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Li-ion Battery & Li-ion Battery Raw Materials Market Report, 2007

Published: Oct/2007

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China has now become the largest producer and consumer of Li-ion battery. The average annual production capacity of mainland China has reached 19 billion pieces, making itself the super manufacturer of battery. The average annual production value has exceeded USD 4 billion.

Since the market of Cd/Ni battery is now depressing but still the demands for battery from digital camera and video game console are increasing, the Ni-ion battery market is thriving. Also with the launch of 3G mobile phone and the widely popularity of portable computer, digital camera and other digital electronic products, the Ni-ion battery market is to grow even more rapid in the next few years and will show great market potential.

The rapid growth in China mobile communication industry makes the handset battery, especially Li-ion battery, a focus and a common concern of the public. Handset battery market is not only huge but also stable and long-lasting, which is also full of potential.

Li-ion battery applied in notebook computer has a promising market too. The retail price of laptop battery is about RMB 800 now, which is much higher than handset battery. Its markets are mostly taken by large international companies exclusively. No domestic company has an equal place with them ever up till now. In this area, we are in the primary level, only ready to start.

Statistics of Li-ion Battery Applied in Notebook Computers


Li-ion battery industry will develop fast towards power type lithium ion battery and will become the leading industry of electric vehicle. Li-ion battery has an obvious rising trend in the application to electric autos. 20% of autos used Li-ion battery in 2005. It is estimated that in 2010 the sales volume of electric auto will be 1.7 million units, accounting for 2.6% that of the global total.

In addition, hybrid electrical vehicle requires a large amount of Li-ion battery. There are nineteen top automobile manufacturers that produce hybrid electric vehicle. Production of hybrid electric vehicle will lead to mass production of Li-ion battery, the amount of which will be much more than that needed in notebooks and handsets.

Consumption of Li-ion battery has now become a fashion. Its application field has crossed from mobile phones, digital cameras to the newly emerged industries such as electric autos, bluetooth, and MP4. China Li-ion battery industry is a sunrise industry.

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