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China Sewage Treatment Industry Report, 2008

Published: Jun/2008

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China sewage treatment industry is in a stage of rapid development and has huge market potential. By the end of 2007, China's sewage treatment capacity has reached 80 million tons per day, and urban sewage treatment rate has hit 58%. According to the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2006-2010), it is estimated that China's sewage treatment capacity will reach 10,000 tons per day and urban sewage treatment rate will rise to 70% in 2010.

China Urban Sewage Treatment Capacity, 1996-2010 (unit: 10,000t/d)

Source: ResearchInChina

China Urban Sewage Treatment Rates and Forecast, 2003-2010(unit: %)

Source: ResearchInChina

China has an imbalanced development in its sewage treatment industry in different regions, and China has high sewage treatment rates in east region and low sewage treatment rates in the west part of the country.

According to the Research on Sustainable Utilization of China Urban Water Resources, China's total investment in sewage treatment industry is expected to reach CNY200 billion in the period 2008-2010, indicating China's sewage treatment industry with huge market potential will be able to have a rapid and sustainable development.

This report makes an in-depth study on the current situation, competition and development trend of China's sewage treatment industry and also makes detailed analysis on China's top ten sewage treatment companies.

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