China Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Report, 2015
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Increasing maturity in supporting facilities of industrial chains and falling costs of all types of hardware have created favorable conditions for the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in China. In 2014, the Chinese civil UAV market was worth about RMB400 million, and is expected to swell to RMB1.45 billion by 2020, driven by demands from farming, patrolling, and logistics.

Civil UAVs can be divided into industrial grade and consumer grade, with industrial applications including mainly agricultural and forestal plant protection, pipeline inspection, and power line inspection. The industrial-grade UAVs can be used in disaster prevention and inspection, geology and meteorology, and urban planning, with tremendous room for growth. As to consumer-grade UAVs, the drone equipped with Gopro for aerial photography (represented by DJ-Innovations or DJI) is growing rapidly, and relevant companies in the industry are avidly courted in capital markets.

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Source: China Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Report (2015), ResearchInChina

As civil UAVs gain more and more attention, the industry grows more competitive. There are by far more than 200 enterprises and institutions engaged in UAVs in China, which can generally be divided into four categories:

1) State-owned enterprises and institutions represented by Aviation Industry Corporation of China and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, which primarily specialize in R&D of military UAVs, and partly get involved in dual-use or civil UAVs (mainly industrial UAVs);

2) Private enterprises represented by DJI, Ehang, ZERO TECH, and XAIRCRAFT, which are driven by market demand and focus on consumer UAVs;

3) Listed enterprises represented by SUNWARD, Shandong Mining Machinery Group, Zongshen Power, and Loncin Motor, which don’t take UAVs as their main products but participate in R&D of UAVs via acquisitions or establishing of new companies;

4) Other copycat private enterprises with no core technology, poor innovation capability, and gaining profits completely by virtue of market response and cost control.

China Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Report, 2015 focuses on the following:
20120114.gifOverview of Chinese civil UAV industry, including definition and classification, application areas, system structure, and policies, laws, and regulations;
20120114.gifAnalysis of the Chinese civil UAV market, covering global UAV market size, Chinese UAV market size, competitive landscape, R&D, and financing;
20120114.gifProfile, financial position, hit products, R&D, and technical characteristics of 17 domestic and foreign UAV companies, including DJI, Ehang, ZERO TECH,? XAIRCRAFT, 3D Robotics, Parrot, SUNWARD, Zongshen Power, Loncin Motor, and Shandong Mining Machinery Group.

1 Introduction of UAV
1.1 Definition & Introduction
1.2 Key Systems
1.2.1 Power System
1.2.2 Flight Control System
1.3 Main Application Areas
1.4 Related Policies

2 Global UAV Industry
2.1 Overall Market
2.2 Military Market
2.3 Civil Market

3 Chinese Civil UAV Market
3.1 Market Scale
3.2 R&D and Competitive Landscape
3.3 Investment and Financing
3.4 Applications
3.4.1 Power Line Inspection
3.4.2 Oil Pipeline Inspection
3.4.3 Agricultural Plant Protection
3.4.4 Public Security

4 Key Players
4.1 DJI
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Main Products
4.1.3 Financing
4.2 Ehang
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Technologies & Products
4.2.3 Financing
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Technologies & Products
4.3.3 Development of Consumer Products
4.3.4 Financing and Operation
4.4.1 Profile
4.4.2 Main Products
4.4.3 Financing Process
4.5 PowerVision
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Main Products
4.5.3 Development
4.5.4 Financing
4.6 3D Robotics
4.6.1 Profile
4.6.2 Technologies & Products
4.6.3 Financing
4.7 MMC
4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 Technologies & Products
4.8 AEE
4.8.1 Profile
4.8.2 Main Products
4.9 Hanglong Kexun
4.9.1 Profile
4.9.2 Main Products
4.10 Hanhe Aviation 
4.10.1 Profile
4.10.2 Main Products
4.10.3 Development 2014-2015
4.11 ChinaRS
4.11.1 Profile
4.11.2 Main Products
4.11.3 Business Distribution
4.12 Zongshen Power
4.12.1 Profile
4.12.2 Operation
4.12.3 Revenue Structure
4.12.4 Layout in UAV
4.12.5 Performance Forecast
4.13 Shandong Mining Machinery Group
4.13.1 Profile
4.13.2 Operation
4.13.3 Revenue Structure
4.13.4 Layout in UAV
4.13.5 Performance Forecast
4.14 Loncin Motor
4.14.1 Profile
4.14.2 Operation
4.14.3 Revenue Structure
4.14.4 Layout in UAV
4.14.5 Performance Forecast
4.15 Tongyu Heavy Industry
4.15.1 Profile
4.15.2 Operation
4.15.3 Revenue Structure
4.15.4 Layout in UAV
4.15.5 Performance Forecast
4.16.1 Profile
4.16.2 Operation
4.16.3 Revenue Structure
4.16.4 Performance Forecast
4.16.5 Sunward Tech
4.17 Parrot
4.17.1 Profile
4.17.2 Operation
4.17.3 Revenue Structure
4.17.4 Technologies & Products
Classification of Major Civil UAVs and Their Strengths and Weaknesses
Diagram of Civil UAV Industry Chain
Classification of UAV Power System
Diagram of UAV Flight Control System
Main Application Areas of UAV
Application Areas and Technical Maturity of Civil UAV
List of Major Relevant Policies on UAV industry in China, 2009-2013
Global UAV Market Size, 2014-2020E
Global R&D and Procurement Budgets for UAV, 2013-2022E (USD100 million)
Share of Global Military and Civil Markets for UAV, 2014&2020E
Ranking of Major Sellers of Medium-altitude and Strategic UAVs Worldwide, 2008-2015
Ranking of Major Sellers of Low-altitude UAVs Worldwide, 2008-2015
Major Buyers of Tactical and Small UAVs Worldwide, 2008-2015
Global Military UAV Market Size, 2014-2020E (USD bn)
Global Civil UAV Market Size, 2014-2020E (USD bn)
Application Structure of Civil UAV Worldwide
Competition among Major Civil UAV Companies Worldwide, 2014
Chinese Civil UAV Market Size, 2014-2020E (RMB mln)
Civil UAV R&D and Application Progress in Major Institutes in China by 2015
R&D and Application Progress of Major Civil UAV Companies in China by 2015
Financing of Major UAV Companies, 2012-2015
Comparison of Different Power Line Inspection Methods
Main Products of DJI in China
Main Specifications of Phantom III
Main Specifications of Inspire I
Main Financing Events of DJI, 2013-2015
Ehang GHOST Drone
SKYWAY Six-axis Drone
Main Financing Events of Ehang, 2014
Main Product Lines of ZERO TECH
Specifications of ZERO Series Products of ZERO TECH
Specifications of Swift Fixed-wing Aircraft of ZERO TECH
Specifications of XAIRCRAFT’s Main Flight Control Systems
Main UAVs of PowerVison
Structural Diagram of 3DR Solo Drone
Remote Controller of 3DR Solo Drone
Main Financing Events of 3D Robotics, 2013-2015
MMC X Series UAVs
MMC MC Series UAVs
Specifications of MMC MC Series UAVs
Specifications of AEE’s F50 Flight System
Application Areas and Equipment of AEE’s F50 UAV
Specifications of Dragon Goose UAS
Specifications of Dragon Bee UAS
Specifications of Eagle Eye PRO UAS
Specifications of Eagle Eye LEGER UAS
Specifications of Hanhe Aviation’s Flying Shark I UAV for Aerial Photography 
Specifications of Hanhe Aviation’s CD Series UAVs for Spraying
Specifications of Hanhe Aviation’s EP-20 Electric Unmanned Helicopter for Aerial Photography
Specifications of Main Fixed-wing UAVs of ChinaRS
Specifications of Hand-launched Small UAVs of ChinaRS
Specifications of RSC Unmanned Helicopters of ChinaRS
Specifications of RSC-H6 Unmanned Helicopter of ChinaRS
Distribution of Main Businesses of ChinaRS, 2015
Staff of Zongshen Power, 2010-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Zongshen Power, 2009-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Zongshen Power by Product, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Zongshen Power by Region, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue and Net Income Forecast of Zongshen Power, 2013-2018E
Staff of Shandong Mining Machinery Group, 2011-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Shandong Mining Machinery Group, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Shandong Mining Machinery Group by Product, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Shandong Mining Machinery Group by Region, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue and Net Income Forecast of Shandong Mining Machinery Group, 2014-2018E
Staff of Loncin Motor, 2011-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Loncin Motor, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Loncin Motor by Product, 2013-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Loncin Motor by Region, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue and Net Income Forecast of Loncin Motor, 2014-2018E
Staff of Tongyu Heavy Industry, 2010-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Tongyu Heavy Industry, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Tongyu Heavy Industry by Product, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of Tongyu Heavy Industry by Region, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue and Net Income Forecast of Tongyu Heavy Industry, 2014-2018E
Staff of SUNWARD, 2010-2014
Revenue and Net Income of SUNWARD, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of SUNWARD by Product, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue Structure of SUNWARD by Region, 2010-2014 (RMB mln)
Revenue and Net Income Forecast of SUNWARD, 2014-2018E
Main Performance Parameter of SUMA2208 Multi-rotor UAV of Sunward Tech
Main Specifications of SVU-200 Flying Tiger Unmanned Helicopter of Sunward Tech
Main Specifications of Flying Eagle Small Fixed-wing UAS of Sunward Tech
Main Specifications of Flying Goose UAS for Aerial Photography and Surveying of Sunward Tech
Revenue and Net Income of Parrot, 2010-2014 (EUR mln)
Revenue Structure of Parrot by Product, 2013-2014 (EUR mln)
Revenue Structure of Parrot by Region, 2013-2014 (EUR mln)
Main Specifications of Parrot Bebop Drone
Main Specifications of Parrot AR. Drone 2

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