Only the companies listed below are authorized to distribute our reports. Any other companies using the material contained within this website are doing it illegally. They do not have the actual reports at their disposal and may only provide you with poor quality information. If you come across any such situation, please report it to us immediately.

With more than 10,000 available reports covering around 200 industries, Plusdetudes is the largest market reports library in France.
Plusdetudes strives to provide precise and up-to-date economic, strategic and competition analyses to its clients, while offering a premium quality service.
Research Connect is an integrated research database and market research firm comprised of leading market research reports, experts, researchers and research firms.
Researchers can create an extensive business profile, upload market research reports and take advantage of our research marketing tools.
Financial, media and public subscribers can register for full access to the research database giving them access to online research, research alerts, full contact information for all experts and full access to Research Connect Interactive.

With more than 3,000 available reports, covering a wide range of industries, Markt-studie is the leading distributor of market reports in Germany.
Our goal is to provide precise, efficient and independent information to consultants and deciders, for them to achieve their strategic objectives.

Overseas Information Center (OIC) has served as the provider of information products for the Telecommunications, Electronics, Chemical and Industry etc.
Working to stay on top of these ever evolving industries, OIC have more than 10,000 publications from the most respected market researchers and industry analysts. Because we are constantly looking for new sources of information for our clients to be a leading source of market information, OIC's web site contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive listing of industry publications available. It is updated continuously to insure that our users always have the best information available to them at any time. Publications is a world-class research network and publishing company whose focus is technology and market research for the electronics industry. Meanwhile, the Electronics.caPressCenter is the premier online source dedicated entirely to electronics industry research news.
Our network spans dozens of areas of electronics expertise, and taps the knowledge of researchers and analysts internationally. We deliver critical information on the semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, wireless technology and converging markets, to name a few, in the form of off-the-shelf reports, training materials, and industry standards.
We are the leading source for international market research and market data. We hold ¡®000¡¯s of major research publications from most of the leading publishers, consultants and analysts. We provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends
We are a ¡®One-Stop-Shop¡¯ for market research reports and industry newsletters from specialist research firms and niche market analysts.
All of our titles are listed at the same price as our specialist research firms.
Browse our industry categories, or search by a specific keyword or phrase. When you have found your chosen publication, click on its title to see more information including abstracts, executive summaries, samples and indexes/tables of contents.
You can also submit a request for market research assistance and our experienced customer service team will respond to you via phone, email or fax

MarketLaunch Consulting is an entrepreneurial market research agency that delivers a comprehensive range of high-value, low-cost services in Europe, the US and Asia. We cover many aspects of primary and secondary research, including: market profiling, market intelligence, public relations, due diligence and market entry strategies.
Working across all major industries, MLC acquires and applies knowledge with a variety of clients ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations. Our recent projects have included:

  • Developing and mapping of e-commerce strategy and revenue sources
  • Development of a international market entry strategy and UK marketing strategy for a web casting company
  • Researching the effect of ¡°Cultural Difference¡± on the buying decision of automotive consumers
  • Study of the effect, level of acceptability and preparation for the IAS on behalf of a financial consultancy
  • Two-phased product testing and test marketing in the UKFood market
  • Developing and implementing European business development strategy in the complementary and alternative health industry is an aggregator of global business intelligence representing the most comprehensive collection of published market research analysis available on-demand.
By continuously updating research from over 350 of the leading research firms and consultancies worldwide, MarketResearch online provides the most relevant, current and credible research available. Our Research Specialists bring an unbiased approach to identifying the information business professionals need to make effective strategic decisions.

Okokok is the largest market resource in China, with nearly 10 000 reports available. Established in 2001, it now distributes reports from more than a hundred research publishers and has sold reports to thousands of clients, on all kinds of industries.

CMS Business Information: your 'One-Stop' business information shop.

CMS has been online for over 10 years, trading offline since 1988. We are more than just an online portal (although we are the oldest, most experienced). Ask the experts before you buy.

For over fifteen years ADKiT has been the premier information provider in Israel. ADKiT pulls together over 30 professional analysts from numerous industries: Technology, Media, Life Science, Defense and Consumer Goods to mention just a few.

PK & WISE provides market information to Korean companies to help them increase their global competitiveness in partnerships with leading and renowned market research firms worldwide.

R&D Biz is a Korean company specialized in Market Research. The company believes that R&D and Knowledge Management in the world¡¯s business environment change so rapidly and any company in the world needs to realize and cope up with the changes of the paradigm.

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