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China Li-ion Battery & Its Raw Materials Market Report, 2007-2008

Published: Jul/2008

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In the year of 2007, global Li-ion battery market was shared by three powers of China, Japan and Korea. The three nations all had rapid expansion of production capacity in the year and China had the fastest growth in capacity expansion, followed by South Korea. In 2007, China surpassed Japan for the first time in Li-ion batter production and became the world's largest Li-ion battery producer with an output of 1.35 billion units, up 28.36% against the previous year.

China Li-ion Battery Output and Growth, 2002-2007
(Unit: million, %)
Source: China Industrial Association of Power Sources

With respect to the raw material of Li-ion battery, China's production of cathode material for Li-ion battery in 2007 was around 9000 tons, 80% of which are lithium cobaltate. In September 2006, China adjusted upwards its export rebates on lithium cobaltate and Li-ion battery, and its export rebate on Lithium cobaltate and Li-ion battery were raised to 13% from 5% and 17% from 13% respectively. Encourage by the policy, Chinese export of lithium cobaltate and Li-ion battery both increased.

Based on the authoritative statistics from the China Battery Industry Association, and the China Industrial Association of Power Sources, this report makes an in-depth study on the current situation, competition pattern and key producers of China Li-ion battery industry and raw material market, and makes forecasts on China's Li-ion battery industry and raw material market.

Changes in Market Demand for Lithium Cobaltate, 2006-2008

Source: ResearchInChina

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