Chinese city to invest 1.1 billion yuan to build charging piles

ZhongShan, a southern city in China, has released a draft version of the Outlet of the development and deployment of alternative energy vehicles in ZhongShan (herein after referred as the Draft) on the official website of Zhongshan Development & Reform Bureau on June 14th. According to the Draft, ZhongShan will grant 1.1 billion yuan over the next five years to equip the city with adequate charging facilities, and boost the number of alternative energy vehicles to 9,500 units and the number of charging piles to 10,000 units by 2020.
In recent years, Zhongshan has already introduced several regulations and subsidies to regulate and boost the sales of alternative energy vehicles and encourage social investments in the construction of charging facilities. According to the Bureau, the number of alternative energy vehicles and charging piles totaled 2,273 and 1,053 respectively by the end of 2015.
According to the Draft, Zhongshan will build 30 charging stations for buses, 50 for taxis, private cars, rent cars, logistics vehicles and sanitation vehicles, 30 exclusively for logistics and sanitation vehicles, and 10,000 charging piles, including 6,000 for private use, by 2020. Zhongshan Development & Reform Bureau expected 9,500 alternative energy vehicles in the city by 2020, including 2,000 private cars, which means by then every alternative energy vehicle in the city will be equip with at least one charging piles.
The Draft also suggests that relevant enterprises should focus on the innovation of new financing modes, the enhancement of aftersales service and the building of the Internet of Vehicles, which is also align with the market trend.
Besides, Zhongshan will also introduce detailed rules to specific the subsidy allocation, covering vehicle purchase, vehicle rental, battery rental, vehicle operation, vehicle maintenance, tolls, parking and charging fees.


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