The sustained economic development of China has created a huge amount of opportunities for investors, but due to the high complexity of the Chinese market, potential risks remain high. Since its set-up, RIC has been striving to provide investors the China-based, up-to-date and comprehensive information they need.

Our quality promise:

Thanks to the know-how and experience of its experts, and to useful case studies accumulated over the years, RIC has become a leading information consultancy company for customized research in China, offering premium quality service.

Our project design process is conducted locally by our highly trained staff ensuring that we obtain tangible information without bias. All studies are carried out based on strict internal quality control procedures. We present the results in a way that is not only clear to understand but also effective and lasting.

Our methodology:

Like many research providers, we gather data using the latest technologies and techniques, including telephone, mails, focus groups, in-depth interviews. But what makes our difference is the way we analyze the collected information. Being a Chinese company, we have a deep insight and an accurate understanding of the Chinese market. Beyond the facts, we deliver the analyses and the recommendations that will help you to make the right decision.

Our areas of expertise:

Investment or pre-entry appraisals:
When an investor intends to enter a business but feels uncertain about the chances of success. We can use our data and tracking capacity to make research on the industry, identify the opportunities and provide the options for clients to select.

Identification of Chinese partners for joint-venture projects:
RIC maintains close relationships with various industry institutions and provincial economic and trade commissions, thus having an advantage in searching and selecting joint venture partners for foreign investors.

Just ask us!

We would be happy to discuss your project with you, using phone or e-mail. You will receive a research proposal free of charge, featuring the objectives, the research design, the team members, the schedules and the price of the study.


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