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Investment Strategy Report of China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry, 2007-2008

Published: Oct/2007

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The added value of industrial output finished by large-scale companies was RMB 358.07 billion in 2006, which was 23% higher than 2005 when counted with comparable price. The total output of ten non-ferrous metals was 19.17 billion tons, increasing 17.48% year-on-year. Herein the output of alumina was 13.70 billion tons, increasing 60.97%. Six concentrates totaled up to 3.82 million tons from large-scale companies, increasing 15.97% year-on-year, 9.82 percentage points higher than that in 2005. The output of copper was 5.07 million tons, increasing 8.51% year-on-year. The output of aluminum was 8.14 million tons, increasing 39.59% from a year earlier.

In 2006, RMB 1.34 trillion of prime operating revenue has been realized by large-scale non-ferrous companies, increasing 62.19% compared to 2005. RMB 163 billion of duties have been finished, increasing 87.47% year-on-year, which was 40.22% more than the increase of the previous year. RMB 110 billion of profits have been gained, which doubled the figure in 2005, that is, RMB 54.87 billion more than 2005.

Import value of non-ferrous metal in 2006 was USD 41.45 billion, increasing 36.5% year-on-year. Export value of non-ferrous metal in 2006 was USD 23.98 billion, increasing 45.4%, which was 21% higher than the growth of the previous year. The deficit was USD 17.47 billion, increasing USD 3.6 billion or so than 2005. According to statistics from the China Customs, in 2006 eleven out of twenty non-ferrous metals had a deficit in foreign trade.

With regard to the government policies, a lot of laws and rules debuted, mainly concerning product varieties, import and export, environment protection and market entry. Chinese government continued to strengthen micro control. The policy for the development of non-ferrous metal tended to be stable. Domestic non-ferrous metal industry has obvious improved its place in the global market.

Also there are concerns and problems we have to confront, such as the saving of energy, decreasing of emission and switch of development mode. Particularly, to adopt multi type exploitation, to use foreign resources and to push industry reorganization so as to optimize the industry structure will be the key issues in the development of non-ferrous metal in 2007.

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