Global and China CMOS Camera Module Industry Report, 2012-2013
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Global and China CMOS Camera Module Industry Report, 2012-2013 mainly covers the followings:
1.    Image sensor / optical lens / camera module industry pattern;
2.    CMOS camera module downstream market;
3.    7 image sensor companies;
4.    16 optical lens companies;
5.    12 camera module vendors;
6.    4 AFA companies

The CMOS camera module industry chain is quite complex, with key links covering CMOS sensor, optical lens, AFA, filter and module, which accounted for about 52%, 19%, 6%, 3% and 20% of the market size in 2012, respectively.

The CMOS camera module industry market size in 2012 was approximately US$10.8 billion, an increase of 24.1% over 2011, mainly driven by the great improvement in smartphone camera pixels, which extended into 2013, whereupon the mainstream smartphone camera pixels will be raised from 5MP to 8MP, and the high-end smartphone as high as 13MP.

In 2013, all smartphones will be equipped with AFA, and high-end ones given with the OIS (optical image stabilisation) function, which has been popular in digital cameras but fairly rare in mobile phones, and will see significant growth. The emergence of OIS not only promotes the function of mobile phone photography further, but also improves the video shooting function to a greater extent. To achieve this, a gyroscope (Invensense as the main supplier) and an OIS driver IC (SANYO or ROHM as the main supplier) are of the essence. 13MP and OIS constitute the main driving force for the mobile phone camera module market growth. It is expected that in 2013 CMOS camera module market size will climb 23.1% over 2012 to US$13.3 billion.

In the field of image sensor, Omnivision did all it could do to catch up from the second half of 2012 by lowering prices to stimulate sales. The consequent substantial growth of 50% in shipment narrowly kept its dominant position in the field of non-digital camera CMOS image sensor, followed closely by Samsung Electronics and Sony, especially Sony, the first to enter 13MP field and with more than 70% market share. China’s Galaxy Core relying on SMIC almost monopolizes the domestic low- and medium-end market, with shipment in 2012 exceeding 600 million units.

With the dramatic advancements in mobile phone camera pixels, optical lens companies have shown signs of polarization. Technically-excellent companies focusing on the high-end market are getting swelling market share, while technically laggard peers targeting the low- and medium-end market cannot make any progress. The 8-megapixel technical threshold has been already high, not to mention the 13-megapixel, although many companies are able to produce 13-megapixel optical lens, the key is the low yield rate, only going beyond 90% can the high profit margins be guaranteed. The best example is Largan Precision Co., Ltd. whose gross margin has never been less than 40%, and high-end products outnumber 50%. By comparison, a majority of companies only have a 10-15% gross margin, even 5% for ones with backward technology. As a result, many of them abandoned the high-end market.

Fujinon, KMOT and Digital Optics are the second-tier members. Fujinon pays close attention to the more lucrative professional-grade camera lens and DC lens rather than mobile phones, which causes an annual revenue decline. With DC lens and DVD OPU business, KMOT shows great interest in the field of mobile phones, and may challenge Largan Precision’s status by virtue of rapid business growth. As a South Korean company, Digital Optics has witnessed fast-growing developments, with principle activities concentrated on the high-end market.

With respect to the camera module field, LG-INNOTEK, pulled by the big customer Apple, saw a substantial increase in revenue; SEMCO’s revenue increased by almost 100% relying on the strong drive of Samsung mobile phones, very nearly the same as LG-INNOTEK’s; benefiting from the greatly increased shipments of Huawei and ZTE mobile phone, the Mainland vendor Sunny Optical doubled revenue. South Korea-based Patron displayed the fastest growth, entering Samsung’s supply chain for the first time, with an increase of up to 189%. Downhearted vendors include Foxconn, whose market share shrank resulting from order-robbing by the specialized enterprises like Sunny Optical Technology, and revenue was dragged down by the sharply dropped shipments of its big customer Nokia; so did STMicroelectronics.
Revenue of the World’s Leading CMOS Camera Module Vendors, 2010-2012 (Unit: US$M)
1. CMOS Camera Module Industry
1.1 Industry Chain
1.2 CMOS Image Sensor Industry
1.3 Image Sensor Market
1.4 Optical Lens Industry
1.5 Supply Relationship between CMOS Camera Optical Lens and Brand Company
1.6 CMOS Camera Module Sector
1.7 Supply Relationship between CMOS Camera Module and Brand Vendor
1.8 Introduction to AFA (VCM)
1.9 AFA Industry Structure 
1.10 Introduction to OIS
1.11 Status of OIS in Mobile Phones

2. CMOS Camera Module Market
2.1 Market Size 
2.2 Mobile Phone Market
2.2.1 Market Size of Global Mobile Phone
2.2.2 Market Share of Mobile Phone by Brand
2.2.3 Smartphone Market and Industry
2.2.4 China Mobile Phone Industry by Region
2.2.5 China Mobile Phone Exports
2.3 Laptop and Tablet PC
2.3.1 Laptop Industry
2.3.2 Laptop OEM
2.3.3 Tablet PC Industry 
2.3.4 China Mobile PC Industry

3. CMOS Image Sensor Companies
3.4 SONY

4. Optical Lens Companies
4.12 GLORY
4.14 KMOT

5. Camera Module Vendors
5.7 BYD 
5.10 SEMCO

6. AFA Companies
CMOS Camera Module Industry Chain
Image Sensor Companies Supply Chain
Market Share of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Companies, 2010
Market Share of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Companies, 2011
Market Share of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Companies, 2012
Market Share (Volume) of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Companies, 2012
Market Share (Volume) of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Companies in PC Field, 2012
Ranking of Global Leading CMOS Camera Optical Lens Companies by Revenue, 2011-2013
Distribution of Nokia Mobile Phone Camera Optical Lens Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of Samsung Optical Lens Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of Apple Optical Lens Suppliers, 2012
Revenue of Global Leading CMOS Camera Module Vendors, 2010-2012
Distribution of Nokia Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of Samsung Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of Apple Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of LG Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of ZTE Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
Distribution of Huawei Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
VCM Illustrative Diagram 
VCM Profile Map
Supply Relationship between AFA and Camera Module Vendor
Market Share of Global Leading AFA Companies, 2012
LITE-ON 8M OIS Module 
LITE-ON 13M OIS Module
Shipments and Amount of Global CMOS Camera Module Market, 2010-2015
Global CMOS Camera Module Shipment by Application, 2010-2015
Global CMOS Camera Module Shipment by Pixel, 2010-2015
Global Mobile Phone CMOS Camera (Main Camera) Module Shipments by Pixel, 2010-2015
Global Mobile Phone Shipment, 2007-2014
Global CDMA/WCDMA Mobile Phone Shipment by Region, 2010-2013
Sales Volume of Global Leading Mobile Phone Vendors, 2011-2012
Sales Volume of Global Leading Mobile Phone Vendors, Q4 2012
Market Share of South Korea’s Leading Mobile Phone Vendors, Q4 2012
Market Share of America’s Leading Mobile Phone Vendors, Q4 2012
Sales Volume of Global Leading Smartphone Vendors, 2012-2013
Global Smartphone Operating System Distribution, Q4 2012
China’s Mobile Phone Output by Province, Jan-Nov 2011
China’s Mobile Phone Output by Province/City, Nov 2012
Shipments of Top Laptop Brands, 2010-2013
Market Share of Top Laptop OEMs, 2006 vs. 2008
Supporting Relationship and Shipment Ratio between Global Laptop Brand Vendors and OEMs, 2010
Supporting Relationship and Shipment Ratio between Global Laptop Brand Vendors and OEMs, 2011
Supporting Relationship and Shipment Ratio between Global Laptop Brand Vendors and OEMs, 2012-2013
Output of Top Table PC Vendors, 2012-2013
China’s Laptop (Including Tablet PC) Output, 2004-2012
China’s Laptop (Including Tablet PC) Output by Region, 2010-2012
CMOS Image Sensor Product of SAMSUNG
Revenue and Gross Margin of OMNIVISION, FY2005-FY2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of OMNIVISION, FY2005-FY2013
Shipments of OMNIVISION, FY2002-FY2013
Revenue Breakdown of OMNIVISION by Region, FY2009-FY2012
Assets Breakdown of OMNIVISION by Region, FY2009-FY2012
Supply Chain of OMNIVISION
APTINA Product 
Organizational Structure of Sony Semiconductor Group
SONY Image Sensor Capacity Expansion Planning
Revenue and Gross Margin of LARGAN PRECISION, 2004-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of LARGAN PRECISION, 2004-2013
Quarterly Revenue and Net Profit Margin of LARGAN PRECISION, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Monthly Revenue of LARGAN PRECISION, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Quarterly Revenue of LARGAN PRECISION by Pixel, Q1 2011-Q1 2013
Revenue Breakdown of LARGAN PRECISION by Customer, 2010-2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of GENIUS ELECTRONIC OPTICAL, 2005-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of GENIUS ELECTRONIC OPTICAL, 2005-2013
Monthly Revenue of GENIUS ELECTRONIC OPTICAL, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Revenue Breakdown of GENIUS ELECTRONIC OPTICAL by Product, 2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of ASIA OPTICAL, 2004-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of ASIA OPTICAL, 2004-2012
Revenue Breakdown of ASIA OPTICAL by Product, 2007-2012
Mobile Phone Camera Module Product of ASIA OPTICAL
Revenue and Gross Margin of NEWMAX, 2007-2013
Revenue Breakdown of NEWMAX by Products, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
Monthly Revenue of NEWMAX, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Revenue and Gross Margin of ABILITY OPTO-ELECTRONICS, 2006-2012
Monthly Revenue of ABILITY OPTO-ELECTRONICS, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Mobile Phone Camera Module Product of KANTATSU
Organizational Structure of DIOSTECH 
Production Line of DIOSTECH 
DIOSTECH’s Clients
Revenue Breakdown of DIOSTECH by Pixel, 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of SEKONIX, 2002-2013
Revenue Breakdown of SEKONIX by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue Breakdown of SEKONIX by Pixels, Q1 2011-Q3 2012
Mobile Phone Camera Module Product of SEKNOIX
Revenue and Operating Margin of KOLEN OPTICAL, 2007-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of GLORY, 2006-2012
Monthly Revenue of GLORY, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Revenue and Gross Margin of HOKUGANG, 2006-2012
Monthly Revenue of HOKUGANG, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Revenue of KMOT Optical Units for Cell Phones, FY2011-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of DIGITAL OPTICS, 2007-2013
Revenue Breakdown of DIGITAL OPTICS by Pixel, 2010-2013
Capacity of DIGITAL OPTICS, 2009-2013
Organizational Structure of OPTRONTEC
Revenue and Operating Margin of OPTRONTEC, 2010-2014
Manufacturing Process of Blue Filter
Blue Filter Output of OPTRONTEC 
Revenue Breakdown of OPTRONTEC by Product, Q1 2010-Q4 2012
Revenue Breakdown of OPTRONTEC by Product, 2011-2013
Revenue and Gross Margin of CHICONY, 2005-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of CHICONY, 2005-2013
Revenue Breakdown of CHICONY by Product, 2011 vs. 2012
Financial Data of CHICONY’s Subsidiaries in Mainland, 2010
Financial Data of CHICONY’s Subsidiaries in Mainland, 2011
Financial Data of HONHAI’s Major Optical Subsidiaries, 2010
Financial Data of HONHAI’s Major Optical Subsidiaries, 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG INNOTEK, 2006-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG INNOTEK, Q1 2011-Q4 2012 
Revenue Breakdown of LG INNOTEK by Business, 2011-2013
Operating Income of LG INNOTEK by Business, 2011-2013
Revenue Breakdown of LG INNOTEK by Business, Q4 2011-Q4 2012
Quarterly Revenue of LG INNOTEK OPTICAL, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of MITSUMI, FY2006-FY2011
Revenue Breakdown of MITSUMI by Product, FY2006-FY2013
Revenue Breakdown of TRULY SEMICONDUCTORS by Business, 2012
TRULY OPTO-ELECTRONICS Mobile Phone Camera Module Roadmap
TRULY OPTO-ELECTRONICS Laptop Camera Module Roadmap
Roadmap to TRULY OPTO-ELECTRONICS CMOS Camera Module Products for Automotive Applications
BYD Camera Module Product
Lite-On Group
Revenue Breakdown of LITE-ON by Business
Guangzhou Science Park of LITE-ON
CCM Shipments of LITE-ON, 2003-2013
CCM Capacity Expansion Planning of LITE-ON, Q3 2011-Q4 2013
CCM Technology Roadmap of LITE-ON
OIS Concept of LITE-ON
Revenue and Operating Margin of LITE-ON, 2005-2013
Key Milestones for PRIMAX
Revenue and Operating Margin of PRIMAX, 2008-2012
Revenue Breakdown of PRIMAX by Division, 2007-2012
Monthly Revenue of PRIMAX, Jan 2011-Jan 2013
Global Distribution of PRIMAX
Product Range of PRIMAX
Revenue Breakdown of SEMCO by Division, 2010-2013
Operating Income of SEMCO by Division, 2010-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of SEMCO, Q1 2011-2012
Revenue of SEMCO Camera Module Business by Pixel, 2010-2014 
ASP of SEMCO Camera Module, Q1 2010-Q4 2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of PATRON, 2007-2013
Revenue Breakdown of PATRON by Products, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of SUNNY OPTICAL, 2004-2011
Main Clients of SUNNY OPTICAL
Revenue Breakdown of SUNNY OPTICAL by Divisions, 2010-2012
Revenue Breakdown of SUNNY OPTICAL by Applications, 2010-2012
Gross Margin of SUNNY OPTICAL by Divisions, 2010-2012 
SUNNY OPTICAL Factory Distribution 
Revenue and Operating Margin of SHICOH, 2005-2011
Revenue and Operating Income of HYSONIC, 2006-2013 
Revenue Breakdown of HYSONIC by Clients, 2012-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of NIDEC SANKYO, FY2004-FY2012
Revenue Breakdown of NIDEC SANKYO by Product, FY2010-FY2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of JAHWA, 2005-2012
Revenue Breakdown of JAHWA by Product, 2008-2013
Revenue Breakdown of JAHWA’s AFA Products by Pixel, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Overseas Subsidiaries of JAHWA

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