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China Industrial Dedusting Industry Report, 2008

Published: Jun/2008

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China is still in the stage that its industries, including heavy chemical industry, power, building materials and steel, are developing rapidly. These raw materials and energy industries not only incur heavy pollution but also generate a great deal of dust and soot. Therefore, China has a huge potential market for dedusting equipment.

The dedusting equipment mainly includes dust catcher, pocket dust collector, centrifugal dust separator and wet dust collector. Among which, electronic dust collector is extensively applied in such industries as metallurgy, power and building materials by virtue of its low resistance, strong ability to adapt to changes in smoke and  little maintenance work, which is, so far, still in a dominant  position in environment protection market.

Statistics of Electric Dust Collection Industry in 2007


Source: ResearchInChina

In the recent years, pocket dust collector technology has made great progress in main engine structure, performance of filter material, automatic control and adaptability to all kinds of working conditions, which has lead to a strong advancement in pocket dust collector application.

Output Value of Pocket Dust Collection Industry, 2005-2007

(Unit: CNY100 million)


Source: ResearchInChina

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