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China Chain Business Development Report, 2006

Published: Feb/2006

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This report is divided into 4 parts including 8 chapters. The development of global chain businesses and the analyses on America's chain stores are introduced in the first part; the second part describes the basic situation of developing chain businesses in China, including the overall situation in 2004 and 2005 and forecasts for 2006, and the shortcomings that exist in the development of chain business in China; the third part introduces the operations of China's chain stores and commercial capital as well as the development environment factors based on the consumption conditions; the fourth part analyzes the listed companies in the chain stores, key listed companies and the development trend of the chain business in China. Investment recommendations on the development of China's chain business are provided in the fifth part.

The chain businesses in China are increasingly expanding and growing maturely, and tend to be characterized as multiple business forms and wide-areas. With the quick increase of foreign funds coming into china's commercial industry, the competition in commercial industry is becoming extremely fierce. The business conditions in first-degree cities have tended to saturation; the second and third degree cities and the relatively developed rural market are the key areas to draw investment in the future.

With the national economy keeping a stable development, the retail industry is also in a stage of relatively stable growth, and is targeted by considerable investments.

With the increase of citizen's consumption level, cars and houses have become common consumer goods. The consumption structure has begun a new change.

In the aspect of commercial credit or investment, the goods with high growth rate such as cars, cultural and physical appliances should be targeted, as for the regions, the urban and developed areas should be taken into account; credit and investment in the long term is adapted to the rural areas in the east of the country.

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