Inside Xunlei's IPO - Lure of Wall Street Rehabilitates Another Chinese Pirate


Now in preparation for its IPO, Xunlei removed the pirated content that used to be promoted front and center on its P2P download service.

Xunlei still faces 32 pending copyright infringement lawsuits, which will likely alarm US investors. But it should be noted that Chinese law is not clear as to whether software or sites are responsible for policing pirated content that is downloaded via peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.

Xunlei notes that 87% of lawsuits to-date against it have been resolved in their favor by Chinese courts. The monetary fines for copyright infringement are generally so small as to be immaterial to the company’s bottom-line (a total of about USD $200,000 to-date).

Xunlei is likely more concerned about the reactions of foreign investors than the Chinese government when it comes to copyright issues.

In a backwards way, Wall Street and the lawyers that accompany it, are sometimes the best enforcers of copyright law in China.

So here’s a look into Xunlei’s IPO–its business model, services, and screenshots. All prepared by our team of financial journalists at iChinaStock.

Source:Tech Rice

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