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China Textile & Garment Industry Report, 2007

Published: Aug/2007

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In the first quarter of  2007, China textile & garment industry realized prime operating revenue and profits RMB 594 billion and RMB 19 billion respectively, up 24.26% and 36.63% separately. The fixed assets investment achieved RMB 39.063 billion, up 31.61% year-on-year, in which the chemical fiber investment was RMB 5.091 billion, up 68.93%; the textile products investment RMB 23.188 billion, growing 24.6%; and the garment investment RMB 10.694 billion, rising 36.6%.

From Jan to Apr of 2007, China's total import & export value of textiles and garments reached USD 51.19 billion, up 14.27% from a year earlier and occupying 8.05% of China's total foreign trade value, in which the export value of textiles and garment was USD 45.439 billion, up 15.08%; the export value of textiles was USD 17.23 billion, up 11.48%; and the export value of garment was USD 28.209 billion, up 17.4%.

Monthly Revenue and Profit of China Garment Industry, 2005-2007

 Source: China Economic Information Net


Monthly Export Value Comparison of China Textile Industry, 2002-2007

 Source: China Textile Industry Association

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