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Investment Report of China Auto and Auto Parts Industry, 2000-2008

Published: Jul/2008

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As China automobile industry began walking out of the slow-growth period emerged in the second half of 2004, China auto parts industry has also taken a turn for the better, and the market, stimulated by booming demand, maintains a steady growth. In 2006, the total output value of China auto parts industry reached CNY539.7 billion, up 34.35% year on year, and meanwhile its sales revenue reached CNY527.2 billion, up 34.71% year on year. In 2007, the output value of China auto parts industry reached CNY670 billion and its sales revenue stood at CNY650 billion.

China passenger car market increased by 50% in 2002 and 2003, and the growth rate maintained 37% and 23% in 2006 and 2007. However, the rapid growth momentum has gradually dropped to below 20% since August, 2007. Catalyzed by high oil prices and high cost, China auto industry's problems accumulated for a long time began being exposed, making China auto industry enter a 1-2 year period of adjustment.

With rises in raw materials and labor cost, China automobile and auto parts industry is facing some resistance, which will result in a slow down in profit growth.

This report studies all investment projects financed by 43 listed companies in China automobile and auto parts industry from 2000 to 2008, and sums up the investment trends of China automobile and auto parts industry and the investment features and trends of the listed companies in the industry.

We have a collection of more than 35,000 pieces of information, released by 1,500 Chinese listed companied, on investment projects financed by fund raising and non fund raising since 2000. After the information is processed by software and studied by analysts, the investment direction report concerning various industries is completed, which is classified by time, region (province, autonomous region and municipality), by purpose and by sector.

Starting from the year 2000, China's listed auto companies have gone through a fast growth in project investment. Their annual investment value jumped to CNY30 billion in 2006 from less than CNY2 billion in 2000. On the whole, China automobile and auto parts industry will have a good development in the next several years, however the growth rate of the industry will slow down inevitably, given China has not made a breakthrough in opening up overseas market.

Project Investment of China Listed Auto & Auto Parts Companies 2000-2008H1
Source: ResearchInChina

Investment Distribution of China Auto & Auto Parts Industry  (by Region), 2000-2008 
Source: ResearchInChina

Investment Statistics of China Auto & Auto Parts Industry (by Segment), 2000-2008H1
Source: ResearchInChina

This report analyzes investment projects of the 43 listed companies, for instance, FAW Car Co., Ltd (000800)

Investment Trend of FAW Car Co., Ltd, 2000-2008H1
Source: ResearchInChina

Investment Distribution of FAW Car Co. (by Segment) 2000-2008H1
Source: ResearchInChina

Investment Characteristics of FAW.:

Main business: passenger car, auto parts
Diversification direction:automobile sale, automobile insurance

The company introduced model of Mazad6 from Mazda Co. of Japan, and this model has showed strong competitive edge in China's auto market. On the basis of Mazda6, FAW Car developed a series of Benteng car, which is one of its independently innovated car models. Benteng, targeting medium- and low-end customers and Hongqi, targeting high- and medium-end clients, both of which are developed independently by FAW Car, will be its two key brands in the future.

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