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China Logistics Industry Report, 2007-2008

Published: Jun/2008

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China's total value of logistics in 2007 reached CNY75.2282 trillion, up 26.2% year on year, boosted by continuous rapid growth in China's economy. According to the conservative estimation by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, China's logistics industry is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 16 percent in the forthcoming three years.

In 2007, the added value of China logistics industry was CNY1.7 trillion, up 20.3% year on year, accounting for 17.6% of the total of China service industry and 6.9% of China's GDP.

Added Value of China Logistics Industry and Its Growth Trend,2003-2007
(Unit: CNY10 billion CNY, %)
Source: ResearchInChina

In 2007, China's total cargo transport volume was 22.53 billion tons and its turnover volume of freight transport was 10.1 trillion tons/kilometers, up 10.7% and 11.8% year on year respectively. As for the distribution by modes of transportation, water transportation occupied 67 percent of China's turnover volume of freight transport, railway transportation 22.5 percent, road transportation 10.5% and aviation transportation 0.1 percent.

This report is based on the authoritative statistics from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Logistics Association of China, the China Auto Logistics Association of CFIP, the General Administration of Customs, the State Information Center, and the National Bureau of Statistics. The report makes an in-depth analysis on the current situation, segmented markets and main companies of China's logistics industry, and also makes the forecasts on the development trend of China's logistics industry in 2008.      

Proportions to Total Turnover Volume by Modes of Transportation, 2007
(Unit: 100 million tons/kilometer, %)

Source: ResearchInChina

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