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China Military Space Industry Report, 2007

Published: Jul/2007

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In 2006, Chinese central government funded enterprises in military, electric power, machinery, etc. realized growth rate of above 20% in terms of profit. China Aviation Industry Corporation I achieved profit RMB 3.58 billion, up 55% year-on-year, while industrial output value, sales revenue and profit of China Aviation Industry Corporation II grew by 20.3%, 19.6% and 88.9% respectively from a year earlier.

As the most attractive military project, "Big Airplane" has approved in principle by the State Council. Key science & technology program of large airplane research and development has been formally initiated. The State Council approved to set up large passenger plane share holding companies. R&D investment would reach about RMB 50-60 billion according to the preliminary estimation.

From Jan to May of 2007, Boeing had received orders of 417 planes, in which 136 are new Boeing 787 planes, while Airbus received orders of 201 planes, far behind Boeing. However, in the aviation exhibition in Paris, Airbus received orders of 339 planes, valuing USD 45.7 billion.

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