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China Condom Market Report, 2005

Published: Feb/2005

Hard Copy  USD $ 1,150
Pages: 72 Electronic(PDF)  USD $ 1,200
Report Code: Enterprisewide  USD $ 1,800

This report looks into Chinese condom market with the view of consumer recognition, purchasing behaviors, branding, price and promotion. Due to the market is comparably complex; in the interest of define the target consumption groups, the factors such as consumer age, gender, income, as well as the marriage status and the level of cities have been considered into this report.

For the consumer behaviors, considering the similarity and the scale of the city, we put Shanghai and Beijing as the first level cities, Chengdu was selected as the second level city, the suburb of Chengdu was selected as the investigation place for countryside consumers. In the city of Chengdu, the research also included an investigation for a group of gays.


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