Chinese Independent OEMs’ ADAS and Autonomous Driving Report, 2022
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ResearchInChina released "Chinese Independent OEMs’ ADAS and Autonomous Driving Report, 2022". This report combs through and summarizes status quo (installations, installation rate), function application, market layout, development trends, etc. of leading conventional OEMs in China in the current ADAS and autonomous driving market.

Chinese independent brands plan implementation of L4 autonomous driving in 2024/2025

This report sorts out the autonomous driving development plans and product implementation of each company. In terms of L4 autonomous driving, they set almost the same goal: implementation in 2024/2025.
20120114.gifIn its strategy "Smart Geely 2025", Geely proposes commercialization of L4 autonomous driving, complete mastery of L5 autonomous driving, and realization of full-stack self-development in 2025. 
20120114.gifGAC will release a strategic model (AH8) in 2024, which will be based on Huawei's MDC810 platform and support L4 autonomous driving.
20120114.gifIn April 2022, HAOMO.AI, an autonomous driving subsidiary of Great Wall Motor, announced its roadmap for HPilot, an intelligent driving product for passenger cars, and the plan of launching HPilot 4.0 in 2023, a product that supports L4 autonomous driving.

自主OEM ADAS 1_副本.png

Following their progressive development strategy, Chinese independent brands have kept rolling out vehicle models with L0-L2.9 functions. In sales’ term, their performance also shines.

Chinese independent brands have been in the battle position of L2 ADAS and launch an offensive in L2.5/2.9.

ResearchInChina’s data show that Chinese independent brands had 2.489 million vehicles equipped with ADAS functions in 2021 (installation rate: 29.1%), an upsurge of 69.6% year on year; from January to April 2022, the ADAS installations sustained growth, up from 636,000 vehicles in the same period of the previous year to 887,000 units (installation rate: 33.9%). It is clear that the ADAS installation has not been hampered by negative factors such as the epidemic or chip shortage, but instead taken a big step forward.

From sub-functions, it can be seen that with the battle position in L2 ADAS, Chinese independent brands go on the offensive in L2.5/L2.9. In 2021, Chinese auto brands gradually doubled down on L2, and thus enjoyed growth in both installations and installation rate. Between January and April 2022, L2 installations soared by 118.4% on the previous year to 574,000 units, and the installation rate also reached 21.9%; the installations of L2.5 and L2.9 surged to 106,000 units, and the combined installation rate rose to 4.1%.

自主OEM ADAS 2_副本.png

Around 2021, quite a few OEMs such as Changan, GWM and BYD added the lane change turn signal capability, plus TJA+ICA+LKA, enabling highway assist (HWA), which meant they stepped into L2.5 autonomous driving. Furthermore, the upgrade of HD maps and sensors empowers vehicles with the function of navigation guided pilot (NGP) or navigate on pilot (NOP), realizing the L2.9 autonomous driving function. Examples include WEY Mocha, Lynk & Co 01EM-F and new ARCFOXαS HI version.

BYD is way ahead in L2 ADAS market, and local suppliers follow local OEMs to rise.

As of April 2022, among all the Chinese independent competitors (including emerging carmakers), 47 and 14 brands have delivered L2 and L2.5 models to users, respectively, of which BYD, Haval and Geely were at the forefront.

Entering 2022, BYD still gains popularity in market, becoming a sought-after brand among multiple consumers. The average monthly installations of L2 in Song PLUS and Han models outnumber 10,000, helping BYD to claim the top spot on the OEMs’ ranking list by L2 installations.

The boom of Chinese independent OEMs in the L2 passenger car market has also boosted local L2 suppliers, among which HAOMO.AI, Jingwei HiRain Technologies, Hongjing Drive and Freetech among others lead the way.

自主OEM ADAS 3_副本.png

In the L2.5 camp, there are few companies, 14 in total, having actually delivered cars to users, of which 5 are conventional brands. From both installations and installation rate, it can be said that GWM WEY is an outstanding typical conventional automaker in L2.5.

Thanks to the full-stack self-development of autonomous driving algorithms of Great Wall Motor's autonomous driving subsidiary HAOMO.AI, the full range of WEY Mocha models rolled out in May 2021 carry standard L2.5 functions, gaining the lead in the industry. In addition, in April 2022 BYD introduced 2022 Han, a model equipped with highway assist (HWA) and interactive lane change assist (ILCA) systems. This model is expected to be a trump card for BYD to forge into the L2.5 market.

自主OEM ADAS 4_副本.png

1 Status Quo of Chinese Independent Brands’ ADAS Market
1.1 ADAS Installations and Installation Rate of Chinese Independent Brands: By Function Level
1.2 Structure of Chinese Independent Brands by ADAS Level
1.3 ADAS Installations and Installation Rate of Chinese Independent Brands: By Function
1.4 L2/L2+ ADAS Installations and Installation Rate of Chinese Independent Brands: Overall Situation
1.5 L2/L2+ ADAS Installations and Installation Rate of Chinese Independent Brands: By Brand
1.6 L2/L2.5/L2.9 ADAS Installations of Chinese Independent Brands: By Brand
1.7 L2/L2.5/L2.9 ADAS Installations of Chinese Independent Brands: By Model
1.8 L2/L2.5/L2.9 ADAS Installations and Installation Rate of Chinese Independent Brands: By Price
1.9 L2.5/L2.9 ADAS Installations of Chinese Independent Brands: By Price + Model
1.10 L2.5/L2.9 ADAS Installations and Installation Rate of Chinese Independent Brands: By Price + Model

2 ADAS and Autonomous Driving Layout of Chinese Independent Brands
2.1 ADAS and Autonomous Driving Implementation Plan of Chinese Independent Brands
2.2 Comparison of L2/L2.5/L2.9 ADAS Solutions
2.3 L2.5 ADAS Layout: Functions and Solutions
2.4 L2.9 ADAS Layout: Functions and Solutions
2.5 Partner Camps of Chinese Independent OEMs

3 Research on ADAS/Autonomous Driving of Chinese Independent Brands
3.1 Changan Automobile
3.1.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.1.2 ADAS/AD Strategy
3.1.3 Development Course of ADAS/AD
3.1.4 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.1.5 Typical ADAS/AD Functions
3.1.6 ADAS/AD System
3.1.7 ADAS/AD Technology Layout 
3.1.8 Autonomous Driving Tests
3.1.9 ADAS/AD Partners
3.1.10 Dynamic Deployments in ADAS/AD

3.2 Great Wall Motor
3.2.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.2.2 ADAS/AD Strategy
3.2.3 Development Course of ADAS/AD
3.2.4 ADAS/AD Technology Layout
3.2.5 Typical ADAS/AD Functions
3.2.6 ADAS/AD System
3.2.7 Autonomous Driving Tests
3.2.8 ADAS/AD Partners
3.2.9 Dynamic Deployments in ADAS/AD

3.3 BYD
3.3.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.3.2 ADAS/AD Development Strategy
3.3.3 Development Course of ADAS/AD
3.3.4 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.3.5 D++ Open Platform
3.3.6 ADAS/AD System
3.3.7 ADAS/AD Technology Layout
3.3.8 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.3.9 Autonomous Driving Tests
3.3.10 ADAS/AD Partners

3.4 FAW
3.4.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.4.2 ADAS/AD Strategic Development Plan
3.4.3 Implementation of ADAS/AD Technology 
3.4.4 R&D Course of ADAS/AD Technology
3.4.5 ADAS/AD R&D Architecture 
3.4.6 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.4.7 ADAS/AD Technology Layout
3.4.8 ADAS/AD Road Tests
3.4.9 Investment and Cooperation in ADAS/AD

3.5 Geely
3.5.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.5.2 ADAS/AD Strategic Plan
3.5.3 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.5.4 ADAS/AD Technology Route 
3.5.5 Typical ADAS/AD Technologies
3.5.6 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.5.7 ADAS/AD Technology Layout
3.5.8 Autonomous Driving Tests
3.5.9 ADAS/AD Partners
3.5.10 Investment and Cooperation in ADAS/AD

3.6 GAC
3.6.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.6.2 ADAS/AD Strategy Plan
3.6.3 Evaluation Roadmap of ADAS/AD Solution
3.6.4 ADAS/AD System
3.6.5 Layout of L4/L5 Autonomous Driving
3.6.6 ADAS/AD Technology Layout: EE Architecture
3.6.7 Autonomous Driving Test: Test Field
3.6.8 Investment and Cooperation in ADAS/AD

3.7 BAIC
3.7.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.7.2 ADAS/AD Strategy
3.7.3 Development Course of Autonomous Driving
3.7.4 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.7.5 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.7.6 Autonomous Driving Tests
3.7.7 Autonomous Driving Cooperation Layout
3.7.8 Dynamic Deployments in ADAS/AD

3.8 SAIC
3.8.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.8.2 Autonomous Driving Plan
3.8.3 Development Course of Autonomous Driving
3.8.4 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.8.5 Autonomous Driving System
3.8.6 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.8.7 Autonomous Driving Road Tests
3.8.8 ADAS/AD Partners
3.8.9 Dynamic Deployments in ADAS/AD

3.9 Chery
3.9.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.9.2 Intelligence Strategy
3.9.3 ADAS/AD Business Plan
3.9.4 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.9.5 Chery Vehicles Carry Unlimited AI’s L2.99 Intelligent Driving Domain Controller
3.9.6 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.9.7 ADAS/AD Partners
3.9.8 Dynamic Deployments in ADAS/AD

3.10 Dongfeng Motor
3.10.1 ADAS Installation (by Brand/Model)
3.10.2 Autonomous Driving Plan
3.10.3 Development Course of Autonomous Driving
3.10.4 ADAS/AD Roadmap
3.10.5 Typical ADAS/AD-Enabled Models
3.10.6 ADAS/AD Technology Layout
3.10.7 ADAS/AD Partners
3.10.8 Dynamic Deployments in ADAS/AD

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