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China Engineering Plastics Industry Report, 2007

Published: Sep/2007

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Judging from the total consumption, the engineering plastics industry can be defined as a small-size industry. Yet, engineering plastics are widely applied in downstream industries like automobile and electronics, which get greatly supported by the State. Compared to the declining profits of other conventional plastics industry, there is a bright prospect for the development of engineering plastics industry in China.

In 2006, 260,000 tons of nylon were utilized in engineering plastics, of which PA6 took 65%; PA66 27% and long carbon chain nylon & heat-resistant nylon 8%. 50,000-ton/year installation of China Shenma Group was officially put into operation. And the annual output will be as planned up to 100,000 tons per year. Presently, there are manufacturers at home in the development of PPA and long carbon chain nylon. In 2006, the PC plant of Bayer Group in Shanghai put into operation. In addition to the plant of Teijin in Jiaxing city, PC production capacity of China could be up to 0.15 million tons per year. The PC project of Asahi Kasei Corporation in Dalian and PC project of Mitsubishi in Shanghai are being carried out. Moreover, the plans of Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd have also been implemented by and by. At present, PC consumption at home exceeds 800,000 tons, and the consumption demand will still maintain a fast growth of 20% or so in the future. Even the added production capacity is fully released; the ever increasing demand can be hardly met. POM, which is mainly applied in automotive manufacturing, will grow steadily with the development of China's automobile industry.

It is forecasted that the demand will amount to 272,000 tons in 2008. Presently, the domestic production capacity only stands at 110,000 million tons and the product price remains stable. The production capability of Dupont and Polyplastics in China will both expand to 60,000 tons. Yuntainhua Group plans to take steps to increase its production capacity to 90,000 tons. In addition, Xinjiang Unite Chemical Industry Polyformaldehyde Factory and Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd also plan the installation of POM production equipment in recent years. In 2006, there was about a total demand of 46,000 tons in Chinese MPPO market. And the growth rate for the demand will be above 15% in the next few years. The demand in 2010 will be as expected up to 84,000 tons. In virtue of high technical barrier, the domestic production capacity is far from sufficiency. Despite the PPE project of Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd is successfully put into production, there still exists a huge demand gap.

Currently, engineering plastics are mainly applied in home appliances, electronics, automobile and telecom, etc. It is the prosperity of relevant manufacturing that conduces to the fast growing demand of engineering plastic products in China. In Jan-May of 2007, the domestic output of all sorts of modified plastics rose by 40% compared to the same period last year. The market demand of five major kinds of engineering plastics will arrive at 800,000 tons at home in 2007, of which nylon demand will be up to 165,000 tons; polycarbonate (PC) 405,000 tons; polyoxymethylene (POM) 140,000 tons; PET &PBT 68,000 tons; and modified polyphenylene oxide (MPPO) 22,000 tons.

Taking home appliance industry for instance, the demand of engineering plastics in refrigerator, ice box, washing machine, air-conditioner and other electrical appliances will arrive at about 600,000 tons in the next few years. Besides, there is an astonishing huge demand of engineering plastics in the construction of communication facilities, railways and highways, etc. It is expected that the total demand of engineering plastics will reach more than 4.5 million tons in the next few years. Additionally, engineering plastics get also popularized in spaceflight and electronics, etc.

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