory Field Worldwide, 2009-2010 
Market Share of Major Advanced Packaging Manufacturers in Network Communication Field Worldwide, 2009-2010 
Market Share of Major Advanced Packaging Manufacturers in Consumer Electronics Field Worldwide, 2009-2010 
Downstream Applications of Advanced Packaging, 2009-2011E
Typical Cell Phone Block Diagram  
Cell Phone Single-chip Memory Packaging Trend, 2007-2010 
Development Trend of SIP Memory Packaging, 2007-2011 
Development Trend of PoP Mobile Phone Memory, 2007-2011 
Application of Mobile Phone MEMS and Sensors, 2009-2015E
Elpida Memory Roadmap
Shares of Manufacturers in Intel CPU and CHIPSET Packaging Orders, 2005Q1-2009Q4 
Toshiba TSV Camera Module 
Market Share of Global Major LCD Driver IC Packaging & Test (COF/COG) Companies, 2010 
Market Share of Global Major LCD Driver IC Bumping Companies, 2010 
Shipment of Various LCD Driver ICs, 2008-2011E
Revenue and Gross Margin of Greatek Electronics, 2002-2010 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Greatek Electronics, 2002-2010 
Monthly Revenue of Greatek Electronics, Jan.2008 -Jul.2010 
Quarterly Revenue and Gross Margin of Greatek Electronics, 2007Q1-2010Q2 
Capital Expenditure of Greatek Electronics, 2004-2011E
Revenue of Greatek Electronics by Technology, 2007-2010 
Capacity Utilization Rate of Greatek Electronics, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue and Gross Margin of FATC, 2002-2010 
FATC Organizational Structure 
Capital Expenditure of FATC, 2002-2010 
Revenue and Gross Margin of PTI, 2005-2011E
Revenue and Operating Margin of PTI, 2005-2011E 
Monthly Revenue of PTI, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
Capital Expenditure of PTI, 2003-2010 
Client Structure of PTI, 2010 
Revenue of PTI by Package Type, 2010Q1&Q2
Capacity of PTI Production Lines, 2009-2010 
Revenue and Gross Profit of ChipMOS, 2001-2009 
EBITDA Margin of ChipMOS, 2003-2010  
Cash Flow of ChipMOS, 2010Q2 
Revenue of ChipMOS by Product, 2006-2009 
Revenue of ChipMOS by Region, 2006-2009 
Technical Capability of ChipMOS 
Revenue of ChipMOS (by Sector), 2010Q2 
Revenue of ChipMOS by Product, 2010Q2 
Revenue and Gross Margin of KYEC, 2003-2010 
KYEC Organizational Structure 
Revenue of KYEC by Product, 2005-2010 
KYEC Revenue by Application, 2005-2010 
Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin of Amkor, 2005-2010 
Sales, Administration Management and R&D Expenditures of Amkor, 2007-2010Q2 
Capital Expenditure of Amkor, 2007-2010Q2 
Revenue of Amkor by Packaging Technology, 2007-2009 
Revenue of Amkor by Packaging Technology, 2008Q4-2010Q2
Shipment of Amkor by Packaging Technology, 2008Q4-2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor CSP Packaging Business, 2005-2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor CSP Packaging Business, 2008Q1-2010Q2  
Revenue of Amkor CSP Packaging by Application, 2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor BGA Packaging Business, 2005-2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor BGA Packaging Business, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue of Amkor BGA Packaging by Application, 2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor Leadframe Packaging Business, 2005-2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor Leadframe Packaging Business, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue of Amkor Leadframe Packaging by Application, 2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor Test Business, 2005-2010Q2 
Revenue and Shipment of Amkor Test Business, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue of Amkor Test Business by Application, 2010Q2 
Capacity Utilization Rate of Amkor, 2008Q1-2010Q2 
AMKOR Revenue by Application, 2008Q1-2010Q2
Output Value of Amkor by Region, 2010Q1 
Output of Amkor by Region, 2010Q2 
SPIL Organizational Structure 
Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin of SPIL, 2003-2010 
Capital Expenditure of SPIL, 2001-2010 
Revenue of SPIL by Region, 2009-2010Q1&Q2 
Revenue of SPIL by Application, 2009-2010Q1&Q2 
Revenue of SPIL by Package Type, 2009-2010Q1&Q2 
Revenue Proportion of SPIL Copper Wire Bonding, Jan.-Jun.2010 
Revenue and Gross Margin of STATS ChipPAC Ltd., 2004-2010 
Revenue of STATS ChipPAC Ltd. by Package Type, 2006-2010 
Revenue of STATS ChipPAC Ltd. by Application, 2006-2010 
Downstream Regional Distribution of STATS ChipPAC Ltd. Revenue, 2006-2010 
Organizational Structure of ASE Inc. 
Revenue and Gross Margin of ASE Inc., 2001-2010 
Revenue, Gross Margin, and Operating Margin of ASE Inc., 2009Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue, Gross Margin, and Operating Margin of ASE Inc. Packaging Business, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue of ASE Inc. Packaging Business by Technology, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue, Gross Margin, and Operating Margin of ASE Inc. Test Business, 2009Q1-2010Q2 
Revenue of ASE Inc. by Application, 2010Q2 
Revenue of ASE Inc. by Sector, 2005-2011 
Revenue of ASE Inc. by Application, 2005-2009 
Revenue of Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp. by Package Type, 2007-2011 
Revenue of Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp. by Application, 2006-2009 
Client Structure o f Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp., 2009 
Revenue Structure of Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp. by Product, 2010Q1 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Nan Ya PCB Corporation, 2003-2010 
Revenue of Nan Ya PCB Corporation, 2009Q1-2011Q4 
Revenue of Nan Ya PCB Corporation by Product, 2007-2011 
FC Packaging Proportion of Nan Ya PCB Corporation, 2009Q1-2011Q4 
Client Structure of Nan Ya PCB Corporation, 2010Q1 
Unimicron Organizational Structure 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Unimicron, 2000-2010 
Plants of Unimicron
Capacity of Unimicron Products, 2007-2009 
Organizational Structure of Camel Precision Co., Ltd. 
Operating Income and Gross Margin of Camel Precision Co., Ltd., 2003-2010 
Product Structure of Camel Precision Co., Ltd., 2008Q1-2009Q2 
Product Layers Proportion of Camel Precision Co., Ltd., 2008Q1-2009Q2 
Downstream Product Application & Proportion of Camel Precision Co., Ltd., 2008Q1-2009Q2 
Revenue Structure of Camel Precision Co., Ltd. by Region, 2007Q1-2009Q2 
Revenue and Operating Margin of IBIDEN, FY2004-FY2010 
Revenue and Operating Margin of IBIDEN, FY2009Q1-FY2010Q4 
Revenue of IBIDEN by Region, FY2004-FY2009 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd., FY2005-FY2011 
Assets of Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd., FY2005-FY2009 
Capital Expenditure of Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd., FY2005-FY2009 
Revenue of Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. by Product, FY2005-FY2011 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nepes, 2003-2010 
Revenue of Nepes by Product, 2007-2010 
Revenue and EBITDA Margin of STS Semiconductor, 2004-2010 
Revenue of STS Semiconductor by Product, 2008-2010 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung Electro-Mechanics BGA Packaging Business, 2005Q1-2010Q4 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung Electro-Mechanics FC-BGA Packaging Business, 2005Q1-2010Q4 
ACI Sector Revenue of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, 2010Q1&Q2 
Revenue of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Packaging by Application, 2010Q1&Q2 
Revenue and Operating Margin of JCET, 2005-2010 
Revenue and Gross Profit of Unisem, 2004-2010 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd., 2006-2011 
Revenue of Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. by Package Type, 2009 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Chipbond, 2003-2011 
Revenue of Chipbond by Package Type, 2010Q2 
Revenue of Chipbond by Client, 2010 

Application of IC for Common Mobile Phone WLCSP Packaging, 2010 
Revenue, Gross Margin, and Operating Margin of Global Top 20 Packaging & Test Companies, 2009-2010 
Revenue and Growth Margin of Global Top 20 Packaging & Test Companies, 2009-2010 
Package Type of Major Mobile Phone Components, 2000-2015 
Packaging Technology Development of Global Major Mobile Phone Baseband Vendors, 2008-2013E 
19 Types of Typical Mobile Phone Baseband Packaging 
Global Typical Mobile Phone Application Processor Packaging Technology, 2010 
Packaging Details of 14 Typical Mobile Phone Transceivers 
PA Packaging of 20 Typical Mobile Phones 
Other IC Packaging Technologies of Typical Mobile Phones 
Capacity of FATC
Acquisitions of ChipMOS 
Capacity of SPIL, 2006Q1, 2007Q2&Q3, 2009Q1&Q2 
Capacity of SPIL Suzhou 
Copper Wire Bonding Proportion of SPIL 
Capacity of ASE Inc., 2010Q1-2011Q4 
Capacity of Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp., 2010Q1-2011Q4 
Capacity of Nan Ya PCB Corporation, 2010Q1-2011Q4 
Capacity of Nan Ya PCB Corporation, 2007-2010 
Revenue of FC Packaging, FY2006-FY2009 

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