Global and China Industrial Laser Industry Report, 2020-2026
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As one of the most advanced manufacturing and processing technologies in the world, laser technology has been widely used in industrial production, communications, information processing, medical beauty, 3D sensing, military, cultural education, and scientific research. With the continuous improvement of domestic economic conditions, China's laser industry has been booming. In recent years, China has intensified the development of the laser industry, and all regions have concentrated on scientific research, technology upgrades, market exploration, and construction of laser industrial parks with laser companies under the leadership of the government. In 2019, the market size of China's laser processing equipment hit RMB65.8 billion with the CAGR of 21.4% in 2012-2019. In the medium and long term, laser processing (laser cutting and welding) will penetrate into more application scenarios (3C, power batteries, photovoltaics, etc.). China's laser processing market will maintain a rapid growth trend for a long time with potentials.   

laser 1_副本.png

Among application scenarios, laser cutting is gradually replacing traditional machine tools and is used in a wider range of fields due to its advantages such as non-contact with objects, zero cutting head wear, fast cutting speed, adaptability and flexibility, which can improve processing efficiency, reduce processing costs, and enhance workpiece quality. Common laser processing equipment includes: laser cutters, laser welders, laser markers, laser drilling machines, laser cladding equipment, etc.

Laser cutting is the most important application segment of laser processing. The sales volume of laser cutters (optical fiber + CO2) in China swelled from 2,700 units in 2013 to 41,000 units in 2019. In terms of market size, Chinese laser cutting market valued RMB25.8 billion in 2019, accounting for 39% of Chinese laser equipment market. Wherein, 19% came from laser marking and only 12% from laser welding.

laser 2_副本.png

In terms of the competitive landscape, the concentration of laser processing equipment in China is relatively low. In 2019, there were more than 150 domestic laser companies with the annual revenue of over RMB20 million, more than half of which focused on laser processing and laser-related fields. In 2019, Han’s Laser earned the revenue of RMB7.64 billion from laser processing equipment, with a market share of 12.6%; Huagong Tech’s laser processing equipment revenue reached RMB1.723 billion, occupying a market share of 2.8%.

Lasers are the core optical components of laser equipment. The rapid growth of the downstream equipment market drives the demand for lasers. In 2019, China’s overall industrial laser market size (including laser amplifiers) hit RMB26.1 billion, with the CAGR of 18.1% in 2015-2019.

laser 3_副本.png

By gain medium, lasers can be divided into solid-state lasers (including all-solid-state, fiber, hybrid and semiconductor lasers), gas lasers, liquid lasers, etc. Solid-state lasers (generally refer to all-solid-state lasers in a narrow sense) and fiber lasers are the two mainstream lasers on the current market, which enjoyed market share of 30.1% and 44.4%, respectively in 2019.

In recent years, industrial lasers have been rapidly localized with descending prices. Take fiber lasers as an example, the localization rate of low-, medium-, and high-power fiber lasers in China reached 98.81%, 57.76%, and 55.56% in 2019 respectively. Correspondingly, the prices of fiber lasers at all power levels have slumped in the past 10 years. The average price of a 3000W fiber laser in China was RMB1.5 million in 2012, while it descended to only about RMB400,000 in 2018, and further dropped to about RMB250,000 in 2020.

As for the competitive landscape, China industrial laser market is highly concentrated compared to the relatively fragmented market structure of laser equipment. In 2019, CR3 (IPG, Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies, Maxphotonics) accounted for nearly 80% of the fiber laser market, of which IPG was far ahead with a share of 41.9% as a leader. The market share of domestic laser companies presented an upward trend. From 2017 to 2019, the market share of IPG declined year by year, from 53% to 42%. In contrast, the market share of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies jumped from 12% to 24%, and Maxphotonics’ market share increased from 10% to 12%.

Global and China Industrial Laser Industry Report, 2020-2026 highlights the following:
20120114.gifIndustrial laser (classification, technical status, industry chain, etc.);
20120114.gifGlobal industrial laser industry (development environment, market size, market structure, application status, competitive landscape, development tendency, etc.);
20120114.gifChina industrial laser industry (development environment, status quo, market size, market structure, competitive pattern, market price, development trend, etc.)
20120114.gifIndustrial laser market segments, e.g., CO2 laser, solid-state laser, fiber laser, semiconductor laser, UV laser (market size, market structure, competitive pattern, etc.);
20120114.gifUpstream markets (gain medium, pump source, etc.); downstream laser processing equipment market (market size, major companies, market segment, applications, etc.);
20120114.gif11 foreign and 15 Chinese industrial laser manufacturers (operation, industrial laser business, etc.).


1. Overview of Industrial Laser Industry
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Classification
1.3 Technical Status
1.4 Industrial Chain

2. Status Quo of Global Industrial Laser Industry
2.1 Laser Industry
2.1.1 Market Size
2.1.2 Industrial Pattern
2.2 Industrial Laser Market Size and Structure
2.2.1 Market Size
2.2.2 Market Structure
2.3 Application Status
2.3.1 Material Processing
2.3.2 Laser Micro-processing
2.3.3 Marking Machine
2.4 Competitive Landscape
2.5 Trends

3. Status Quo of China Industrial Laser Industry
3.1 Development Environment
3.1.1 Policy Environment
3.1.2 Industrial Environment
3.2 Market Size
3.3 Market Structure
3.4 Competitive Landscape
3.5 Market Price
3.6 Trends

4. Industrial Laser Market Segments
4.1 CO2 Laser
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Market Size
4.1.3 Application Status
4.1.4 Competitive Landscape
4.2 Solid-state Laser
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Market Size
4.2.3 Application Structure
4.2.4 Competitive Landscape
4.3 Fiber Laser
4.3.1 Overview
4.3.2 Market Size
4.3.3 Market Structure
4.3.4 Market Price
4.3.5 Competitive Landscape
4.4 Others
4.4.1 Semiconductor Laser
4.4.2 Picosecond Laser
4.4.3 UV Laser
4.4.4 Ultrafast Laser

5. Upstream Industries
5.1 Gain Medium
5.1.1 Carbon Dioxide
5.1.2 Optical Fiber
5.1.3 Crystal Material
5.2 Pumping Source

6. Laser Processing Equipment Market
6.1 Market Size
6.2 Key Enterprises
6.2.1 Global
6.2.2 China
6.3 Market Segments
6.3.1 Laser Cutting Equipment
6.3.2 Laser Welding Equipment
6.3.3 Laser Marking Equipment
6.4 Application Fields

7. Main Foreign Industrial Laser Manufacturers
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Industrial Laser Business
7.1.4 Layout in China
7.1.5 Latest Development
7.2 Coherent
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 Industrial Laser Business
7.2.4 Layout in China
7.2.5 M&A
7.3 IPG
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Industrial Laser Business
7.3.4 Layout in China
7.4 Prima
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operation
7.4.3 Industrial Laser Business
7.4.4 Development in China
7.5 Novanta (GSI)
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Operation
7.5.3 Industrial Laser Business
7.6 nLIGHT
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Operation
7.6.3 Industrial Laser Business
7.7 Others
7.7.1 Nufern
7.7.2 NKT Photonics
7.7.3 IMRA
7.7.4 Bystronic
7.7.5 Access Laser

8. Major Chinese Industrial Laser Manufacturers
8.1 Han’s Laser
8.1.1 Profile
8.1.2 Operation
8.1.3 Industrial Laser Business
8.1.4 Development Strategy
8.2 Huagong Tech
8.2.1 Profile
8.2.2 Operation
8.2.3 Industrial Laser Business
8.2.4 Development Strategy
8.2.5 Latest Development
8.3 Daheng New Epoch Technology
8.3.1 Profile
8.3.2 Operation
8.3.3 Industrial Laser Business
8.4 Suzhou Tianhong Laser
8.4.1 Profile
8.4.2 Operation
8.4.3 Industrial Laser Business
8.5 Wuhan Golden Laser
8.5.1 Profile
8.5.2 Operation
8.5.3 Industrial Laser Business
8.6.1 Profile
8.6.2 Operation
8.6.3 Industrial Laser Business
8.7 Maxphotonics
8.7.1 Profile
8.7.2 Industrial Laser Business
8.7.3 Latest Development
8.8 Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies
8.8.1 Profile
8.8.2 Operation
8.8.3 Industial Laser Business
8.8.4 Development Strategy
8.9 Wuhan Co-Walking Laser Tech.
8.9.1 Profile
8.9.2 Industrial Laser Business
8.10 Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics Co., Ltd.
8.10.1 Profile
8.10.2 Operation
8.10.3 Laser Business
8.10.4 Development Plan
8.10.5 Acquisition of Hylax
8.11 Inno Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
8.11.1 Profile
8.11.2 Operation
8.11.3 Laser Business
8.11.4 Major Customers 
8.12 Others
8.12.1 ZKZM
8.12.2 Beijing GK Laser Technology
8.12.3 Xi’an Sino-Meiman Laser Tech.
8.12.4 SkyEra Laser Technologies
Working Principle of Laser
Structure of Laser
Types and Applications of Laser
Performance Comparison of Main Lasers
Applicable Processing Technologies of Major Industrial Lasers
Classification of Industrial Laser
Comparison of 10KW Laser Cutters and Plasma Cutting Method
Comparison of 10KW Laser Cutters and Plasma Cutting in Speed
Comparison of 10KW Laser Welding and Traditional Arc Welding
Comparison of 10KW Laser Cladding and Traditional Cladding Method
Industrial Laser Processing Industry Chain
Global Laser Market Size, 2016-2026E
Application Structure of Global Laser System, 2019
Global Material Processing and Photoetching Market Size and YoY Growth by Sales, 2016-2026E
Global Laser Industry Pattern, 2019
Global Industrial Laser Market Size and YoY Growth by Sales, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Industrial Laser by Product, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Industrial Laser by Power, 2019/2026E
Applications of Global Industrial Laser, 2019
Sales and YoY Growth of Global Material-processing Laser, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Material-processing Laser by Application, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Material-processing Laser by Product, 2016-2026E
Sales and YoY Growth of Global Micro-processing Laser, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Micro-processing Laser by Application, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Micro-processing Laser by Product, 2016-2026E
Sales and YoY Growth of Global Marking Machine-used Laser, 2016-2026E
Sales Structure of Global Marking Machine-used Laser by Product, 2016-2026E
Competitive Landscape of Global Industrial Laser Market, 2019
M&A Cases in Global Laser Industry, 2015-2020
Policies on Laser Industry in China
Regional Distribution of Laser Companies in China, 2019
Laser Output Value Structure in China by Region, 2019
Laser Industry in East China
Laser Industry in South China
Laser Industry in Central China
Laser Industry in Northeast/North China
Laser Industry in West China
Output Value of Laser Processing Industry in China, 2006-2019
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Industrial Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Sales Volume and YoY Growth of Industrial Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Application of Industrial Laser in China, 2019
Sales Volume Structure of Industrial Laser in China by Product, 2016-2026E
Competitive Pattern of Industrial Laser Market in China, 2019
Price Trend of Main Industrial Lasers in China, 2016-2026E
Prices of Main Industrial Lasers in China, 2019
Application and Development Trend of Main Industrial Lasers Worldwide
Development Course of CO2 Laser
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Global Industrial CO2 Laser, 2016-2026E
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Industrial CO2 Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Sales Volume and YoY Growth of Industrial CO2 Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Application of CO2 Laser
Value Chain of CO2 Laser
Structure of Solid-state Laser
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Global Industrial Solid-state Laser, 2016-2026E
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Industrial Solid-state Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Sales Volume and YoY Growth of Industrial Solid-state Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Application Structure of Solid-state Laser, 2018
Demand Structure of Solid-state Laser, 2018
Value Chain of Diode Pump Solid State Laser
Structure of Fiber Laser
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Global Industrial Fiber Laser, 2016-2026E
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Industrial Fiber Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Sales Volume and YoY Growth of Industrial Fiber Laser in China, 2016-2026E
Sales Volume Structure of Global Industrial Fiber Laser by Region, 2019/2026E
Sales Volume Structure of Industrial Fiber Laser in China by Product, 2013-2019
Fiber Laser Sales by Product in China, 2015-2019
Sales Volume Structure of Low-power Industrial Fiber Laser in China, 2019
Sales Volume Structure of Medium-power Industrial Fiber Laser in China, 2019
Sales Volume Structure of High-power Industrial Fiber Laser in China, 2019
Average Price of Mainstream Fiber Lasers by Power, 2019
Value Chain of Fiber Laser
Competitive Pattern of China Fiber Laser Market, 2019
Classification of Semiconductor Laser
Global Semiconductor Laser Market Size, 2016-2026E
Value Chain of Direct Diode Laser
Processing Performance Comparison among Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond Lasers
Comparison between Picosecond Laser and Fiber Laser
China’s UV Laser Sales, 2014-2020
Global Ultrafast Laser Market Size, 2014-2020E
Ultrafast Laser Market Size in China, 2015-2019
Ultrafast Laser Sales in China, 2015-2018
Schematic Diagram of Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA)
Major Foreign and Chinese Suppliers of Ultrafast Laser Components
Ultrafast Laser Vendors in China
Components of Laser
Global CO2 Output, 2016-2026E
Global CO2 Consumption Structure by Region, 2019
Operating Rate of CO2 Facilities in China, 2019
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Optical Fiber and Cable Industry in China, 2016-2026E
Capacity of Major Optical Fiber and Cable Manufacturers Worldwide, 2019
Development Course of Global Laser Crystals
Global Laser Crystal Market Size, 2016-2026E
Global Laser Crystal Market Size Structure by Region, 2019
Major YAG Laser Crystals Manufacturers Worldwide
Main Laser Pumping Methods
976nm Pump Source of Suzhou Everbright Photonics Co., Ltd.
Laser Costs as a Percentage of Laser Equipment Costs Worldwide, 2012-2020
Sales Revenue and YoY Growth of Global Laser Processing Equipment, 2016-2026E
Laser Equipment Sales in China, 2016-2026E
Major Comprehensive Laser Equipment Companies Worldwide
Competitive Pattern of Global Laser Equipment Market, 2019
Major Laser Equipment Companies in China
Major Small and Medium Power Laser Equipment Companies Worldwide
Application Characteristics of Laser Equipment in Various Industries
China’s Laser Processing Equipment Market Structure, 2019/2026E
Competitive Pattern of Laser Equipment Market in China, 2019
Merits of Laser Cutting Equipment
Characteristics of Different Laser Cutting Equipment
Cutting Quality Comparison between Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser
China’s Laser Cutting Equipment Market Size, 2016-2026E
Sales and Comparison of Laser Cutters and Plasma Cutters, 2011-2018
Market Share of Large Power Cutting Equipment in China, 2019
Market Share of Small and Medium Power Cutting Equipment in China, 2019
Working Principle of Laser Welding
China’s Laser Welding Equipment Market Size, 2016-2026E
China’s Laser Welding Equipment Market Structure, 2019
Application of Laser Welding in Power Battery Field
Application of Laser Welding to Automotive
Milestones of Localization of Automotive Sheet Laser Welding Machines in China, 2013-2021
China’s Laser Marking Equipment Market Size, 2016-2026E
Comparison between Laser Marking and Traditional Encoding
Comparison between Laser Marking and Heat Transfer Printing
Laser Equipment Sales in China by Application, 2019
Global Presence of Trumpf
Revenue and Growth Rate of Trumpf, FY2010-FY2020
Revenue of Trumpf by Region, 2016-2020  
TRUMPF’s Revenue from Laser Business, FY2014-FY2020
Main Industrial Lasers of Trumpf
Major Customers of SPI
Presence of Trumpf in China
TRUMPF’s Companies and Business in China
TRUMPF’s M&As in Ultrafast Laser Field
Global Presence of Coherent
Revenue of Coherent, FY2016-FY2020
EBITDA of Coherent, FY2016-FY2020
Coherent’s Revenue by Division, FY2016-FY2018
Application Structure of Coherent’s Products, FY2016-FY2019
Coherent’s Revenue Structure by Region, FY2020
Key Laser Production Bases of Coherent
Key Lasers and Applications of Coherent
Rofin’s Manufacturing Bases Worldwide
Development Course of Rofin-Sinar
Major Laser Products of Rofin-Sinar
Rofin-Sinar Laser Manufacturing Bases
Coherent’s M&A in Ultrafast Laser Field
Progress of Coherent's M&A Cases
Materials Processing Markets of IPG
IPG’s Operational Indicators, 2015-2020
IPG’s Gross Profit and Gross Margin, 2015-2020
IPG Revenue Structure by Products, 2019-2020
IPG Revenue Structure by Region, 2019-2020
IPG’s Revenue Structure by Application, 2015-2023
IPG’s R&D Cost as a Percentage of Total Revenue, 2015-2020
IPG’s Sales Revenue from High-power Lasers and Proportion, 2015-2020
IPG’s Orders, 2015-2020
Product Lines of IPG
IPG’s Major Customers
Core Competitiveness of IPG’s Optical Fiber Lasers
Companies Acquired by IPG for Vertical Integration, 2010-2019
IPG’s Revenue in China and Proportion, 2015-2020
Business Segments of Prima
Prima’s Global Layout
Prima’s Revenue, 2015-2020
Prima’s Revenue Structure (by Segment), 2020
Prima’s Revenue by Region, 2020
Major Customers of Prima Power
Operating Groups and Businesses of Novanta
Novanta’s Revenue and Gross Profit, 2014-2020
Novanta’s Revenue by Business, 2018- 2020
Novanta’s Revenue by End Market, 2018- 2020
Novanta’s Gross Profit by Business, 2018-2020
Laser Product Lines of NOVANTA
Sales of NOVANTA by Country/Region, 2018-2020
nLIGHT’s Operating Results, 2019-2020
nLIGHT’s Revenue by Business, 2019- 2020
nLIGHT’s Revenue by End-market, 2019- 2020
nLIGHT’s Revenue by Region, 2019- 2020
High-Power Semiconductor Laser Brilliance of nLIGHT
Fiber Coupled Semiconductor Laser Power of nLIGHT
Key Product Lines of Nufern
Key Lasers of NKT Phoyonics
Application of Fianium’s Main Lasers
NKT’s M&As in Ultrafast Laser Field
Global Presence of Bystronic
Bystronic’s Turnover and Staff Distribution by Region, 2019
Revenue Structure of Bystronic by Segment, 2019
Bystronic’s Main Products
Fiber Lasers of Bystronic
CO? Lasers of Bystronic
Key Industrial Lasers of Access Laser
Equity Structure of Han’s Laser, 2020
Global Presence of Han’s Laser
Revenue and Gross Margin of Han’s Laser, 2014-2020
Revenue Structure of Han’s Laser by Product, 2018-2020
Revenue Structure of Han’s Laser by Region, 2016-2020
Superiority of Han’s Laser in Industrial Laser Industry Chain
Equity Structure of Huagong Tech, End of 2020H1
Global Presence of Huagong Tech
Revenue and Gross Margin of Huagong Tech, 2014-2020
Revenue Structure of Huagong Tech by Product, 2016-2020
Overseas Business Revenue and Gross Margin of Huagong Tech, 2013-2020
Business Layout of Huagong Tech
Marvel Plus 20000 \30000 Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Platform
3D CNC Profile Laser Processing Center
Equity Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology, End of 2020H1
Revenue and Gross Margin of Daheng New Epoch Technology, 2014-2020
Revenue Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology by Product, 2016-2020
Revenue Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology by Region, 2015-2020
Laser Equipment Marketing Network of Daheng New Epoch Technology
Laser Supporting of Daheng New Epoch Technology
Equity Structure of Suzhou Tianhong Laser, End of 2020H1
Revenue and Gross Margin of Suzhou Tianhong Laser, 2014-2020
Revenue Structure of Suzhou Tianhong Laser by Product, 2013-2019
Equity Structure of Wuhan Golden Laser, 2020H1
Global Presence of Wuhan Golden Laser
Revenue and Gross Margin of Wuhan Golden Laser, 2013-2020
Revenue Structure of Wuhan Golden Laser by Product, 2013-2020
Revenue Structure of Wuhan Golden Laser by Region, 2013-2020
Application of Key Lasers of Wuhan Golden Laser
Equity Structure of Siasun, End of Q32019
Revenue and Gross Margin of Siasun, 2013-2020
Revenue Structure of Siasun by Product, 2012-2020
Revenue Structure of Siasun by Region, 2014-2020
Laser Business Pattern of Siasun
Main Products of Shenzhen Maxphotonics
Holding Subsidiaries of Shenzhen Maxphotonics
Key Industrial Lasers and Application of Maxphotonics
Equity Structure of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies, 2020
Revenue and Net Income of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies, 2014-2020
Revenue Structure of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies by Laser Product, 2018-2020
Gross Margin of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies by Laser Product, 2015-2020
Key Lasers of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies
Laser R&D History of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies
Equity Structure of Wuhan Co-Walking Laser Tech, 2020
Fiber Laser Product of Co-Walking
Funding History of Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics
Revenue and Net Income of Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics, 2015-2020
Revenue Breakdown of Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics by Business, 2017-2019
MOPA Fiber Laser of Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics
Sales and Production of Laser Related Products, 2018-2019
Revenue Breakdown of Inno Laser by Product, 2017-2020
Revenue Breakdown of Inno Laser by Region, 2017-2020
Main Product Series of Inno Laser 
DPSS Q-switched Nanosecond Laser of Inno Laser
Ultrashort Pulse Laser (Picosecond, Femtosecond) of Inno Laser
MOPA Nanosecond/sub-nanosecond Laser (MOPA Fiber Laser) of Inno Laser
Output, Sales Volume and Capacity of Main Products of Inno Laser, 2017-2020
Sales Unit Price of Main Products of Inno Laser, 2017-2020
Top 5 Customers of Inno Laser, 2019-2020
Key Parameters of ZKZM’s Lasers
Major Customers of Xi’an Sino-Meiman Laser Tech

Global and China Smart Meters Industry Report, 2022-2027

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