China DVD Market Report, 2006
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In 2005, 18.744 million DVD players were sold in China with sales revenue reaching RMB11.528 billion. The market remained a rapid growth while sales revenue grew slowly due to the intense competition. Sales volume rose by 2.242 million units, or a 13.6% increase compared to 2004; sales revenue increased by RMB 0.501 billion over 2004, or a 4.5% year-on-year growth. The compound growth rate of sales volume reached 45.3% from 2001 to 2005 and that of the sales revenue 14.9%.    

Scale and Increase of Sales Volume in China DVD Player Market, 2001-2005

 Scale and Increase of Sales Revenue in China DVD Player Market, 2001-2005


The consumer behavior and consumption characteristic are different according to regions. For instance, the consumers in North China pay much more attention to the brand, quality as well as services; the consumers in East China are not so sensitive to the price, but care more about the brand favorite and have a high demand for the functions; However, the consumers in southwest and northwest regions are more practical and show obvious attention to the price fluctuation. 

DVD Player Market Structure in China's Key Regions, 2005

China's DVD market will grow steadily in the next few years, but the revolution of product structure and the change of competition pattern lurk behind the surface of the steady market growth. Since HD-DVD player launched in the market and underwent successive sharp drops of prices, the market shares of such products increased rapidly, and the sale price of ordinary DVD players was further lowered. As consumer income is getting increase and consumer demand tend to be diversify, portable DVD and DVD-ROM products will increase significantly in the next few years. The compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of China's portable DVD and DVD-ROM will reach 49.7% in the next five years.

Report highlights

1. China's DVD market enters a new round of replacement period, and product reconstruction and technological innovation become the main issues for market development;
2. Powerful vendors with great brands lead the market and many small vendors gradually quite the market;
3. High patent fees restrict China's product exportation and new technical standards decide the market future;
4. Products are mainly concentrated in the first and second class markets, but the third class market, where there is less penetration, needs to be further developed.

Consumers' psychological recognitions of use values for different types of DVD players

1. Global DVD Player market development outline in 2005
1.1 Market status
1.2 Basic characteristics
1.2.1 Global DVD Player market maintains rapid growth and the sales grow slowly.
1.2.2 HD-DVD develops smoothly and ordinary DVD still plays a key role.
1.2.3 The structural adjustment of DVD Player products is accelerating and DVD-RW Players are increasing swiftly.
1.3 Strategy of major vendors
1.3.2 SHINCO
1.3.3 MALATA
1.3.4 DESAY 

2. China's DVD Player market size and characteristics in 2005
2.1 Market size and growth
2.1.1 Market size
2.1.2 Annual growth speed
2.1.3 Market size and growth speed of each season
2.2 Product mix
2.2.1 Division by shape and function
2.2.2 Division by technology and format standards
2.3 Brand structure
2.4 Market structure
2.4.1 Product price structure
2.4.2 Marketing channels structure 
2.4.3 Regional market structures

3 Strategy analyses of important China's DVD Player vendors in 2005
3.1 Market strategy analysis of powerful vendors
3.1.2 MALATA
3.1.3 AMOI
3.1.4 SHINCO
3.1.5 SVA
3.2 Strategy analysis of growing vendors
3.2.1 DESAY

4. Analysis on expected purchasing behaviors in China's DVD Player market for 2005
4.1 Brand preferences
4.2 Price preferences
4.3 Channel preferences
4.4 Information access preferences
4.5 Innovative function needs

5. 2006-2010, Analysis and forecast on China's DVD Player market trend
5.1 Major factors which influence future market development 
5.1.1 Economic and social development
5.1.2 Policy environment
5.1.3 Complementary products
5.1.4 Industrial chain and technology
5.2 Market development trend analysis
5.2.1 Product and technology
5.2.2 Market competition pattern
5.2.3 Channels and terminals
5.2.4 Price trend
5.3 Market size forecast
5.3.1 Sales forecast
5.3.2 Sales volume forecast
5.4 Market structure forecast
5.4.1 Product market structure
5.4.2 Sales channel structure
5.4.3 Regional market structure

6.1 Strategy suggestion for main powerful vendors
6.1.1 Product strategy: To seize the market opportunities and to act in a differential way
6.1.2 Price strategy: To streamline low end products and lower prices;  improve high end products and reap high profits
6.1.3 Channel strategy: To strengthen home mall stores and multi-brand home appliances stores; To nurture net mall model
6.1.4 Service strategy: To apply the interactive marketing service and enhance brand image services
6.1.5 Brand strategy: To build brands step by step, to enrich the brand content and to set up a good brand image brand
6.2 Strategy suggestion for growing vendors
6.2.1 Product strategy: To strengthen ability to launch new products and increase capital turnover
6.2.2 Price strategy: To avoid face to face conflicts and flexibly use the pricing strategy 
6.2.3 Channel strategy: To select advantageous channels and exploit rural market
6.2.4 Service strategy: To focus on application services and enhance the brand popularity 
6.2.5 Service strategy: To enhance brand popularity and build brands step by step
Sales volume of China's DVD Player market by shape and function in 2005
Sales volume of China's DVD Player market by technology and format standards in 2005
China's DVD Player market brand structure in 2005
China's DVD Player market structure in important regions for 2005
Channels distribution comparison between actual users and potential users in acquiring the DVD Player information 
2001-2010, comparison of sales volume in China's DVD Player market by the results from function fitting
2006-2010, China's DVD Player regional market structure forecast
China's DVD Player market scale in 2005
2001-2005, scale and growth of China's DVD Player market sales
2001-2005, scale and growth of China's DVD Player market sales volume
China's DVD Player market sales scale and growth in 2005
China's DVD Player market sales volume scale and growth in 2005
Sales structure of China's DVD Player market products divided by shape and function in 2005 
Sales structure of China's DVD Player market products divided by technology and format standards in 2005  
China's DVD Player market sales brand structure in 2005
China's DVD Player market sales channel structure in 2005
China's DVD Player market brand distribution in 2005
China's DVD Player market regional market division in 2005
Purchase consideration factors distribution in China's DVD Player market
Expectation of price decrease for traditional DVD Player products
Expectation of price decrease for HD-DVD Player products
Channel choice trend of DVD Player purchase
2001-2005, time trend of China's DVD Player sales volume 
2001-2005, China's DVD Player sales volume polynomial function fit
2001-2005, China's DVD Player sales volume logarithmic function fit
2006-2010, China's DVD Player market demand forecast
2006-2010,China's DVD Player market sales forecast
2006-2010, China's DVD Player market sales volume segment market structure forecast
2006-2010, China's DVD Player market marketing channel structure forecast

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