China Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Industry Report, 2011-2012
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As China accelerates the progress of urbanization and the popularization of automobile, cities are suffering an increasingly serious traffic crunch. The urban road surface area per capita of China is only 10.6 m2, far less than foreign countries’.? Meanwhile, the urban motor vehicle ownership of China is growing at a rate of 15%, while the growth rate of urban road is only 3%. Intelligent transportation has become an important means to improve the efficiency of road use and ease the traffic tension.

As of 2011, all the first-tier Chinese cities made detailed Smart City plans; over 80% of the second-tier cities clearly stated goals of building Smart City. China is increasing the investment in intelligent transportation and Smart City. At present, the investment in intelligent transportation is more concentrated in urban road and highway.

There are 668 administrative cities in China. It’s expected that the total investment in urban road intelligent transportation system (ITS) will reach RMB 11 billion in 2012. ITS will account for 1%-1.5% of the total investment in new highway construction, and it’s expected that the investment in highway ITS will exceed RMB 14 billion in 2012.

Investment in Urban Road and Highway ITS in China, 2007-2012E (Unit: RMB bn)

Intelligent transportation industry chain includes equipment providers, content providers, system integrators and platform service providers. As the proportion of large projects in urban intelligent transportation construction has increased year by year, it’s easier for ITS platform integrators to form large-scale nationwide companies, becoming the biggest beneficiaries of the entire intelligent transportation industry.

Enjoyor (300020.SZ) achieved operating revenue of RMB 366 million in H1 2011, up 39% year on year; E-Hualu (300212.SZ) achieved operating revenue of RMB 203 million in Q1-Q3 2011, up 39.02% year on year; Qiming Information (002232.SZ) achieved operating revenue of RMB 546 million in H1 2011, up 28.60% year on year. Other companies such as Wisesoft (002253.SZ), Baosight Software (600845.SH), Sunwin Intelligent (300044.SZ), China Shipping Network Technology (002401.SZ) and Wantong Technology (002331.SZ) achieved 15%-25% year-on-year growth in the operating revenue.

China Intelligent Transportation System Industry Report 2011-2012 highlights:
  • China intelligent transportation industry characteristics and related policies

  • China ITS industry chain and investment

  • China ITS market research and forecast, including the scale of construction and investment

  • ITS related enterprises in China, including their operation, financial data, market distribution, business and expected performance in 2012
1. Overview of ITS in China
1.1 Definition
1.2 Rapid Growth with Urban Development
1.3 Policy

2. ITS Industry Chain and Investment in China
2.1 Industry Chain
2.2 Investment Fields
2.2.1 Urban Road ITS
2.2.2 Urban Rail Transit ITS
2.2.3 Highway ITS
2.3 Leading ITS Enterprises Have Significant Advantages

3. Key ITS Enterprises in China
3.1 Wisesoft Co., Ltd.
3.1.1 Profile
3.1.2 Financial Analysis
3.1.3 Product and Business Analysis
3.1.4 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012
3.2 Unisplendour Co., Ltd.
3.2.1 Profile
3.2.2 Financial Analysis
3.3 Enjoyor Co., Ltd.
3.3.1 Profile
3.3.2 Financial Analysis
3.3.3 Revenue by Region
3.3.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.3.5 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012
3.4 E-Hualu Information Technology Co., Ltd.
3.4.1 Profile
3.4.2 Financial Analysis
3.4.3 Revenue by Region
3.4.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.4.5 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012
3.5 Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd.
3.5.1 Profile
3.5.2 Financial Analysis
3.5.3 Revenue by Region
3.5.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.5.5 Prospects and Prediction in 2012
3.6 Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent Co., Ltd.
3.6.1 Profile
3.6.2 Financial Analysis
3.6.3 Revenue by Region
3.6.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.6.5 Prospects and Prediction in 2012
3.7 China Shipping Network Technology Co., Ltd.
3.7.1 Profile
3.7.2 Financial Analysis
3.7.3 Revenue by Region
3.7.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.7.5 Prospects and Prediction in 2012
3.8 Anhui Wantong Technology Co., Ltd.
3.8.1 Profile
3.8.2 Financial Analysis
3.8.3 Revenue by Region
3.8.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.8.5 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012
3.9 Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom Co., Ltd.
3.9.1 Profile
3.9.2 Financial Analysis
3.9.3 Product and Business Analysis
3.9.4 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012
3.10 QiMing Information Technology Co., Ltd.
3.10.1 Profile
3.10.2 Financial Analysis
3.10.3 Revenue by Region
3.10.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.10.5 Prospects and Performance Prediction
3.11 Jiangsu Tianze Infoindustry Co., Ltd.
3.11.1 Profile
3.11.2 Financial Analysis
3.11.3 Revenue by Region
3.11.4 Product and Business Analysis
3.11.5 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012
3.12 China ITS (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
3.12.1 Profile
3.12.2 Financial Analysis
3.12.3 Product and Business Analysis
3.12.4 Prospects and Performance Prediction in 2012

4. Development Trend of ITS in China
Nine Subsystems of ITS
Economic Costs of Traffic Jam in Major Chinese Cities
Automobile Ownership in China, 2001-2010
Sales Volume of Minicar in China, 2010-2015
ITS Investment in China, 2004-2010
ITS-related Policies in China, 2003-2011
Target of Low-attitude Airspace Management Reform in China, 2011-2020E
Listed Companies in Chinese ITS Industry Chain
ITS Investment Composition in China
Urban Road ITS Investment in China, 2007-2013E
Density of Urban Rail Transit Network in China and Worldwide
Mileage of Urban Rail Transit in China, 2001-2012E
Urban Rail Transit Investment in China, 2001-2012E
Rail Transit Investment Composition 
Electrical & Mechanical Investment Composition
Highway ITS Investment in China, 2001-2012E
Financial Data of Wisesoft, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Wisesoft, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Wisesoft, 2006-2011
Revenue of Wisesoft by Product, 2008-2011
Revenue Structure of Wisesoft by Product, 2008-2011
Financial Data of Wisesoft, 2010-2012E
Revenue of Wisesoft by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of Unisplendour, 2006-2010
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Unisplendour, 2006-2010
Gross Margin of Unisplendour, 2006-2010
Financial Data of Enjoyor, 2006-2011
Financial Data of Enjoyor by Subsidiary, H1 2010- H1 2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Enjoyor, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Enjoyor, 2006-2010
Revenue of Enjoyor by Region, H1 2011
Revenue Structure of Enjoyor by Region, H1 2011
Revenue of Enjoyor by Product, 2008-2010
Revenue Structure of Enjoyor by Product, 2008-2010
Financial Data of Enjoyor by Product, H1 2011
Revenue Structure of Enjoyor by Product, H1 2011
Financial Data of Enjoyor, 2010-2012E
Revenue of Enjoyor by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of E-Hualu, 2008-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of E-Hualu, 2008-2011
Gross Margin of E-Hualu, 2008-2011
Revenue of E-Hualu by Region, 2008-2011
Revenue Structure of E-Hualu by Region, H1 2011
Revenue of E-Hualu by Product, 2008-2011
Revenue Structure of E-Hualu by Product, 2008-2011
Financial Data of E-Hualu, 2010-2012E
Revenue of E-Hualu by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of Baosight, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Baosight, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Baosight, 2006-2011
Revenue of Baosight by Region, 2007-2011
Revenue of Baosight by Product, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of Baosight by Product, 2007-2011
Financial Data of Baosight, 2010-2012E
Revenue of Baosight by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of Sunwin, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Sunwin, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Sunwin, 2006-2011
Revenue of Sunwin by Region, 2008-2011
Revenue Structure of Sunwin by Region, H1 2011
Revenue of Sunwin by Product, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of Sunwin by Product, 2007-2011
Financial Data of Sunwin, 2010-2012E
Revenue of Sunwin by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of CSNT, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of CSNT, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of CSNT, 2006-2010
Revenue of CSNT by Region, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of CSNT by Region, H1 2011
Revenue of CSNT by Product, 2010-2011
Revenue Structure of CSNT by Product, 2010-2011
Financial Data of CSNT, 2010-2012E
Revenue of CSNT by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of Wantong, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Wantong, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Wantong, 2006-2010
Revenue of Wantong by Region, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of Wantong by Region, H1 2011
Revenue of Wantong by Industry, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of Wantong by Industry, 2007-2011
Revenue of Wantong by Product, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of Wantong by Product, 2007-2011
Financial Data of Wantong, 2010-2012E
Revenue of Wantong by Industry, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom, 2006-2011
Revenue of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom by Industry, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom by Industry, 2007-2011
Financial Data of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom, 2010-2012E
Revenue of Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom by Industry, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of QiMing Information, 2006-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of QiMing Information, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of QiMing Information, 2006-2011
Financial Data of QiMing Information by Subsidiary, 2009-2010
Revenue of QiMing Information by Region, 2007-2011
Revenue Structure of QiMing Information by Region, H1 2011
Revenue of QiMing Information by Product, 2008-2011
Revenue Structure of QiMing Information by Product, 2008-2011
Market Capacity of Car Navigation Products of QiMing Information, 2015E
Financial Data of QiMing Information, 2010-2012E
Revenue of QiMing Information by Product, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of Tianze Infoindustry, 2008-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of Tianze Infoindustry, 2008-2011
Gross Margin of Tianze Infoindustry, 2008-2011
Revenue of Tianze Infoindustry by Region, H1 2011
Revenue Structure of Tianze Infoindustry by Region, H1 2011
Financial Data of Tianze Infoindustry by Product, H1 2011
Revenue Structure of Tianze Infoindustry by Product, H1 2011
Financial Data of Tianze Infoindustry, 2010-2012E
Financial Data of China ITS (Holdings), 2009-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of China ITS (Holdings), 2009-2011
Gross Margin of China ITS (Holdings), 2009-2011
Revenue Structure of China ITS (Holdings) by Product, 2009-2011
Financial Data of China ITS (Holdings), 2010-2012E
Market Scale of ITS in China, 2010-2015E

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