Price gap between LED-backlit and CCFL-backlit monitors begins to widen again


Beginning from second quarter 2011, the price of models below 22-inch almost have no difference while the price gap of models above 24-inch has narrowed to 5%. However, the market has been experiencing the resurfacing of the price gap. Industry sources indicated optimistically that the price gap will not affect the penetration rate of LED-backlit monitors because it has become the mainstream.

The sales of LED TVs failed to pick up in 2011 causing the CCFL-backlit products to come back to the market with lower prices. However, the price of LED-backlit models has been decreasing, industry sources believe the price gap between LED- and CCFL-backlit models in the 32-inch size will narrow to less than US$10.

LED-backlit monitors have successfully become the mainstream. The penetration rate in 2011 year end is expected to be 70-80%, the average penetration of the whole year is expected to be around 50-60%. Excluding Japan and Taiwan markets, the penetration rate in newly-developed markets in Asia will be close to 30%.

Industry sources further pointed out the price of CCFL panels cannot fall lower because there is limited space of gross margin for contraction. However, LED-backlit models still have gross margin room for price contraction. Despite the optimism of the firms, the increase for LED-backlit monitor penetration in 2011 has been slowing down.

According to Digitimes Research, the global average retail price on monitors in November 2011 has been showing growth compared to the figure in October. 


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