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China Retail Industry Report, 2005-2006

Published: Jan/2006

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In 2004, the retail market capacity grew steadily in China and the annual retail amount of the social consumables reached RMB 5,395 billion, a 13.3% year-on-year. The actual growth amounted to 10.2% with the inflation deducted. The urban-rural and regional differences are further expanding. The retail sales of urban consumables achieved RMB 3557.3 billion in 2004, with a 14.7% rise. The retailing amount of consumables in county markets reached RMB1837.7 billion with an increase rate of 10.7%.

In 1H 2005, hundreds of domestic large-scale retailing enterprises grew fast and steadily. The total sales of commodities and the retailing amount respectively achieved RMB87.98 billion and RMB73.6 billion, up by 17.5% and 18.3% compared to the same period last year. According to the statistical study on 28 categories of goods, the retail sales of twenty-four categories grew compared to the same period of 2004. What's more, the growth margins of twenty-one categories were above 10%.

Before huge foreign capitals flow into China, many large domestic enterprises are taking chain operation as development strategy to accelerate their expansion domestically, especially in large and medium-sized cities. Coordinated and supported by the Government, some competitive enterprises merged into super-giant enterprise groups through purchasing property rights. Thus, the market concentration ratio of the retailing industry keeps growing.

The report summarizes the environment for the development of China's retail industry and gives an analysis of domestic retailing after the opening to the outside world. Besides, retailing places consisting of supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping centers and department stores are carefully studied as well. The report deeply analyzes the retailing development in some regions of China and retail enterprises home and abroad. We also present an elaborate analysis on the combination of the retail industry with other industries, as well as retail investment & trends.

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