ResearchInChina was established in 1999, has become a leading independent provider of China business intelligence. Our research is designed to meet the diverse planning and information needs of businesses, institutions, and professional investors worldwide. Our services are used in a variety of ways, including strategic planning, product and sales forecasting, risk and sensitivity management, and as investment research.

We have over 500 clients worldwide, including the largest commercial and investment banks; insurance companies; research institutions; financial services firms; mutual funds; manufacturers; utilities; and industrial and technology clients.


Providing market research, project survey and competition intelligence service;
Saving money and time for customers and helping them to understand the market reality;
Our unique competitiveness is to provide innovative service constantly;
As a neutral institution, we focus on Chinese market and devote ourselves to serving global customers.

Our Major Activities

  • Multi-users market reports
    We regularly publish market reports, covering a wide range of industries. More…
  • Charts and Data Service
    This service covers data and charts for different sectors and industries.
  • Company scan
    The company scan provides a unique company profile comprehensively based on Industrial environment, market presence and company financials.
  • Custom Research
    We provide the following custom service: Market Environment Analysis, Market Entry study, Value Chain Study, Competitor Intelligence, and Business Partner Evaluation

For those demands beyond our research capability, we will seek the help from dozens of our research partners spread over china as well as hundreds of our external research experts.

Our Methodology
All of our statistics, analysis and reports explore all major issues, threats and opportunities and provide you with incisive and actionable strategic recommendations.

The strength of our established primary research and analysis is derived from:

proprietary analysis techniques
quantitative and qualitative data (from The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), The Centre for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (CEAF), China National Technical Import & Export Corporation, a growing number of Chinese trade and industry associations, and so on)
independent expert authors access to key industry players unparalleled database and library resources


Contact Us

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