110,000 Charging Stations to be built in South-west China

Chongqing Liangjiang & Laidian Alternative Energy Co., Ltd, providing service of constructing facility for green vehicles in China, will build 110,000 charging stations for 100,000 alternative energy vehicles in Chongqing City of South-west China by 2020.
The company has business including construction of charging facility and intelligent charging terminals both in urban and rural areas, charging service, and renting green vehicles. Through providing service of intelligent charging, it can collect information of users and build a system including charging network, automobile network and Internet. Establishment of this system may meet diversified customer demands of sales, rental, after-sales service, and others.
Except for constructing charging facilities, Liangjiang & Laidian may build a 4S shops, allowing potential customers to try vehicles before buying them online.
According to official data, there had been 24 charging plants, 405 charging stations in Chongqing city by the end of 2015.
The increasing number of charging plants and stations may encourage use of green vehicles.


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