ResearchInChina researched and summarized China’s current mainstream high computing power ADAS domain controller products such as Huawei MDC and DJI ADAS domain controller prototype, and technical information. This paper will briefly analyze the key components of ADAS domain controller, including CPU, MCU, storage, and interface. CPU In terms of...More details
High Precision Positioning Research:  four forms of mass-produced integrated high-precision positioning products With the continuous development of autonomous driving, the demand for high-precision positioning technology is increasing. As intelligent vehicles tend to pre-embed hardware, ever more passenger cars are equipped with high-precisio...More details
AUTOSAR research: CP + AP integration, ecosystem construction, and localization will be the key directions. AUTOSAR standard technology keeps upgrading, and the willingness to build open cooperation gets ever stronger. The trend for the boom in intelligent vehicle basic software brings new development opportunities to AUTOSAR. In recent years, ne...More details
Autonomous Driving Algorithm Research: BEV Drives Algorithm Revolution, AI Large Model Promotes Algorithm Iteration The core of the autonomous driving algorithm technical framework is divided into three parts: environment perception, decision planning, and control execution. Environment perception: convert sensor data into machine language of the...More details
Dismantling Report: DJI Front View Binocular Camera and Innovusion LIDAR Recently, ResearchInChina selected two key components essential to current intelligent driving assistance systems - front view camera and LIDAR, conducted a complete dismantling, and formed "DJI Automotive Front View Binocular Camera and Innovusion LIDAR Dismantling Report, 2...More details
Automotive CIS research: three major segmentation scenarios create huge market space It is known that the biggest application market of image sensor is smartphone field. As the smartphone market becomes saturated, image sensor chip vendors are turning to booming intelligent vehicle market. The development of automotive intelligence has led to a sh...More details
Automotive Display Research: Penetration Rate of OLED, Mini LED and Other Innovative Display Technology Increased Rapidly With the penetration of new energy and intelligent driving vehicles, the trend of large-screen and multi-screen displays in vehicles is becoming more and more obvious. In addition to the central control and instrument screens, ...More details
Simulation Research (Part II): digital twin, cloud computing, and data closed-loop improve simulation test efficiency. Simulation tests can not only be conducted in extreme working conditions and more complex scenarios and make ADAS/ADS verification more effective, but also reproduce and generalize the real vehicle test data, allow for deeper anal...More details
Automotive Memory Chip Research: Localization is imperative amid intense competition The global smart phone storage market size hit US$46 billion in 2021 when the global automotive storage market size reached about US$4.5 billion, which is only equivalent to 1/10 of the former. Under development trend of intelligent connected vehicles, automobiles...More details
Simulation test research: foreign autonomous driving simulation companies forge ahead steadily with localization services. As the functions of ADAS and autonomous driving systems are developed and the expected development cycle of SOTIF functions shortens, the launch of new vehicle models in the competition among automakers is inseparable from a m...More details
Multimodal interaction research: more hardware entered the interaction, immersive cockpit experience is continuously enhanced ResearchInChina's “China Automotive Multimodal Interaction Development Research Report, 2022” conducts analysis and research from three aspects: the installation status of mainstream interaction modes, the application of ma...More details
Operating system research: the automotive operating system for software and hardware cooperation enters the fast lane. Basic operating system: foreign providers refine and burnish functions; Chinese providers expand software and hardware cooperation.  Internationally, Blackberry's QNX, Linux-based custom operating system, and Android open sou...More details
Automotive radar research: installations surged by 49.5% year on year in 2021, and by 35.4% in the first nine months of 2022. 1. The installations of automotive radars sustain growth, and are expected to reach more than 24 million units in 2025 In 2021, the installations of radars in new passenger cars in China reached 12.241 million units, jump...More details
In-cabin Monitoring Research: In the first nine months of 2022, the installations of DMS+OMS swelled by 130% yr-on-yr with visual DMS/OMS as the mainstream solution Local manufacturers are keen to deploy DMS and OMS simultaneously According to the statistics of ResearchInChina, 259,000 sets of DMS+OMS were installed from January to September 2022...More details
NIO ET5/ET7 Intelligent Function Deconstruction: R&D will change the market pattern in 2025Chinese automakers have triumphed remarkably in the field of high-end intelligent electric vehicles. After deeply studying the most typical high-end electric vehicles in the Chinese market (including NIO ET5/ET7, Xpeng P7, Aion LX Plus, Aion V Plus, ARCFO...More details
Research on design trends of intelligent cockpits: explore 3D, integrated interaction.                            In 2022, multiple automakers have released new concept car models, showing their vision and understan...More details
Commercial vehicle telematics research: three parties make efforts to facilitate the industrial upgrade of commercial vehicle telematics. In 2022, China's commercial vehicle telematics industry continues upgrade. Intelligent terminal suppliers, telematics platforms of OEMs, and third-party operating platforms realize business expansion and digita...More details
Research on intelligent steering of passenger cars: The development of intelligent steering is accelerating, and it will be put on vehicles in batches in 2023 In September 2022, Geely and Hella jointly developed a series production-ready steer-by-wire (SBW) system which will be spawned from 2026. In October 2022, NIO signed a strategic coopera...More details
Research of charging / battery swapping: More than 20 OEMs layout charging business, new charging station construction accelerated From January to September 2022, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 4.567 million, with a market share of 23.5%, Thus ownership of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 10 million units. In terms o...More details
L2 and L2+ research: The installation rate of L2 and L2+ is expected to exceed 50% in 2025.So far, L2 ADAS has achieved mass production, and L2+ ADAS has seen development opportunities as the layout focus of OEMs and suppliers. According to ResearchInChina, from January to September 2022, the L2 and L2+ ADAS installation rate of domestic passenger...More details
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