Global and China CMOS Camera Modules Industry Report, 2013-2014
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Global and China CMOS Camera Module Industry Report, 2013-2014  involves the followings:
1, Analysis on CMOS Image Sensor Industry
2, Analysis on Lens Industry 
3, Analysis on CMOS Camera Module Industry
4, Development Trends of OIS
5, CMOS camera Module Downstream Market
6, Seven CIS Vendors
7, 15 Lens Vendors
8, 20 CMOS Camera Module Vendors

In Chinese mobile phone market, 8MP will be replaced by 13MP which has become the standard configuration of mobile phones priced at RMB1,000 or above in 2014. Chinese brands use 13MP more widely than foreign brands. The mobile phones made in China are always featured with high-end hardware configuration. 30% of the domestic mobile phones will be equipped with 13MP in the first half of 2014 and about 50% by the end of 2014 (exported ones are excluded). Both of rear and front cameras have higher and higher pixels. 5MP front cameras are the current mainstream, while the mobile phones with 13MP front cameras have been launched.

In 2013, the CMOS image sensor shipment reached 3.26 billion units at an increase of 15.2%, and the market size hit approximately USD8.008 billion. The shipment is expected to rise by 16% to 3.782 billion units, and the market size will be USD8.698 billion or so in 2014. Camera modules are not only applied to photographing, but also motion sensing for postural control, which will propel the market.

Amazon’s upcoming smartphone has not only a front camera and a rear camera, but also four VGA cameras which are used for gesture control, so that users can manipulate the phone without the touch screen. Microsoft's Kinect 2 also uses dual cameras to achieve 3D gesture control. Furthermore, HTC’s M8 adopts two rear cameras in order to improve the picture quality.

In 2013, the CMOS camera module market size attained approximately USD13.7 billion, up 18.9% from 2012; but in 2014, it will shrink greatly, up merely 6.7% to USD14.6 billion. The market competition became fiercer in 2013, especially the price wars; therefore, almost all of CMOS camera modules saw a decline of about 2 percentage points in gross margin.

Japan Konica-Minolta is the first one that exits from the fields of CMOS camera modules and mobile phone cameras due to unbearable falling profits. O-film, a company in Mainland China, has invested RMB2 billion in CMOS camera modules. As the world's largest film-based touch screen vendor, O-film has extensive customer resources, and it intends to enter the CMOS camera module field with competitive prices in order to become the largest camera module company in Mainland China. O-film’s gross margin was less than 6% in 2013.

Ranking of Major Global CMOS Camera Module Vendors by Revenue, 2010-2014 
(USD mln)


South Korea Cowell performed most outstandingly in 2013 with the annual revenue growth rate of 148%. With the main production base located in Dongguan, China, Cowell acted as Apple's core supplier in 2013. Apple supported Cowell to reduce the dependence on Sharp and LG INNOTEK. In 2013, Cowell's revenue and profit surged. However, not every Apple's supplier was lucky. Primax specializing in Apple's low-end products witnessed dropping gross margin.

Largan nearly monopolizes the non-Korean 13MP camera market which is characterized with high technical threshold and high patent threshold, occupying an unparalleled position. The second-ranked Genius suffered losses in 2013. In 2014, Sunny acquired the assets of Konica-Minolta in Shanghai, so that its optical lens technology is expected to be greatly improved, but it still can not threaten Largan. Largan continues capacity expansion in 2014, but mainly in Taiwan, and it will cut down the capacity in Mainland China owing to labor costs.

In 2014, OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) is still a hot topic in the CMOS camera module field. Samsung AFA’s core supplier JAHWA is not able to provide enough OIS capacity to meet the demand of Samsung, and Samsung is reluctant to commission non-core providers to offer OIS, because Samsung needs to master its supply chain perfectly. Samsung may not launch a large number of OIS mobile phones in future.

Nevertheless, Apple may use OIS on iPhone6. The core OIS supplier Sharp is also Apple’s core supplier in camera modules and screens. Another core OIS supplier LG INNOTEK is Apple’s core supplier as well.

1 CMOS Camera Module Industry
1.1 CMOS Camera Module Industry Chain
1.2 CMOS Image Sensor Industry
1.3 Image Sensor Market
1.4 Market Share of Image Sensor Vendors
1.5 Optical Lens Industry
1.6 CMOS Camera Module Industry
1.7 Relationship between CMOS Camera Modules and Brand Vendors
1.8 Brief Introduction to AFA (VCM) 
1.9 AFA Industry Pattern 
1.10 Brief Introduction to OIS
1.11 Status Quo of Mobile Phone OIS
1.12 VCM Driver IC
1.13 Automotive Camera Module Market
1.14 Market Share of Major Automotive Camera Module Vendors  

2 Downstream Market of CMOS Camera Module
2.1 Global Mobile Phone Market 
2.2 Smart Phone Market and Industry
2.3 China Mobile phone Market and Industry
2.4 Tablet PC Market
2.5 Laptop Computer Market

3 CMOS Image Sensor Vendors
3.1 Samsung Electronics
3.2 Omnivision
3.4 Sony
3.5 Toshiba
3.6 Galaxycore
3.7 SuperPix Micro Technology 

4 Optical Lens Vendors  
4.1 Largan   
4.2 GSEO 
4.3 Asia Optical
4.4 ZIPPY 
4.5 Ability Opto-Electronics Technology 
4.7 Hitachi Maxell 
4.10 Korea Optical
4.12 Glorytek  
4.13 Hokuang 
4.14 KMOT
4.15 Digital Optics
4.16 Optrontec

5 Camera Module Vendors 
5.1 Chicony 
5.2 Vista Point Technologies
5.3 Hon Hai
5.3.1 Champ Tech Optical 
5.3.2 Foshan Pulihua 
5.3.3 Fu Jin Precision Industry Jincheng
5.5 Mitsumi Electric
5.6 Truly Opto-Electronics 
5.7 BYD Optical
5.8 LiteOn Technology 
5.9 Primax 
5.10 SEMCO
5.11 Partron
5.12 Sunny Optical
5.14 Powerlogic
5.15 MCNEX
5.16 Cowell
5.17 O-film
5.18 Q-TECH
5.19 Globaloptics
5.20 Shine Tech
5.21 Others
5.21.1 Shine Tech
5.21.2 Darling

6 AFA Vendors   
6.2 Jahwa Electronics
CMOS Camera Module Industry Chain
Supply Chain of Image Sensor vendors
Shipment of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Vendors by Pixel, 2010-2013
Market Size of CMOS Image Sensor, 2010-2016E
Shipment of CMOS Image Sensor, 2010-2016E
Global Shipment of Mobile Phone-used CMOS Camera (MAIN CAMERA) Modules by Pixel, 2010-2018E
Market Share of Major Global CMOS Image Sensor Vendors, 2010 
Market Share of Major Global CMOS Image Sensor Vendors, 2011 
Market Share of Major Global CMOS Image Sensor Vendors, 2012 
Market Share of Major Global CMOS Image Sensor Vendors by Volume, 2012  
Market Share of Major Global CMOS Image Sensor Vendors in PC Field by Volume, 2012
Market Share of Global Leading CMOS Image Sensor Vendors, 2013
Ranking of Major Global CMOS Camera Optical Lens Vendors by Revenue, 2011-2014
Market Size of Global CMOS Camera Modules, 2010-2016E
Revenue of the World’s Leading CMOS Camera Module Vendors, 2010-2014
Nokia’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2013
Samsung’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2013
Apple’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2013
LG’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2012
ZTE’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2013
Huawei’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2013
Lenovo’s Camera Module Suppliers, 2013 
VCM Visual View
VCM Sectional View
Relationship between AFA and Camera Module Vendors
Market share of Major Global AFA Vendors, 2012
LiteOn’s 8M OIS Module
LiteOn’s 13M OIS Module
Global Shipment of Automotive Camera Modules, 2009-2016E
Market Share of Major Automotive Camera Module Vendors, 2009  
Market Share of Major Automotive Camera Module Vendors, 2010 
Market Share of Major Automotive Camera Module Vendors, 2011 
Market Share of Major Automotive Camera Module Vendors, 2012 
Global Mobile Phone Shipment, Q1 2011-Q4 2013
Global Mobile Phone Shipment, 2007-2014 
Global 3G/4G Mobile Phone Shipment by Region, 2010-2014
Shipment and Market Share of Smartphone Operating Systems, Q2 2013
Shipment and Market Share of Major Android Phone Vendors, Q2 2013
Shipment and Market Share of major Windows Phone Vendors, Q2 2013
Shipment of Major Smartphone Vendors in China, 2011-2013
Monthly Output of Mobile Phone in China, Feb.-Dec.2012
Monthly Export Value of Mobile Phone in China, 2013
Monthly Revenue and Profit of Mobile Phone industry in China, Feb.-Dec.2013
Global Tablet PC Shipment, 2011-2016E
Market Share of Major Tablet PC Brands, 2013
Output of Major Tablet PC Vendors, 2012-2013
Global Laptop Computer Shipment, 2008-2015
Shipment of Major Laptop Computer ODM Vendors, 2010-2013
Samsung’s CMOS Image Sensor Products
OMNINVISION's Revenue and Gross Margin, FY2005-2014E 
OMNINVISION's Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2005-2014E 
OMNINVISION's Shipment, FY2002-2013
OMNINVISION's Revenue by Region, FY2009-2012 
OMNINVISION's Assets by Region, FY2009-2013
OMNINVISION's Revenue by Application, FY2013
OMNINVISION's Revenue by Resolution, FY2013
Market Share of OVT by Application
OMNINVISION's Supply Chain
APTINA's Products
Organizational Structure of Sony's Semiconductor Division
Sony's Image Sensor Capacity Expansion Plan
Largan’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2006-2014E
Largan’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2006-2014E 
Largan’s Quarterly Revenue and Net Profit Margin, Q1 2011-Q4 2013  
Largan’s Monthly Revenue, Apr. 2012-Apr 2014    
Largan’s Quarterly Revenue by Pixel, Q1 2011-Q1 2013    
Largan’s Revenue by Client, 2010-2014   
Financial Data of Largan’s Subsidiaries in Mainland China, 2012 
GSEO’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2005-2014 
GSEO’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2005-2014 
GSEO’s Monthly Revenue, Mar.2012-Mar. 2014    
Revenue and Gross Margin of Asia Optical, 2007-2014 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Asia Optical, 2007-2014 
Revenue of Asia Optical by Product, 2007-2012
Mobile Phone Camera Module Products of Asia Optical 
Newmax’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2007-2014
Newmax’s Monthly Revenue, Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014
Revenue and Gross Margin of Ability Opto-Electronics Technology, 2006-2013 
Monthly Revenue of Ability Opto-Electronics Technology, Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014
KANTATSU’s Mobile Phone Camera Module Products 
DIOSTECH’s Organizational Structure
DIOSTECH’s Production Lines
DIOSTECH’s Clients
DIOSTECH’s Revenue by Business, 2013
Capacity, Output and Capacity Utilization of DIOSTECH, 2013
DIOSTECH’s Revenue by Pixel, 2012
SEKONIX’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2002-2014 
SEKONIX’s Revenue by Product, 2009-2014   
SEKONIX’s Handset Lens Revenue by Pixel, 2009-2014  
SEKONIX’s Handset Lens Shipment and Revenue by Pixel, 2009-2014 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Korea Optical, 2007-2014
Roadmap of Korea Optical
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of GloryTek, 2006-2014 
Monthly Revenue of GloryTek, Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014
Hokuang’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2006-2014
Hokuang’s Monthly Revenue , Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014
Revenue of KMOT’s Mobile Phone-used Optical Units, FY2011-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of DIGITAL OPTICS, 2007-2014
Revenue of DIGITAL OPTICS by Pixel, 2010-2013    
Shipment of DIGITAL OPTICS by Pixel, 2009-2013
Capacity of DIGITAL OPTICS, 2009-2013 
Raw Materials Cost Structure of Digital Optics, 2011-2013
OPTRONTEC’s Organizational Structure  
OPTRONTEC’s Revenue and Operating Profit Margin, 2010-2014
Blue Filter Manufacturing Process
OPTRONTEC’s Blue Filter Output
OPTRONTEC’s Revenue by Product, Q1 2010-Q4 2012    
OPTRONTEC’s Revenue by Product, 2011-2014
Shipment of Major Camera Module Vendors by Pixel, 2011-2013    
Chicony’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2005-2014 
Chicony’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2014
Chicony’s Monthly Revenue, Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014  
Chicony’s Revenue by Product, 2011-2013    
Financial Data of Chicony’s Subsidiaries in Mainland China, 2010 
Financial Data of Chicony’s Major Subsidiaries in Mainland China, 2011
Financial Data of Chicony’s Major Subsidiaries in Mainland China, 2012 
Financial Data of Foxconn 's Major Optical Subsidiaries, 2010 
Financial Data of Foxconn 's Major Optical Subsidiaries, 2011 
Financial Data of Foxconn 's Major Optical Subsidiaries, 2012 
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG INNOTEK, 2006-2014 
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG INNOTEK, Q1 2011-Q1 2014 
Revenue of LG INNOTEK by Business, 2011-2014
Operating Profit of LG INNOTEK by Business, 2011-2013 
Quarterly Revenue of LG INNOTEK OPTICAL, Q1 2011-Q1 2014
CCM of LG INNOTEK by Pixel, Q3 2012-Q3 2013     
Revenue and Operating Margin of Mitsumi Electric, FY2006-2013
Revenue of Mitsumi Electric by Product, FY2006-2013    
Revenue and Operating Margin of Truly International, 2005-2013
Revenue of LCD Business of Truly International by Technology, 2006-2011
Revenue of Truly Semiconductors by Business, 2012-2013
Capacity of Truly Opto-Electronics
CSP Capacity of Truly Opto-Electronics
COB Capacity of Truly Opto-Electronics
Mobile Phone Camera Module Roadmap of Truly Opto-Electronics
Laptop Camera Module Roadmap of Truly Opto-Electronics
Roadmap of Automotive CMOS Camera Module Products of Truly Opto-Electronics
BYD’s Camera Module Products
LiteOn Group
LiteOn's Revenue by Business
LiteOn’s Guangzhou Science and Technology Park
LiteOn’s CCM Shipment, 2003-2013
LiteOn’s CCM Capacity Expansion Plan, Q3 2011-Q4 2013  
LiteOn’s AF /FF CCM Proportion
LiteOn’s CCM Technology Roadmap
LiteOn’s OIS Concept
LiteOn’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2013 
Primax’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2008-2013   
Primax’s Revenue by Division, 2007-2012 
Primax’s Monthly Revenue, Mar. 2012-Mar. 2014  
Primax's Global Distribution
Primax's Product Range
SEMCO’s Revenue by Division, 2010-2014
SEMCO’s Operating Income by Division, 2010-2014
SEMCO’s CCM Operating Margin, Q1 2011-Q1 2014 
SEMCO’s Camera Module Revenue by Pixel, 2010-2014  
SEMCO’s Camera Module ASP, Q1 2010-Q4 2013
PARTRON's Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2014 
PARTRON's Revenue by Product, Q1 2012-Q4 2013      
PARTRON's CCM Shipment by Pixel, 2013-2014
Sunny's Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2014
Financial Summary of Sunny, 2009-2013 
Sunny's Major Clients
Sunny's Shipment by Product, Jan.2013-Mar. 2014
Sunny's Revenue by Division, 2010-2013
Downstream Distribution of Sunny's Revenue by Division, 2010-2013
Sunny's Camera Module Shipment by Pixel
Sunny's Gross Margin by Division, 2010-2013
Sunny's Factory Distribution
Organizational Structure of CAMMSYS   
Revenue and Operating Margin of CAMMSYS, 2009-2014E  
Raw Materials Price of CAMMSYS, 2011-2013
Revenue and Operating Income of POWERLOGIC, 2009-2014
MCNEX’s Revenue and Operating Income, 2009-2014   
MCNEX’s Revenue by Client, 2013    
MCNEX’s Revenue by Pixel, 2009-2011   
MCNEX’s Capacity by Region 
Revenue and Number of Employees of Dongguan COWELL, 2005-2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of O-film, 2007-2013
Revenue of O-film by Product, 2009-2013
Client Structure of O-film, 2012
Revenue and Operating Income of GAI, 2009-2014
Revenue and Gross Profit of GAI, 2009-2014
HYSONIC’s Structure
HYSONIC’s Revenue and Operating Profit, 2006-2014E
HYSONIC’s Revenue by End Client, 2012-2013 
HYSONIC’s Revenue by Client, 2012    
JAHWA’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2014 
JAHWA’s Revenue by Product, 2008-2013   
JAHWA’s AFA Revenue by Pixel, Q1 2012-Q4 2013 
JAHWA’s Overseas Subsidiaries

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