Dong Fang Precision Landed SMEB with Investments from VCs


Guangdong Dong Fang Precision Science & Technology Co., Ltd (Dong Fang Precision) was officially listed on SEMB on August 30, 2011, issuing 34 million shares at a price of RMB15.5 per share, with a 50 times P/E ratio.

According to the prospectus, on May 10, 2010, Hua Shaoming, shareholder of Dong Fang Precision, transferred 3.08038% shares to Fortune Chuangshi for RMB15.7719M, and 3.3162% shares to Fortune Shengshi for RMB15.7719M. Li Yongzhou, another shareholder of the company, sold 5.77.7% shares to Zhongke Yuelu at price of 6.25/capital contribution for RMB23.9369M.

Both Fortune Chuangshi and Fortune Shengshi are under the management of Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Co. Ltd., jointly holding 7.12% shares in Dong Fang Precision. Hunan Zhongke Yuelu Investment Co., Ltd. holds 5.77% shares. As of the date of IPO, Zhongke Yuelu, Fortune Chuangshi and Fortune Shengshi respectively hold 5.7707%、3.8039% and 3.3162% shares in Guangdong Dong Fang Precision.



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