Mobile Handset Radio Frequency IC Semiconductor Industry Report, 2005-2006
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Mobile handset RF is composed of front-end model (FEM), transceiver and power amplifier. The core of FEM is aerial switch with low technology content, so this report mainly focused on the transceiver and power amplifier.

Transceiver is a key component of mobile handset. It is also a relatively independent component, so non-handset manufacturers can also find a place of their own in this field.

Global Market Share Distribution of Mobile Handset transceiver Manufacturers

QUALCOMM lists at No. 1 by the strength of its monopoly power in CDMA domain. In 2005, its shipment reached 182 million flakes and its CDMA transceiver shared over 80% of the market. In addition to CDMA mobile handset, QUALCOMM also produces transceivers aiming at CDMA/GSM. ST ranks at No. 2 by custom transceivers for Nokia, followed by Infineon who has Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens and BenQ as its clients. SILICON LAB is supported by Samsung and LG rely on its CNOS technologies. Except QUALCOMM, the platform-relying handset baseband manufacturers such as TI and Philips were not able to gain a good market share. Independent transceiver suppliers nevertheless shared 50% in the market.

SILICON LAB and Infineon are the earliest two transceiver manufacturers adopting CMOS techniques. Although the specifications of handset-purposed RF IC are extremely strict, however, the technical obstacles have been addressed.. After purchasing Berkana, QUALCOMM also adopts CMOS techniques in an extensive and intensive way. Some newly-founded RF manufacturers, without exception, all adopt RF CMOS techniques, even more advanced 65μm RF CMOS techniques. Old brands such as Philips, FREESCALE, ST and RENESAS maintained traditional technologies, which is mainly SiGe BiCMOS techniques. Nokia still massively draws upon ST RF transceivers. This suggests that some large handset manufacturers are still hold tentative attitude towards RF CMOS whereas Chinese manufacturers, Samsung and LG are more willing to accept new things.

In the infancy of 3G, multi-mode handsets are in great popularity. Lowly-integrated transceivers usually need four or five pieces of IC, which have negative influence on design sophistication, adjusting, size and power consumption. Therefore, RF CMOS has a good prospect. Yet it still needs observing. Nokia's mass application of RF CMOS transceivers can be the signal to judge RF CMOS maturity.

Power amplifier needs special techniques. GaAs semiconductor still keeps absolutely mainstream position in the field of handset-purposed power amplifiers. Power amplifiers influence handsets'  signal, voice quality and power consumption to a great extent. Handset manufacturers are very careful in choosing power amplifiers. They will not adopt other techniques without 4-5 years' trial. SiGe develops smoothly in the domain of Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS but will have no further development in the handset field.

The power amplifier industry is even more particular, with all the manufacturers being independent and seldom exploiting products relevant to mobile handsets. The reason is that GaAs is too special for silicon wafer manufacturers to acquaint in a short term.

Global Market Share Distribution of Handset-purposed Power Amplifiers in 2005

RFMD ranks at the first globally. It has the six largest handset manufacturers worldwide as its clients and supplies power amplifiers to over 80% of Nokia's mobile handsets. SKYWORKS lists at No.2 globally with LG, Lenovo and Samsung as its key clients. Amoi and Siemens are key clients of Renesas and it is also the supplier of Nokia's partial low-price handsets. PHILIPS has Samsung and Bird as its main clients and FREESCALE has MOTO and Bird.

For customer who purchased this report can have a free list of Semiconductor component configuration of 100 mobile handset models launched in Chinese market, 90% of the models been selected were launched in 2005, some of them are still waiting to be launched.


1. Fundamentals of RF Semiconductor
1.1 RF Circuit Structure
1.2 RF Semiconductor Techniques 
1.2.1 GaAs
1.2.2 SiGe
1.2.3 RF CMOS
1.2.4 Ultracmos
1.2.5 Si BiCMOS
1.3 RF Semiconductor in 3G Era
1.4 Polar Modulation
1.4.1 Fundamentals of Polar Modulation
1.4.2 Status Quo of Polar Modulation
1.5 DigRF

2. Overview of Global Handset RF Semiconductor Market

3. Global Handset RF Semiconductor Manufacturers
3.2 ST
3.4 Silicon Lab
3.5 RFMD
3.6 TI
3.13 MAXIM
3.14 Sirific Wireless
3.15 Sequoia Communications
3.16 Tropian
3.18 SiGe Semiconductor
3.19 WIN Semiconductor
3.20 Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC)
3.21 MC Devices (Shenzhen)
3.22 Airoha Technology Corp.
3.23 Beijing LHWT Microelectronics Inc.
3.24 Epic Communications, Inc. (Epicom)
3.25 Yuantonix, Inc.
3.26 Comlent Technology, Inc. (Comlent)
3.27 Rising Micro-Electronics Co., Ltd. (RME)
3.28 RDA Microelectronics
3.29 Hangzhou Sicom RF Technology, Inc.
3.30 Shanghai Tsinghuachip

Framework of Typical Wireless Terminal Equipment RF
Technological Diagram of Typical Wireless Communication Equipment Terminal RF components
Framework of Super-heterodyne
Framework of Homodyne
Framework and Typical Application Diagram of Harley
Framework of Weaver
Comparison between MOCVD and MBE
Comparison among HBT, PHEMT and MESFET Technologies
Analytical Comparison of Signal Frequency Spectrum between 2.5G/2.75G and 3G 
Market Share of Global Handset-purposed Power Amplifiers, 2005
Market Share of China's Handset-purposed Power Amplifiers, 2005
Market Share of Global Handset-purposed Transceivers, 2005
Market Share of China's Handset-purposed Transceivers, 2005
Revenue Statistics of SKYWORKS, FY2002-2005
Gross Profit of SKYWORKS, FY2002-2005
Quarterly Product Structure Proportion of SKYWORKS, 2005 
List of SKYWORKS CDMA RF Sub-system Products 
Inner Framework of CX74107
Inner Framework of CX77328
HELIOS DIGRF RF System Framework
HELIOS EDGE RF Sub-system Framework
HELIOS MINI EDGE RF Sub-system Framework
HELIOS II EDGE RF Sub-system Framework
Inner Framework of RS23603
Revenue Structure of ST, 2005
Revenue Statistics of ST, 2003Q1-2005Q4
ST's Revenue from Mobile Communications, 2003Q1-2005Q4
Revenue Proportion of ST by regions, 2005
New Structure of ST
Regional Distribution of ST 6-inch Wafer Output
Departmental Revenue Statistics of INFINEON, 2003-2005
Regional Revenue Statistics of INFINEON, 2003-2005
Departmental Profit Statistics of INFINEON, 2003-2005
Inner Framework of PMB6272
Inner Framework of SMARTi 3G
Inner Framework of PMB6277
Inner Framework of PMB6271
Inner Framework of PMB6270
Revenue and Gross Profit Rate of Silicon Lab, 2001-2005
Inner Framework of SI4206
Inner Framework of SI4212
Figure: Inner Framework of SI4905
Inner Framework of SI4205
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of RFMD, FY 2001-2005Q3
Product Structure Diagram, FY 2005
Inner Framework of POLARIS
Inner Framework of BRF6100/6150
Application Framework of BRF6150
Departmental Revenue Proportion of Philips, 2005
Income of Philips Semiconductor in Eight Consecutive Quarters
Gross Profit of Philips Semiconductor in Eight Consecutive Quarters
Product Application Proportion of Philips Semiconductor, 2005
Regional Revenue Proportion of Philips Semiconductor, 2005
Inner Framework of UAA3587
Inner Framework of BGY284E
Inner Framework of UAA3582
Revenue of FREESCALE, 2003-2005
Regional Revenue Proportion of GREESCALE, 2005
Quarterly Income and Gross Profit Margin of FREESCALE Wireless and Mobile Sector, 2005
Inner Framework of MMM6000 GSM/GPRS Quad-band Transceivers
MMM6007 WCDMA Triple-band Transceivers
Framework of FREESCALE GSM/GPRS RF System
Inner Framework of WS1102
Inner Framework of ACPM-7881
Inner Framework of RTR6300
Inner Framework of RFR6000
Inner Framework of RFL6000
Inner Framework of RFR6250
Inner Framework of RTR6250
Inner Framework ofRTR6275
Market and Products of ANADIGICS
Key Clients of ANADIGICS
Income and Gross Profit Margin of ANADIGICS in Five Consecutive Quarters
Main Partners of ANADIGICS
Handset Application Cases of ANADIGICS Products
Sales Revenue Structure of ANADIGICS Wide-band Products, 2003-2005
Sales Revenue Structure of ANADIGICS Wireless Products, 2003-2005 
ANADIGICS Product Roadmap
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of TRIQUINT, 2001-2005
Downstream Application Proportion of TRIQUINT Products, 2005
Regional Distribution of TRIQUINT Product Revenue, 2005
Revenue and Gross Profit Rate Changes of Maxim, 2001-2005
Global Regional Revenue Proportion of Maxim, 2005
MAXIM TD-SCDMA RF System Module Program
MAXIM CDMA2000 Dual-band RF Solution Module Program
MAXIM CDMA2000 Single-band RF Solution Module Program
MAXIM WCDMA RF Solution Module Program
Inner Framework of SW2210
Inner Framework of SW3200
Inner Framework of SW3210
GaAs Wafer Foundry Productivity Changes of WIN Semiconductor 
HBT Technology Roadmap of WIN Semiconductor 
HEMT Technology Roadmap of WIN Semiconductor 
Product Cycle Time of WIN Semiconductor 
Technology Roadmap of AWSC
Business Performance of AWSC, 2003-2005H1
Revenue Ratio of AWSC, 2003-2005H1
Share Holders of Airoha 
Development Roadmap of Airoha Handset RF Products
Development Roadmap of Airoha WLAN RF Chip Products
Performance Comparison among Si BJT, SiGe HBT, RF CMOS, Bi CMOS, MES FET, PHEMT and GaAs HBT
Manufacturing Techniques and Components for Different RF Systems
RF Comparison among 2.5G, 2.75G and 3G
RF Frequency Comparison among 2.5G, 2.75G and 3G
RF System Requirement Comparison between 2.5G/2.75G and 3G
The Four Production Bases of SKYWORKS
Transceiver Products of INFINEON
Transceiver Products of Silicon Lab
Brief Introduction to MC13777/MC13712
Brief Introduction to MMM6010/6011/6025
RF Power Amplifier Products of AVAGO
Handset Transceiver Products of QUALCOMM
WCDMA Power Amplifier Products of ANADIGICS 
Power Amplifier Products of TriQuint
Technical Features of WIN Semiconductor Transistors>
IC Products of MC Devices
Airoha Products
LHWT Microelectronic Products
Epicom Products
Yuantonix Handset-purposed Wireless Power Amplifier Products
Comlent Semiconductor Products
RME Microelectronic Products
RDA Products
Sicom Products

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