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Quarterly Report of China Aluminum Industry,  Q1 2007

Published: Jun/2007

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In 2006, the global consumption of primary aluminum rose by 8% to 34.39 million tons, and the growth rate was apparently higher than the average growth of 5.1% in the past decade. The output of primary aluminum amounted to 33.9 million tons, up by 6% year-on-year. Yet, there was a shortage of 0.49 million tons in demand. China is still as an important incentive to the global consumption of aluminum in 2006 and, the growth rate reached 22.5%.

In the first quarter of 2007, the output of China aluminum industry increased sharply and, that of the electrolytic aluminum reached 2.77 million tons, up 36.6% from a year earlier; aluminum oxide 4.27 million tons, 53.7%; aluminum products 2.13 million tons, 43%. At present, the annual production capacity of aluminum oxide amounted to 17 million tons and, that of electrolytic aluminum, 12.5 million tons.

The consumption of top-grade aluminum panel coil maintains an annual growth rate of over 25% in recent years. 90% of demand relies upon import. In 2006, the domestic consumption of can materials, top-grade aluminum alloy PS boards, light gauge foil materials and top-grade aluminum-plastic composite panels reached 714 thousand tons. The domestic demand is with a shortage of 20 thousand tons.

Statistics and Forecast of the Demand of Top-grade Aluminum Panel Coil in China

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