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Company Study of Baoji Titanium 

Published: Jun/2007

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China's yield of Titanium sponge keeps a fast growth. And the supply of titanium sponge exceeds market demand. Zunyi Titanium Plant, China's biggest producer of Titanium sponge, realized a yield of 10,000 tons in 2006 and will achieve 14,000 tons in 2007. China's yield of Titanium sponge reached 26,000 tons in 2006, and the figure will be up to over 30,000 tons in 2007.

The company obtained over 98% of main business income from Titanium products. The export value of the company amounted to RMB388.6508 million in 2006, three times that of 2005.

Since 2007, two 10-ton vacuum Arc remelting furnaces of the company have been put into production, and another two will also be put into production at the end of 2007. Apart from 5,000-ton melting and casting projects that can be fully put into production at the end of 2007, other projects will be put into production in the latter part of 2008. The fast growing period of the company will start in 2009.

    Application Fields of Titanium Materials in China

Statistics and Forecast of Main Business Income of Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., 1999-2006

Production of Major Titanium Sponge Plants Worldwide (tons)

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